2017 WEST Instructors, VIPs & Staff


No other event features a gathering of so many overland legends, VIPs, authors, and experts. Overland Expo WEST offers more than 400 session-hours of incredible programs brought to you by over 140 instructors and presenters from around the world.

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Overland Expo Training Teams & EXPERTS



Explore your world while developing off-road skills to tackle any terrain with one-to-one coaching from an expert instructor at your side. Whether this will be your first time driving off-road or are a seasoned pro, you'll quickly build confidence while you refine your techniques. The science behind vehicle dynamics is universal, so a technique then technology driving style ensures the techniques learned will be of benefit no matter the vehicle you drive. The better the technique, the more performance you can draw from the technology. With more than 60+ years of real world experience and lessons learned, Land Rover Experience has something for everyone!

Sarah Batten - head instructor for Land Rover driver training, Herefordshire, UK

Bob Burns - Land Rover training team and events coordinator

Tim Scully - Land Rover Training Team


RawHyde Adventures is a company with only one goal—and that is to provide exceptional experiences to motorcyclists that are interested in exploring the world off-the-beaten-path! RawHyde is the market leader in adventure rider training and only independently operated BMW authorized motorcycle training center in the United States. In business for more than 15 years, RawHyde has become one of the most recognized brands in the motorcycle industry. With facilities in California, Nevada, and Colorado, RawHyde not only offers training programs for adventure riders, but they also conduct many special events annually as well as motorcycle tours globally. RawHyde has been supporting Overland Expo as the anchor of motorcycle village since 2011.

Jim Hyde and Team - Anchoring our motorcycle trainings, RawHyde Adventures will team up once again with BMW Academy to offer the best in adventure motorcycle education and a chance to test-ride the latest bikes.


In 2014, a few well-traveled and experienced gents had the idea of getting the best expedition team in the world together and offering training and expeditions. 7P International was formed. They provide world-class instruction with ex-military and globally experienced instructors in all types of terrain. Their training covers technical driving and recovery, as well as the non-technical elements of overland travel from logistics to navigation. In addition to instructing at Overland Expo, they offer boutique, guided trips to some of the most challenging and interesting destinations in the world including the Central American jungle and the deserts of Africa staying at a combination of remote camps and luxury lodges.  

Duncan Barbour  - 40+ global expeditions, British Camel Trophy organizer, & 4x4 camera tracking expert for numerous films (Braveheart, Goldeneye, Gladiator)

Ken Cameron - U.S. Camel Trophy

Andy Dacey - British Camel Trophy team participant

Graham Jackson – Global overlander, guide and trainer.

Nick Taylor – North African and Middle Eastern overlanding expert.


Overland Expo Team

Jonathan Hanson ~ co-director, Overland Expo and ConserVentures.org; fellow, Explorers Club; and former founding executive editor, Overland Journal

Tim Huber ~ With experience off-road racing, building expedition trucks and training in driving and recovery, Tim is one of the best in the business


Image courtesy Peter Sweetser, Camel Trophy 89

The Camel Trophy began in 1980 and ran until 2000 and was called "the Olympics of 4×4". Two person teams were selected from participating countries to compete to win what was an event about adventure and exploration. The competitive element came in a series of "Special Tasks," such as winching and timed driving routes, in which the national teams competed against each other. The remainder of the event involved a transit over some of the toughest and most remote terrain in the world. From Brazil to Zaire, events became renowned for being a test of man and machine against some of the most harsh conditions that could be found. Participants and organizers came out having joined a new 'family' and many are eager to pass on their knowledge to others. At Overland Expo we are lucky enough to have many former team members and organizers from the Camel Trophy ready to show you how they did what they did.

Duncan Barbour – British Camel Trophy organizer

Ken Cameron - U.S. Camel Trophy

Tom Collins - 1987 Camel Trophy participant; Camel Trophy Team Director

Andy Dacey - British Camel Trophy team participant

Don Floyd - U.S. Camel Trophy

Daphne Greene - U.S. Camel Trophy

Tim Hensley - U.S. Camel Trophy, winner 1993

Fred Monsees - U.S. Camel Trophy

Jim Swett - U.S. Camel Trophy

Jim West - U.S. Camel Trophy


BFGoodrich Tire Tech Team

With more than 110 years of heritage, BFGoodrich® Tires is dedicated to providing high performance tires for those who have a passion for driving in virtually any environment. Combining technical expertise with 45 years of motorsports experience, BFGoodrich Tires delivers tires for a full range of driving experiences from ultra-high performance street to off-road terrain with one common theme – extreme performance. 



Ted Simon, Jupitalia.com—twice round the world by motorcycle, author of the bestselling Jupiter’s Travels, Riding High, Dreaming of Jupiter and many more motorcycle tales. 

Simon & Lisa Thomas, 2RideTheWorld.com—this traveling duo is still on the world's longest motorcycle journey by a team. Check out Lisa's new cookbook for adventurers, Dirty Dining.

Sarah Leamy, Dirt Roads And Dogs—author of four road-trip inspired novels. 


Sam ManicomSam-Manicom.com—8 years around the world, author of adventure travel motorcycle books from around the globe, Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns and Tortillas to Totems.

Jeremy Kroeker, OscillatorPress.com —motorcycle adventurer, author of Motorcycle Therapy, Through Dust and Darkness, and his latest release, a collection of short stories, Motorcycle Messengers.

TeriAnn Wakeman, OverlandTravel.us—Look for her new book, The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada, A resource for Independent Travel and Camping,

... and more TBA. Be sure to check the Author's tent at Overland Expo 2017 WEST
to find the latest in travel stories and adventure tales.



Sterling Noren
Expedition 65:
Journey to the End of the World

Andrew St. Pierre White
African Expedition: Remote exploration in a rental 4x4
Overlanding the United Arab Emirates and Oman in a 6x6

Ted Simon
Jupiter: From the Beginning

And new for this year, introducing Overland Film Festival Shorts, a hour appetizer of short overland films, hosted by Alain Despatie.


  • 7P Team
  • Charly Aurelia
  • Ginamarie Austin
  • Ned & Kat Bacon
  • Duncan Barbour
  • Jon Bartz
  • Lily Bartz
  • BFGoodrich Tech Team
  • Ross Blair
  • Larry Blau
  • Jim Bordell
  • Roel Bremmers
  • Andreas Bruckner
  • Zoë Buck
  • George Bull
  • Matthew Burris & Tim Haile
  • Camel Trophy Team
  • Ken Cameron
  • Mark Carrara
  • Paul Carrill
  • Lorraine Chittock
  • Russ Chung
  • Tiffany Coates
  • Clay Croft
  • Andy Dacey
  • JC Davis
  • Alain Despatie
  • Todd Devoe & Patrick Mishler
  • Dan Eckardt
  • Steve & Julie Edwards
  • Bill Elwell
  • Mike Endres

  • Alana Espinosa & Dimitri Espinosa
  • Mark Farage
  • Mike Fissel
  • Bill Frederick & Laura Sessions
  • Ken Freund
  • Jonathan Hanson
  • Roseann Hanson
  • Bryon Hart
  • Will Hendrick
  • Grace Howard
  • Kelly & James Howard 
  • Tim Huber
  • Andrew Johnston
  • Marc Joinville
  • Jake Kennedy
  • Buddy King
  • Carla King & Jonathan Ehly
  • Samantha Knowlden
  • Keith Kreutzer
  • Land Rover Team
  • Jayston Landon
  • Sarah Leamy
  • Bill Lee
  • Lea MaGee
  • Sam Manicom
  • Scott Martin
  • Mary McGee
  • Bob McNamara
  • Sean Micheal & Andrew McAllister
  • Ron & Viv Moon
  • Andrew Moore
  • Tony Nester
  • David Nojaim
  • Sterling Noren
  • Azure O’Neil
  • Mallory Paige
  • Andrew Pain
  • Jeff Parker
  • Mary O. Parker
  • Anne Patterson
  • Wade Remer
  • Rusty Rice
  • RawHyde Team
  • Eva Rupert
  • Aliza Sherman
  • Dean Shirley
  • Ted Simon
  • Pete Sweetser
  • Nick Taylor
  • Robin Taylor
  • Stephanie Terrien & Shal Wilson
  • Lisa & Simon Thomas
  • John Toney
  • Jon & Emily Turner
  • Max Vom Bruch
  • Sean Wachtel
  • Bevan Walsh
  • Monika & Gary Wescott
  • Andrew St. Pierre White
  • Scott Wickham
  • Robert Wohlers
  • Jeff & Monica Yaeger



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