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Get Overland News, including Overland Tech & Travel, each month by email (plus short weekly digests), sign up below.


Overland Expo Adventures: What have you been up to?

Overland Expo is about meeting fellow adventurers and travelers from around the globe. It's about getting outfitted, getting inspired, and best of all, it's about getting going.

Share with us your trips, and on this page we'll post your news as well as help you keep up with what Overland Expo attendees, instructors, presenters, and exhibitors are up to between expos.

Please send us your brief news and listings (preferably a website, blog, and/or other social media contact) by email.



Bill Dwyer ~ Trans-Americas by KLR650

We met Bill Dwyer—known as AtlasRider on his popular YouTube channel—at the first Overland Expo in 2009. Bill was preparing for a trans-Americas ride and impressed many of us by taking his street bike through the dual-sport riding course. After another year of preparation (including buying a KLR650)—and a stint teaching video-blogging at Overland Expo.2010—Bill took off for South America this August, and hopes to make Ushuaia in 8 months. He's currently in Guatemala, and took some time for an interview.

What inspired you to quit your job and take off on a trans-Americas journey?

Over the past few years I've been reading international motorcycle travel literature. Individual blogs, posts on, or Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon. Then I came across Lois Pryce's book, Lois on the Loose. Her account of her travels throughout Latin America, combined with the practical knowledge on how to accomplish this kind of journey (Motorcycle Adventure Handbook and the wealth of knowledge on set my sights on doing anything to make this journey possible.

Read more . . .


Jonathan Hanson ~ 'round the Grand Canyon by Royal Enfield

The wide open spaces of the Grand Canyon called Jonathan Hanson out this summer. He will be writing about the trip for his Overland Journal. Seven hundred miles and a week of exploring, Jonathan found some of North America's most remote wild places to explore by classic motorcycle. Highlights: a camp surrounded on three sides by an 800-foot drop to the canyon floor; ravens & surprised 4WDers at Point Sublime; stops along Route 66; and hitting Las Vegas interstate at 50 mph.



Nemo Tents' Bresinger family explores Arizona by backroad

Nemo tent founder and chief designer Cam Bresinger, who normally resides and explores in New Hampshire, sent this report: "In February my wife Caitlin and our 2 1/2 month old daughter Vivian really enjoyed exploring the Southwest (Crown King, and then White Rim Trail in Utah). After Overland Expo 2010, we left the truck with Mario at Adventure Trailers, who added a lot of custom accessories. This fall we plan to take it to Baja, and then next year the plan is to explore South America."



Muskoka Foundation: Photography workshops in North America

One of the LA youth participants sizing up her street for a photo.Muskoka Foundation traveler Eric Ibarra just completed their first urban program with a group of eight Latina girls at Para Los Ninos youth center on Skid Row in Los Angeles. The images they created of L.A. tell a very different story from the Hollywood and Rodeo Drive image that so many of us have. Check out the photos here:  

The week of August 13, Ann Lockley (Overland Expo instructor) will be running another Muskoka photography workshop with a group of First Nation's Youths from the Songhees Tribe on Vancouver Island. Stay tuned for great images of the kids' views of this ancient culture.

The Songhees are one of the five native tribes that Muskoka has established partnerships with throughout the U.S. and Canada. All are now available for overlanders to work with during their North America based travels. Contact Jay and Alice through the Muskoka Foundation website.


The Meeks overland trip: A trip of a lifetime, long postponed, undertaken during uncertain times

Debbie and David Meeks (pictured above) wrote: "We were inspired enough (by Overland Expo) to quit our jobs and take off on an open ended trip with no objective—yet."




Project Latitude

Retired state trooper Walt Gibson believes you don't need a bunch of cash and deep-pocket sponsors to undertake meaningful journeys, hence his "Project Latitude" being mostly about the attitude. Walt took a month for an April Overland Adventure, with the Overland Expo.2010 as its center point. Walt was joined by fellow attendee Doug Mote of Montana. Walt wrote: "After 21 days, 3336 miles, my total cost was $1745, which included gas, food, all expenses including Overland Expo 2010 fees, 2 t-shirts and one heck of a great time." His photos are part of the Flickr Overland Expo Adventure pool (at right).


Mark & Brooke & Chloe in Baja owners Brooke and Mark Stephens took off to Baja for a couple weeks with young Chloe and her cousin and uncle. Check out Brooke's "Top 10" list—it's wonderful.

Diving into Summer






Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

Washington adventuerers Bryce Stevens and Andrew Cull are undertaking a project this summer to establish a new Washington Backcountry Discovery Route traversing the state north-south some 630 miles. Bryce attended OX10 as a Overland Experience participant, and Andrew is CEO of Remote Medical, who provided OX medical and safety services. The expedition route is almost entirely off paved roads, following river valleys, rounding the base of a volcano, and crossing ten mountain ranges (up to nearly 7,000’). The pair’s project was chosen as the Overland Flag Expedition at the 2010 Overland Expo. “It’s great for tourism, great for encouraging the proper use of roads in our public lands, and great for the overland exploration community,” wrote Stevens and Cull. Look for web updates after they get the project online soon.


Brooks Golden, who has ALD.Expedition Awareness: Update

Phil Golden attended Overland Expo with his well-outfitted JK, launching their Expedition Awareness. The project is about "Exploration for a chance at hope" to end adrenoleukodystrophy. From a recent video news interview: "This is a rare disease that affects only one in 18,000 boys. Phil and his wife Melissa found out she was a carrier when she was pregnant with Brooks. Phil says he hopes embarking on an awareness mission will help other families get the diagnosis they need. He says, "It's really a child's life is what the true benefactor of this. Not a foundation or a couple of parents or a few parents. It's the children."

Phil works full time to support his wife and their two kids. "Expedition: Awareness" is a purely philanthropic endeavor, and he faces a tough journey ahead, both at home and on the road. He says, "I don't wanna look back on this time and say, you know, you worked night and day away from your family, you were gone forever, you put all this time and work into this project when you should have been with your family."

The trek will kick off sometime next summer. Phil says it'll take about 8 weeks. He's working in partnership with the ALD Foundation. To keep up with Expedition Awareness, visit their website.


Mexico to Canada and back: a summer ride

Becky Simmons, who helped with logistics and manning our HQ at OX10, was so inspired by meeting people like Lois Pryce, Austin Vince, and Gaurav Jani, she took off for two months of riding this summer, on her "DRZebra" . . . we heard reports of SCUBA in San Carlos, then explorations around Alamos, back to So. AZ. to pick up Sean on his bike, and then headed to Chickfest in Colorado, via canyon country. Sean had to get back to work, so Becky took off to Montana, then we hear she is in Canada . . . and, once a carb problem is sorted out, she's going to decide if she'll just head west til the land runs out, then turn south to home, or . . . that's overlanding at its best, Becky. You can follow her sporadically on ADVRider forum