Motorcycle Discounts & More Activities!

 What's new for EAST? An improved Motorcycle Expedition Skills Area and special activities and prizes with ADVMoto Magazine! We've taken our training in-house to create specialized classes for the ultimate expedition training program, and added exciting evening options for motorcyclists. Whether you're training for an international adventure or staying local and just want to come out and play in the dirt, we have something for everyone. 

Please note: All tickets must be bought in advance (no at-gate sales)!


Overland experience Package

Ride the custom course

  • Bring your own motorcycle and ride our "Africa Road" custom course—the ultimate motorcycle training experience to build your off-pavement confidence. Our team of experts created a curriculum based on real-world obstacles and challenging scenarios.
  • Hone your riding skills with classes Friday and Saturday, then make sure to stick around on Sunday to test what you've learned during our Skills Challenge.
  • Special discounted moto pricing starts at $325/single.
  • Also included is everything listed to the right —>

Weekend pass ticket

Motorcycle village + More

  • Want to get your hands on the latest  riding gear and apparel, luggage options, accessories, or technologies? Stop by our Motorcycle Village to get outfitted for your next big adventure!
  • Stick around after the sun goes down for evening activities hosted by ADVMoto Magazine (see more below).
  • Observe classes in the Motorcycle Expedition Skills Area
  • Try your hand in the 'Slow Race' on Friday.
  • Participate in open supervised riding on the custom motorcycle course on Sunday afternoon.
  • Special discounted moto pricing starts at $175/individual

ADD on extra moto fun for only $45! 

Choose the $45 ADVMoto package Add-On (ticket sold separately—see above) to get:

Tony Schulstad_FirePitOverlandExpo2014.jpg

Put your Overland Motorcycle Skills to the test! 

Join us from 10am - 12pm on Sunday, for the ultimate Challenge & Competition.

Do you have what it takes to tackle our custom-designed "Africa Road" skills course? Weekend Pass and Overland Experience attendees alike can can test themselves with real-world based obstacles during our final confidence-building competition on Sunday. From sand to ruts to water crossing, maneuver your motorcycle through turns and terrain challenges to test your focus and finesse. You’ll be scored by expert trainers and receive feedback and coaching as you navigate the Africa Road from start to finish.Winner walks away with $500 Overland Expo Cash—redeemable with any vendor at Overland Expo.

Want to try the course but not ready to compete? After the competition, from 1-3pm, we open the course to everyone for supervised riding with our expert trainers. 


Top images © Alison DeLapp; bottom image © Tony Schulstad