Lumpy Land Roaming

Picture taken in Green River, Utah on the Trans America Trail, which our family completed July 2015. 

We are the Stringer Family. Doug, Louisa, Kora, Jilly, Sephine and our dog, Trip. You can add Lumpy in there too. He is definitely a part of us. Overland travel has become a universal enjoyable adventure experience for our family.

We have completed 3/4 of North America in our travels over the last 7 years. Beginning in 2008, Lumpy has been transformed from a stock Ford F350 to a stellar beast of an overland machine helping us travel tirelessly and enthusiastically throughout this land and these people on this gift we call Earth.

All racks, bumpers, rock-sliders designed by Doug Stringer.

Doug Stringer • 2008 Ford F350