That's what you can do in one of the newest vehicles for overlanding in North America. This stock 2016 Jeep Cherokee Traihawk has Comfort and Capability. Select-Terrain traction control for sand, mud, snow,and rock with 4Hi & 4L, Rear Locker, and 271 Hp with a 9 speed transmission, full skid plates and a 1" suspension lift. Combined with our AutoHome roof top tent and Kelty rear canopy we can camp almost anywhere. Want to bring the camping trailer? No problem with the 4,500 towing capacity. 
This vehicle performed flawlessly on its maiden 12,000 mile voyage through mountain trails in New Mexico and Arizona, White Rim and others trails in Canyonlands Utah, all of the Colorado Backcountry Discover Route, beach sands of the Oregon coast, Highway 101 to Olympic National Park, and more.

Jay Lingwall • 2016 Jeep Cherokee Tralhawk