Desert Ranger

I bought it brand new in 2001 with the money I made working for Blackwater USA. In 2007,I drove it everyday to work as a ranger at the Grand Canyon.Put 187,000 miles on it.Driven coast to coast 9 times.It made the trip down the Devils Highway and never got stuck.In 2010,I found that it had a severe leak from the front and rear main seals.So I parked it for 5 years.In February of this year I decided to do something with her.After a month in the shop and 26 grand and change I resurrected her.NEW engine,tranny,A/c,tires,topper and rack,new interior and new front and rear bumpers.I drove her out to the Overland expo in Flagstaff this past spring to show her off.I plan on coming to the Expo in Asheville to show her off some more.

William Erwin • 2001 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner