2018 EAST Film Festival Application

 AT REEB ranch, south of asheville, nc, USA — NOVEMBER 9-11, 2018

Host a film during the Overland Film Festival, Friday and Saturday evenings, from 7-10 pm. 

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Applications FOR OVERLAND EXPO 2018 EAST will open soon.

  • Present a Film, either of two ways:
    • You can be a filmmaker representing your own film, and present the film with a "live" introduction to the film.
    • You can be "just" a fan of a particular film and nominate it. However, you must be prepared to "host" it and briefly explain why you love it. We will help by securing screening rights. Bear in mind if you nominate a film we want to screen but cannot secure rights, we'll have to skip it.
    • A/V equipment will be provided in the theater.
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INTERESTED IN showing a film AT THE 2019 WEST EVENT? 

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NOTE: Twice a year we open applications to teach, present and volunteer–once for the WEST show (October-December of prior year) and once for the EAST show (June-July of current year). Due to the volume of applications we receive, we do not accept any email requests—even if you have taught, presented, or volunteered at a previous Overland Expo—everyone must apply.

Header image, Shanti Shipsky