Swervin' Suburban

I recently completed building my custom suburban poptop from scratch after 15 months of hard work. I made the topper out of fiberglass from a wooden mold and then reinforced it with aluminum and steal to hold plenty of rooftop weight. The straight pop up on all sides allows for a full standing area in the back and a slide out bed extender to make a full 6 and a half foot bed in the front. 

The poptop is lifted with two 1000lbs actuators that run off my battery. All the LED lights and USB chargers run off my goal zero battery. 

The added weight of the topper and lift system leaves this thing swaying side to side on turns and bumps and thus, its the Swerving' Suburban. 

Currently it's in Salt Lake City from its departure in Boulder and headed for Yosemite and Big Sur!

Ian Boll • 2003 Chevrolet Suburban •