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  • 100+ registered exhibitors, including feature vehicles, authors and filmmakers

  • 140 classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films; over 300 session-hours of instruction

  • 120 presenters, instructors, and VIPs

  • 20 staff & 50 volunteers 

  • 2,000 + attendees from around the world (total # on site)
  • 400 Overland Experience package attendees

  • Attendees came from as far away as Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, and South Africa. 
  • Many U.S. states were represented: attendees as far north as Alaska on the west coast and New Hampshire on the east coast made the trek, and many from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia; from Canada, Ontario and Quebec, were well represented. 


  • Overland Expo 2016 EAST was yet another weekend of record-breaking rain during the event (the most in 107 years) thanks to hurricane Joaquin. Despite the weather, the overland community still thrived at H2Overland Expo or Underwater Expo, as the attendees like to call it.

Overland Expo 2015 EAST, Images from various Attendees

Overland Expo 2015 EAST, Highlights of Land Rover Driving Course


"I would like to commend Jonathan, Roseann and all the staff for an outstanding event at Expo East. I attended Expo West this year as well. While both events had unexpected weather, it was a great experience. I have learned many valuable lessons on equipment and planning. Is this not why we do what we be better prepared for our next adventure." ~ comment on Expedition Portal
"I just wanted to take a moment and write you a note expressing our group’s gratitude for putting together Expo East. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for you and your team’s commitment to excellence. The challenges made for good memories and well, a whole lot of fun from this participant’s prospective. Thanks again and good job!" ~ PM from Expedition Portal
"Everyone keeps saying it was "light" rain and no planning was done etc. As they mentioned on their facebook page, Overland Expo put at least $6,000 worth of gravel down to try and save some exit/road up to the camping grounds. They couldn't have known that the rain would of caused the vehicles in the day parking to start sliding. But the rain was in the area of 6-10" over two or so days. Overland Expo did everything in their power to try and keep everything open and moving at all times. Now the real issue that people should have was the "joy riders" driving around friday night just making a mess of the path/trails in the camp grounds just to drive in the dark. If people would have listened and kept driving to only in and out traffic the grounds would of looked a lot better. All in all a great event. I will be coming down next year. Hopefully the wet weather cooperates better nest year. Keep up the good work guys." ~ comment on Expedition Portal
"Well then let me add to the chorus...again.... We had a fantastic weekend and while I am aware that the rain caused you some real complications...I wouldn't trade what I got on that LR driving course or from all of those that I met for three days of sunshine. We are in for Overland Expo West (and East again) rain or shine- So long as Becky brings the snorkel gear again . . ." ~ comment on Expedition Portal
"Thank you so much for another wonderful time at the Overland East. We had a great time and got to meet some new faces and see old friends from other shows. I think you guys do an awesome job despite all the setbacks that are thrown at you.  The weather can’t be controlled and your group always seems to be ready and willing to push through it and make the experience great. Do not be discouraged from all the back seat drivers who think they could do better. It is always easy to say “ I would’ve done this or done that”, until you try and organize an event you never know all that goes into the organizingand set up. I think you guys are awesome and keep up the great work!!!" ~ Craig with James Baroud USA
" . . .my dad and I had a great experience at the Expo. The classes were excellent and I wish I could have been in more than one place at once. I spent a lot of my time in the various winch classes since its new to me, but next year I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge base and go to some round tables. It was great checking out people's rigs. . . We'll be back in 2016 rain or shine." ~ comment on American Adventurist
"Just wanted to send a quick note to say a BIG Thank You for this years Overland Expo East. Despite the rain & weather my wife and I had a great trip. I know that there were plenty of moments of stress and some tough calls to make on the part of all of you organizers. Really enjoyed the classes. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help next year. " ~ Micheal L.
"While it is unfortunate there were the problems you described in your posting about the East event, I very much enjoyed the event even though I bailed mid-day Saturday. Still recovering from surgery with a new vehicle I was not properly set up for our weather conditions. . . I hope people weren't too upset about the conditions imposed by the weather. If we are to do such activities we must be willing to engage and conquer the things nature, mechanical beasts and man's folly throws at us. My daughter had a great time at Expo West this year as I did at East. Hopefully I will be able to attend at least one event next year." ~Dan B.
"This past weekend we were at the Western Land Rover Rally, and there were about 15 vehicles from the Northern California Land Rover Club.  On two separate occasions, I was approached by California owners that had found out Grace was on staff for the Overland Expo.  They both requested you move it to Northern California, because they could use some record breaking rain/snow. " ~ Kelly H.
"Having attended both Overland Expo West last spring and Overland Expo East this month, I came away with new lessons about how to make the most of travel, camping and independence. Saw lots of others in camp make adjustments and plans based on what they learned from the conditions. The weather at both events made things difficult but that’s when we get to test our skills, equipment and sensibilities. If I wanted to play it safe, I’d stay at a KOA, or better, a Holiday Inn. But I drove in, parked and drove out with sufficient provisions to stay put for over a week if that had become necessary. Stopping incoming campers was also necessary because more traffic in the camp area was going to make things unsafe. Everyone can adjust.  That’s what it’s all about! These Overland Expo events provided great examples of how vendors, instructor and attendees tackle adventure travel.  Everyone there has been more than willing to help and share. To hang out and see others' rigs always gives me ideas of how I can do things different. " ~ David Hoffman




  • 245 registered exhibitors, including feature vehicles, authors and filmmakers, representing 1,500 people

  • 187 classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films; over 400 session-hours of instruction

  • 140 presenters, instructors, and VIPs

  • 30 staff & 50 volunteers 

  •  5,000+ from around the world (total # on site)
  • 600 Overland Experience package attendees

  • Attendees came from as far away as Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and South Africa. 
  • Many U.S. states and nearly all Canadian provinces were represented: nearby Arizonans, Californians, and Coloradans were in high attendance, and others came from as far north as Alaska and from as far east as Florida and Connecticut.


  • Record-breaking rain and snow during the event (the most in 100+ years) yet somehow the adventure and camaraderie added up to the very best show ever, Snoverland Expo. Created many impromptu recoveries and teaching.

  • Record-breaking sales numbers reported from Exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor attendance grew by 25%. Attendees were down by 10% because we opened an EAST show and saw some transfer to that venue.


Highlights of Overland Expo WEST 2015 by Roseann & Jonathan Hanson


"It’s far more about people. It’s far more about making contact—making friends. And I must admit that every time I’ve been [to Overland Expo] I’ve made friends, created real genuine friendships . . . Friendship, networking, it’s about people. It’s what makes that show unique. And the way I know this is true, is that despite all that terrible, terrible weather very few people left. They stuck it out in the slush, mud, and freezing snow. Just to be together. It’s actually quite remarkable." ~ Andrew St. Pierre White,, watch the video here
"Few things that you really need to know. The weather was an extreme and unexpected blessing.  It really separated the overlanders from the weekend warriors and those that stuck it out, were able to have very deep and meaningful connections with one another without the distraction of the folks that explore Google Earth, rather than planet earth. :-) The spirit of the Overland Expo, I always thought, is to connect with people, share stories, teach and learn. Oh yeah, and check out all of the fascinating gadgets and machinery that make this lifestyle possible. Thanks for making such an amazing forum for us to share. Your team should be commended. Enjoy a well deserved rest." ~ Brad Barker
"It was my maiden voyage to [Overland Expo 2015 WEST] with my new rig; you may see some resemblance to the JATAC as you guys were my inspiration! This was my 3rd [Overland Expo] and it was challenging as I've never camped before, or as Martyn from Adventure Trailers lamented, 'There you have it, you can go anywhere then.'" ~ Mitch Medina
"Thanks for running a great show on top of the crazy weather! Kudos to all the staff!" ~ Cari Rowe, Phoenix Pop Up / Coyote RV
"You guys are the best! I loved every moment of it! I'll see you all back next year OX 2016!" ~ Jim Sanchez
"It was a fantastic event; self reliance and collective support. If this had been any other group, they would have called out the National Guard and the Red Cross. " ~David Hoffman
"I was so impressed with the professional manner that you handled a very challenging situation. Great job! Your staff was gracious and helpful through it all." ~ Cynthia C.
"[Overland Expo] was a very nice experience (although very muddy) to meet so much other travelers from all over the world. Also very nice were the presentations by other travelers. Thank you and all the best." ~ Erika and Alber, VIP Travelers

"I heard that you gave refunds for those stuck in the muck and that is very big of you guys. I was at the event and it was a mess but it's overlanding and it's not always roses, so it's better to see what fails when you're in a large group and can get pulled out than be in a spot that might not be so easy. I learned to keep myself and two dogs from totaly mucking up the van. No, I don't want anything and just wanted to thank you for helping those that needed it." ~ Kelly Hearn
"My son and I had a good time. While the mud sucked both figuratively and literally, we both learned a lot in our classes. We also learned which pieces of our equipment worked or not. Any disappointment I have has nothing to do with what the expo crew could control. . . my son and I had fun, met some really good folks, attendees and vendors. We will be back again." ~Kevin LaCroix
"... the Overland Expo this year was one for the record books. I would like to recognize our next door neighbors in the very back of the camping venue which I affectionately called the pasture. Marty and his father arrived Friday in a stock grey Jeep Rubicon with mud tires. Marty was ex-military and had a very generous spirit—and a pull-strap. I stopped counting after he pulled 15 cars, trucks, and campers out of the mud Saturday. He was tireless in his enthusiasm to help. His only request (and his father's) is that we pay it forward someday to another who needs help. Marty had, in my opinion, exactly the kind of overlander spirt I aspire to. He was kind, generous in spirit and knowledge, helping everyone who asked. More importantly he was the best bartender I ever had the pleasure of camping beside." ~ Mitchell Marty
"Once again the expo was great this year despite the weather, thank you. I just wanted to send 2 pictures to you.  My wife and I have been to the overland expo the last 4 years, this year was our first outing with our 6 week old son. We were there Thursday morning thru Sunday camping in a tent and still loved it. My wife is tough as nails and never complained, not even during the middle of the night feedings in a 25 degree tent." ~ Chris Carter
"We didn't get an opportunity at the Expo to thank you for all your hard work at making this year's show a success! Even with the cold weather, the turn-out was tremendous and we were super busy at our booth all weekend long!" ~ Dave and Diane Hoskins, Aluminess Products
"If you could control the weather… :-) That factor notwithstanding, we had a good show, are glad we attended, and are grateful for all the hard work that went into making it as comfortable and successful as possible. Without your efforts to help companies like ours have conversations with their market, we’d all be struggling. Instead, we’re growing. THANK YOU, and please extend my thanks to everyone on your team." ~ Karen Hayes, LYNX Hooks Systems

Highlights of Overland Expo WEST 2015 by Various Attendees


October 3-5, 2014, Taylor Ranch, western North Carolina, near Asheville

  • 100+ exhibitors, authors, videographers and VIP travelers / feature vehicles

  • 150 classes, programs, films, demos

  • 120 presenters, instructors, and VIPs

  • 12 staff & 60 volunteers 

  •  3000+ from around the world during the weekend
  • Close to 500 participants were Overland Experience package attendees, almost what we have for the WEST show (which grew to that number over 6 years).
  • Attendees came from as far away as Australia, Egypt, Korea, and South Africa. 
  • Many U.S. states and nearly all Canadian provinces were represented: Californians and Oregonians made the trek, and  in particular, Ontario and Quebec, as well as Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.


  • Beautiful private venue at Taylor Ranch, with mist-covered lakes in the mornings, flyfishing and drift- and rowing-boat demos in the afternoons.
  • The start of fall colors and cool temperatures.
  • Our most dynamic and centrally located Camel Trophy Skills area yet.
  • A long and challenging driving course, and an epic mud recovery area.

Check out the complete gallery of photographs by Shanti Shipsky on

Blue Ridge Parkway route to Expo
What to do in a rollover demonstration
Moonlight Camel Trophy rig

Overland Expo EAST 2014 Highlights by Host Sponsor Four Wheel Campers

What people are saying about Overland Expo EAST 2014:

“Your team [is] amazing.  Each event is absolutely second to none.  I am humbled to have had the privilege of covering the Overland Expo EAST (as well as a couple of past events), and look forward to more in the future.” ~ John, Adventure Banter

“I want to thank you for all that you do to organize the event. We had a great time and met some wonderful people while we were there. Again I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication that you put into organizing such a large event.” ~Craig Davidson, James Baroud USA

“My first overland anything event or experience. Amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Made some great new friends. Classes were fantastic. Vendors were equally gracious. Agree with other comments about food. The BBQ was great, and more variety would have been great. Luckily, I planned to cook for myself the entire time. Can't wait to come back again next year to learn more and reconnect with folks. Now to put into practice what I learned and keep building out the Jeep and campsite.” ~Comment on Expedition Portal forum

“Just got home today from Overland expo East in N.C., had a good time, met some nice people, got some good information. Just want to drop this short email to say thank you and if you have this again next year I will go as well. Again, just want to thank you all for the good time and opening my eyes to the possibilities that are out there.” ~W. Richardson

“I would like to thank both of you for your time and efforts in organizing this event. I had an exceptionally good time and it was well worth attending. Everyone there was exceptionally kind and thoughtful. I am looking forward to Overland Expo EAST #2 next year. Wishing you both a safe trip home.” ~Marc C.

“Our rep who attended for Lance Campers was very happy with traffic and interest in our truck camper he had on display. Thanks much, please count us in for next year’s expos." ~Bob Rogers, Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation

“We had a great time at Overland East. Taylor Ranch is a beautiful location and the crowd was really great. Thanks again for all your efforts and hard work. We plan to be back next year!” ~Annie, Earth Roamer

"I want to thank you and the staff at the Expo for accommodating our FJ Cruiser group. Everything was very well organized and the location was awesome. I personally was overwhelmed by the number of attendees and the exhibitors/vendors. There were some incredible overland vehicles and trailers to see and tour. BUT … my want list grew exponentially and I think my wife is already tired of me talking about what I want to do/build next, but in a good way. Thanks again and can’t wait for the next event.” ~Scott H.

Highlights of Overland Expo EAST 2014 by Roseann & Jonathan Hanson

Highlights of Overland Expo EAST 2014 by various contributors

Weblinks and media featuring Overland Expo EAST 2014:

May 2014, Mormon Lake Lodge, northern Arizona, outside Flagstaff: 

  • 183 exhibitors, authors, videographers and VIP travelers / feature vehicles
  • 170+ classes, programs, films, demos
  • 160 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 8000+ attendees from:
    • 39 U.S. states
    • 6 Canadian provinces
    • 12 countries
    • 5 continents


  • We grew by 20% overall—attendees, exhibitors, staff.
  • "Flew" a motorcycle via zipline across the pond using a winch in the Camel Trophy Skills area.

What people are saying about Overland Expo WEST 2014:

Two Thumbs Up for Border Crossing Simulation ~ "I know you're getting a lot of follow-up emails after a successful weekend, but I wanted to send you a quick note to give my support for the Border Crossing Simulation that I attended. I do a lot of travel in an official capacity for the US Gov't on brown/black passport, but have limited experience with global travel on blue/tourist passports.  The crew that provided the training had a wealth of experience and the scenarios conducted were great examples of what to expect during a border crossing evolution.  I left the training with a lot of new knowledge and some great tips for how to cross borders or pass customs in a more efficient manner. Without question, I would recommend bringing the crew that provided this training back for future Overland Expos.  Please pass along my thanks and congrats for a job well done." ~ Curt Beling

"Had a blast at Expo this weekend. Your group offers the best info and presentation of all the instructors there. It is really great fun but I appreciate the technical side as well. Thanks for answering all of my questions, all of your team take the time to think out the answers rather than just spit out something just to hear yourself speak. You all make Expo a great learning experience. Thanks again and keep up the hard work!" ~ Brent Wefel

"This show was awesome. It was somehow like a family reunion and we were very happy to be part of it. It inspired me to keep the business alive and have it grow through the next years. I just wished we had spent more time with you... Thank you for being such great organizers and hosts for this unique show." ~ Harald & Laila

"Just a quick thank you for the opportunity we had to participate in the 2014 Overland Expo, and to be featured in the Oasis Tent . You guys did a great job organizing the event, and we had a great time there. Also we made some great contacts." ~ Jared Broadbent

"I want to extend a hearty thanks for having me at the Expo. This was probably the nicest, most diverse group of outdoor explorers I’ve ever spent time with, and I sure appreciate having the Bushcraft area to provide an opportunity to work with folks. Having attended a lot of conferences and rendezvous over the years, your considerable logistical efforts and planning made this event appear seamless... Again, thank you for an amazing weekend!" ~Tony

"Thanks you two for coordinating a great event!  It was an extreme pleasure to be there!" ~ Phil Freeman

"I wanted to note the event was fantastic!  The whole OEX crew did a fantastic job of putting everything together and as a first-time exhibitor, I was very happy with the turn-out and look forward to exhibiting at the EAST event later this year." ~Frank Ledwell

"Thank you Amanda for all the hard work, understanding and flexibility with making this such a success. I will be back next year to help. It is amazing to see the Expo grow since its inception 6 years ago. It is great to volunteer with such a great group of people." ~ Mark 

"Thank you for a great event and it was the best to date. We had very qualified customers and the large crowd was great to see. AEV would like to continue supporting the Overland Expo and I would like to reserve the same spot for next year." ~ Kent Klein

"Thank you for a fine time at the Expo! Well Done would be an understatement! I have seen the positive change that you, your wife and your staff are making by building a responsible enthusiastic community, filled with all kinds of real individuals. I just wanted to reflect on my personal appreciation for your efforts. Thank you very much." ~ Forum member, Expedition Portal

"My wife and I are in for the full experience. We are looking forward to the classes and meeting you fine folks! We are trailer camping onsite. At this year’s West event I received an enormous education in many subjects just from the fine people who camped around us! I am looking forward to the East event and the high caliber of pleasant individuals the Overland Expo attracts! " ~Forum member

Weblinks and media featuring Overland Expo

May 2013, Mormon Lake Lodge, northern Arizona, outside Flagstaff:

  • 179 exhibitors, authors, videographers and VIP travelers / feature vehicles
  • 85 classes, programs, films, demos
  • 110 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 6000+ attendees from:
    • 29 U.S. states
    • 4 Canadian provinces
    • 18 countries
    • 5 continents


  • We grew by 25% overall—attendees, exhibitors, staff.
  • Built an 80-foot pontoon bridge.
  • Expanded the driving course and advanced teaching area to nearly 10 acres, including an insidious mud bog and the world's hardest recovery pit.

What people are saying about Overland Expo 2013:

"Like Burning Man, the Baja 1000, and the invasion of Kuwait all put together—and no one is shooting at you! (Hopefully). Not to be missed." Mark, Flagstaff

"I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I had an exceptional time at my first OX.  The only bad thing about the experience was that I began meeting so many people that I missed half the classes I had signed up for! I also spent way too much time with the dual sport crowd. Mark let me try out a Ural. I had a great chat with Chris Scott and tried desparately to find a way to purchase and then return his Honda CR250F back to Spokane with me.  Alas, to no avail. Nicole, Rene, Lois, Austin, young Mr. Slavin, and the others were surprisingly chatty, down to earth, and ever so approachable. I even purchased Slavin's touring Mexico DVD with the idea of visiting my step-grandchildren next summer. One gentleman from New York offered to let me try out his Husky Terra 650; another, Al from Alexandria, VA, and I sat at the last night BBQ, smoked a cigar, and enjoyed a glass or two of Scotch together. Just amazing! Jonathan, it was also a pleasure to meet you there and shake your hand. The "cagers" were also a lot of fun. I am becoming more and more confined to four wheels. I found hordes of new friends of all ages who enjoyed and shared their experiences with me.  They even tolerated my long winded diatribes in return. The opportunity to look over, and even try out, all the overlanding baubles was worth the price of admission alone. So, thanks for such a wonderful time." ~ Dale Avery

"Just a line to say many thanks for a fantastic event: well organised and friendly with an abundance of things to do. I will certainly recommend it to my fellow overlanders and anyone who loves this way of life." ~ Mel Jordan

"Just wanted to thank you both for putting on the Expo. It was my first one—I am kind of new to overlanding—but I learned a ton and plan on returning, as long as I'm not in some far-flung place abroad sleeping in the back of a Land Cruiser next year (which is a distinct possibility).Jonathan, I found your talk on the ultimate vehicle toolkit particularly helpful and insightful. Now I just need to track some of those tools down and learn how to use them (ha!). Great show—inspiring, well-organized, and fun!  Thanks again." ~ Hunter Seger

"After three years of trying to get to Overland Expo I finally made it this year. I made the trip from Illinois and, though my wife and I did some other activities in Arizona this past week, I specifically came in for the show. I will tell you I had an absolute blast. I have been four wheeling since I was a teenager (80's), but have been quite limited in the opportunities to really get out and explore due to a less than desirable geographic location! You put on a great Expo, it was overwhelming to see all of the vehicles and products as well as the people who share my passion for the outdoors and exploring. I was the proverbial "kid in a candy store," my wife took the opportunity to slap me back into check while we walked about the show. It opened her eyes as well, she had no idea there were so many others out there like myself. She is now begging me to buy a Jeep. Thanx again for making my long trip so worth every penny, I will be back, and probably driving my own vehicle out so that I can participate in some of the outtings and classes. Keep up the excellent work." ~Jeff

"I just wanted to tell you that when I first signed up for this event, I was expecting it to be a very loosely (at best) organized.  I am dazzled by all that you have put together. The communications, website, Facebook pages, etc. are all really very well done.  I just wanted to let you know all your hard work is noticed and appreciated!" ~ Cheryl M.

"Thank you so very much for inviting us to be part of the EXPO. It was awesome. With your help we had a record  Trail Day and were able to build 1.2 miles with nearly 70 volunteers and Forest Service employees. Now we set our sights on National Trails Day, June 1st, usually about 250 head. My wife had so much fun at the Expo she wants to camp there next year. ~ Warren A. Williams, president, Coconino Trail Riders

Weblinks and media featuring Overland Expo


Image gallery courtesy; see also our own Gallery

  • 148 exhibitors
  • 85 classes, programs, films, demos
  • 65 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 5000+ attendees from:
    • 26 U.S. states
    • 4 Canadian provinces
    • 20 countries
    • 5 continents
    • 1 subcontinent


  • Checked more people in Thursday this year than we did Friday and Saturday last year.
  • Exceeded 5000 people total.  
  • Floated a Land Rover across a pond.
  • Largest driving course yet—expanded to 4 acres

What people are saying about Overland Expo 2012

"I really would like to personally thank you and your crew for putting on one amazing event. I have wanted to attend this for a couple of years now and for my 50th birthday my wife and I and our 2 dogs drove 1,600 miles round trip to attend your event. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves adventure travel. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the variety of vendors was outstanding. I will attend again. This was a BUCKET LISTER."  ~ Tony Mazone

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we enjoyed the Expo this year.  The venue at Mormon Lake was fantastic! I would like to encourage you to use this venue again next year.  As a resident of Colorado I would like to see it a little closer to home, but I would gladly make the trip back to Flagstaff." 
~ Brian Stimitz

"Great show, will attend again next year."
~ Brian Griffiths

"I live here in the town of Mormon Lake, where the event was held, and belong to the local fire department as a captain/EMT. It was a complete joy having you here and from a public event standpoint, your organization is welcome back anytime!! Anyplace with the opportunity to help in hosting your event in their area should jump on it and roll out the red carpet."
~ Lorne Cargill, Mormon Lake Fire Department [Lorne: we'll be back in 2013!]

"Thank you so much for putting together such a great expo. We had a very good time. We are very much looking forward to next years expo! Thanks, again, for everything!"
~ Rick Russek, President/CEO, Bivouac Camping Trailers, LLC

"Just wanted to let you know that I attended the Expo on Saturday and Sunday & was very, very impressed!!!! What a great event!!!"
~ Kevin Blomquist, Kane County, Utah

"Thanks for coming to Flagstaff. The event was excellent. Absolutely loved the movies and presentations. I hope Flagstaff worked well for you and your team. Please come back!"
~ Dave Moore [we will, Dave!]

"Congratulations on a very successful event. Well-done, as usual. I have written before and still feel this has the potential to be the biggest and best event(of any motorized rally) in the USA, heck maybe the world. Thank you for doing this."
~ Allen and Carol Naille

"Wanted to let you know that all of your very hard work on making this year’s OX an amazing success is so appreciated. The new venue was perfect; the turnout was exciting; and the fun I had seeing old friends and new had me bubbling over. I had a ball teaching my dehydrated cooking demo and was amazed that I kept my camp stove going for 50 minutes to bake an upside-down pineapple cake amidst Friday’s winds. The kids had so much fun meeting Jack and making other friends that I hardly even saw them. Thank you!"
~ Nicole Stavro Espinosa,

"I have been to the last three of your expos. Each year has been getting better. I always look forward to them. I like it in Flagstaff area for more places to camp. Thank you very much and see you next year."
~ Patrick Neveau

Weblinks and media featuring Overland Expo

April 2011, Amado Territory Ranch, southern Arizona:

  • 110 exhibitors
  • 50 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 4000 attendees from:
    • 30 U.S. states
    • 4 Canadian provinces
    • 15 countries
    • 5 continents
    • 1 subcontinent

What people are saying about Overland Expo 2011:

 "WOW!!!! What a weekend . . . !!! So many stories . . . so many people . . . so much information. A place where "doers" meet "dreamers", speak truths about international travel and dispel myths and fears. Wished an event such as this was around when we were "dreaming". Our contribution was small and we extend a huge thank you to the organizers of Overland Expo 2011 for creating this oportunity and great event. We will make every effort to return next year if at all possible. Thank you again Roseann and Jonathan and all the team." ~ Ken & Carol Duval (Aussies stopping by on their second time around the world on the same 1981 BMW R80 G/S)

"The people were definitely top-notch at Overland Expo . . . It seemed everyone who taught & helped in our classes took the time to answer our silly little questions, and they all seemed interested in our trip planning. We were honestly a little skeptical about paying for the Overland Experience package, especially on our budget. We learned so much over the weekend that we would gladly do it again. It was money well spent! We had so many opportunities to learn hands-on skills and Jim Swett (Camel Trophy Ruta Maya) was an awesome driving instructor and fellow Toyota guy. He even managed to get Shannon to hop behind the wheel and drive the Land Rover course. She tackled some fears on that course!" 
~Brenton & Shannon (preparing for our trip through Central/South America, departing January 2012)

 "Bevan and I had such a great time seeing new things and catching up with old friends, we made a lot of new friends and really want to thank Roseann Hanson and the entire Overland team for such a great event, it was brilliantly run and the sessions were top-notch. I totally loved the Film Festival and a big Thanks to Austin Vince for that . . . " 
~ Clare Walsh (Australia, on the way 'round the world)

"Thank you also for organizing a terrific event. We had a great time, watching films, visiting with so many people, buying DVDs, maps, books, etc. and meeting with the many vendors and travellers! There's nothing like your event anywhere else. We'll be back-next time with motorcycles!!" 
~Stephen Golub, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

 "SPECTACULAR . . . I will be attending next year. Thanks again!" ~ Peter Neville

"We enjoyed the event and appreciate all you and your staff did. We are planning on returning next year." 
~ Tim Bernard,

Weblinks and media featuring Overland Expo

Adventure Trio 

april 2010, Amado Territory Ranch, southern Arizona:

canon d2 405.jpg

What people are saying about Overland Expo 2010:

"With a majestic landscape as its backdrop, few public events speak to a sense of discovery better than the  Overland Expo. In our first year, in a display shared with outfitter ARB-USA, Suzuki staffers were delighted by both the venue and the organizer's ability to populate that venue. We hope to be back—with product and presenters that can even better engage those in attendance." 
~David Boldt, American Suzuki

"On behalf of the Dirkse family, I just wanted to say thank for a great OX10. We thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for our next opportunity to attend." 
~ Jeff Dirkse, Germany

"I was talking to one guy who said he pulled up to Overland Expo, parked, and spent his first two hours in the campground before he even realized he wasn't at the real show." 
~ Pat Bonish, Every Mile's a Memory

"Not only did the Raw-Hyde motorcycle training team teach us a ton of stuff in a short time, they did it in such a fun, positive manner. Their method boosted our confidence a bunch. We got out today and did 9.5 hours in the Arizona desert . . . top-10 best days of my life. Thanks . . . you guys changed our lives." 
~ Chris McGovern, Nevada City, CA

"G`day . . . Thank you for the hospitality—a great event, and well worth the trip." 
~ Lance Gillies, All Terrain Motorhomes, Australia

"Sarah [Batten, director of Land Rover Experience training] made it an experience I will not forget. She taught me about our car. She taught me how to make it fun, not just a drive in the desert . . . I am blessed to have had the privilege of learning from Sarah. In those few hours she took away the hot, dirty, deflated exhaustion and gave me an excitement for exploring." 
~ Stephanie Corder, Scottsdale, AZ

"Amazing people throughout, with so many interesting stories and so much heart. We got a kick out of being involved and had a fantastic reception on the business side." 
~ Tom Milne, Remote Medical International


"I feel that I can speak for all of the exhibitors ,vendors, featured vehicles, day pass people, people who took classes, etc.: everyone that had the Expo experience gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and a great time. The event was well-organized, no litter, and staff was very helpful. Watch out for next year." 
~ Grant Sergot, Óptimo Hat-Works

"[During OX09] one could feel the 'buzz' of something special that was on the verge of exploding and I think the growth over last year confirms it. We had a great time. The satisfied and excited attitudes of my students re-affirmed it." 
~ Tim Huber, Phoenix, AZ

"I had such an incredible time meeting other vendors and getting inspired by the classes and films. [It was] a large and inclusive event that was beautifully detailed—all of us were swept up in the incredible energy that surrounded it. It was unforgettable for me. I look forward to being a part of it in the future." 
~ Nicole Espinosa,

"The meeting of so many quality people has really and truly uplifted my life." 
~ Ara Gureghian, Alpine, TX

april 2009, prescott, Arizona:

oe001 039.jpg

What people are saying about Overland Expo 2009:

"[Overland Expo] brought us together with a common goal . . . conservation and responsible exploration. What a great thing! I think you could say that history was made last weekend, that this event validates  . . . that this is an industry, a lifestyle, a way of life that is growing, strong, good, and here to stay."
~ Scott Brown, Jeep, West Region Communications

"It was a fantastic chance to meet the whole tribe, and the sense of community was almost overwhelming. Unlike any 'trade show' I think I've been to before, it was much less about 'selling stuff' and so much more about sharing advice and experiences. Fantastic."
~ Jay Shapiro, EcoRoamer / Muskoka Foundation

"This weekend has shown me that the world of overlanding is an accessible one, even to the average person like myself. Though my goal is to explore Africa someday, my short-term goal of exploring the American Southwest is all the more plausible after this weekend and I have a firm sense of how to make that goal a reality."
~ Chris Bradley, La Habra, CA

"The involvement and enticement of women to overlanding [was a great success]. As a husband, I say 'thanks' for helping to bring my wife more into overlanding and having other wonderful ladies there as examples. My wife bought both of Lois Pryce's books (and got them signed of course). From the Sportsmobiles to the folding Adventure Trailer to the entire feel of the event, it was balanced and fun versus testosterone madness. Thank you!"
~ Lance Blair, Phoenix, AZ


"There was such a wealth of knowledge and experience present at each of the classes I attended that the instructors acted more like facilitators than traditional teachers. I found the instructors eager to choose topics and guide discussion rather than a more traditional teaching format. Everyone brought something to the learning table; we were all students and teachers at the same time. All the instructors did a truly stupendous job leading the discussions and restating the real world experiences from around the globe to create a very unique and effective learning experience."
~ Aaron Shrier, Los Angeles, CA

"We absolutely enjoyed it, including my wife. Where before I was just pulling her along (on overland trips), now, because of Overland Expo and her experiences here, she's beside me, or leading!"
~ Andy Trabucco, Solvang, CA

"It was wonderful - and inspirational. It opened new doors for me, as well as affirmed my husband's knowledge about overlanding - I'm much more comfortable now than ever before."
~ Mandy Wagner, Wittman, AZ

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