1060 Land Rover Dormobile • TerriAnn Wakeman

I have owned and traveled in my 56 year old Land Rover Dormobile for 38 years. The rear interior camper section of the Dormobile is 6.5 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. In that space is a pull out cot bed, cooker with 2 burners, a broiler, and storage underneath. There are 2 sinks with running water, a chest refrigerator, folding rear jump seat, porta pottie, and two tall wardrobe cabinets for storage.

The truck has 3 fuel tanks with a total fuel capacity of 42 US gallons, a stainless steel 15 gallon drinking water tank, 5 gallon horizontal mount propane tank, and a horizontal mount compressed air tank filled by a 12V on-board air compressor. The second batter can be charged from the alternator of solar panels.

The drive train consists of a fuel injected Ford 5.0 V8, NP435 gearbox, and Series Land Rover transfercase. The rear differential is a Dana 60 with ARB air locker, and stronger than stock axles. The front has a Trutrac limited slip and super strong 24 spline axles. With the 4.7:1 ring and pinion gears the low range first gear ratio at the axles is 50:1.The truck will go anyplace the 33.3 inch dia BFG Mud Terrains can find bight, and home is where I pop the top. 38 years of ownership and travel with many more yet to come.