1990 HDJ81 Toyota Land Cruiser

A few years back we traveled with a 40ft 5th wheel towed by a Ford F350 dually. After traversing most of the northern U.S and understanding this this 55 foot truck and trailer \could not get us to the locations we wanted to go, we started brainstorming. We started out with a 01 100 series and I built a small cabinet in the back of the truck with fridge drawer and stove. After a few short trips my wife (with a culinary degree and an Italian family heritage) said the next 'cabinet you build I want a kitchen sink'. And so began the journey. I've always been a diesel guy and soon settled on an right hand drive 1990 HDJ81 (80 series Land Cruiser) with a 1HD-T motor and built process began. The rig has now since become a sell contained RV (of sorts). 6 gallons water, 125 AH battery, kitchen sink, 1.5 GPM water pump, stainless work surface, lots of drawers.

Josh Enloe • 1990 Toyota HDJ81 •