Bold Ruckus

Adventure based scooting, you say? 114mpg you say?! No foreign country in the name, you say?!? 

Enter the 2015 Honda Ruckus owned and operated by Bold Overland. This little scoot packs a massive amount of adventure in a tiny little fun-sized package. No. Seriously. It does. 

We use this thing around shows, events, training weekends, and to just explore. It sits snugly on the back of the Bold Tacoma and acts as an escape pod, of sorts. It's lack of manual transmission, power, or tall seat height makes it easy for anyone to hop on and do some exploring. We love to toss the equally tiny key to anyone at our events that wants to take it for a spin. They always come back with a huge smile on their face. 

And, ultimately, that's what it's all about. Having fun exploring new things and new places. The Bold Ruckus lets anyone go explore. 


Kevan Ray • 2015 Honda Ruckus