In my Element!

2008 Honda Element 4WD has taken me comfortably all over the U.S (especially Alaska) and Canada. Load and go in a few minutes with all season capabilities. This is both my every day vehicle and cross country adventure conveyance. Can affordably handle long haul days on an interstate and short grinds in snow, sand and mud. This configuration means I can stay inside and the mosquitos stay out. 

The engine warms/cools my sitting and sleeping space when needed and charges my electronics along the way. The secret is adding the Ecamper (which includes a back door lock/unlockable latch inside); jump start 12v battery; 12v/120v air compressor and Pewag Brenta-C 4x4 XMR 77V tire chains which can be installed without driving over them. 

Several times I’ve had to turn around on a single lane trails so the short wheelbase becomes a real advantage.

David Hoffman • 2008 Honda Element