2018 WEST Motorcycle Activities


The re-designed Motorcycle Expedition Skills Area and new layout of Motorcycle Village were such a hit at EAST, we are bringing those concepts to 2018 WEST. We've taken our training in-house—meet our new team of experts—to create specialized classes for the ultimate expedition training program, and added exciting evening options for motorcyclists. Whether you're training for an international adventure or staying local and just want to come out and play in the dirt, we have something for everyone. 

— All tickets must be bought in advance (no at-gate sales) — 


A Weekend packed with adventure riding activities...

  • See the latest apparel, luggage, accessories, and technologies; and learn from the best with demos and seminars in the centrally located Motorcycle Village—get outfitted with gear and knowledge before you set out on your next big adventure!
  • Bring your bike and test your pace at the Saturday afternoon Slow Race—last bike across the finish line wins!
  • Don't miss the excitement of the Overland Expo Motorcycle Skills Challenge on Sunday. To participate, get your Overland Experience ticket or stop on by and watch with a Weekend Pass with Camping or Day Pass ticket.
  • Want more? Take part in a special motorcycle dinner and party on Saturday evening with the all new ADV Explorer Add-on (below).
  • Discounted motorcycle pricing starts at $130/individual...

go for the Overland experience Package and take the challenge

  • Participate in everything above, plus...100's of classes including:
  • Tailored instruction on our "Silk Road" custom course—bring your own motorcycle and ride the ultimate motorcycle training experience to build your off-pavement confidence. Our team of experts created a curriculum based on real-world obstacles and challenging scenarios.
  • After honing your riding skills with classes Friday and Saturday, make sure to stick around on Sunday to test what you've learned during our Overland Expo Motorcycle Skills Challenge
  • Discounted moto pricing starts at $300/single...

Join the fun: Special moto-centric dinner & party for only $45

ADV Explorer ADD-on ticket sold separately

  • Join us for an exciting evening in Motorcycle Village
  • Custom swag and gift bag (pick up when you check-in)
  • Take part in an exclusive Saturday dinner and drinks, featuring local craft brew.
  • Beer, did we mention... beer?
  • And a fun-filled prize party on Saturday night! Your ADV Explorer ticket is your entry to win $1000s+ worth of motorcycle-specific giveaways!

Want to know more?

GOING on all weekend*

Not to miss motorcycle legends:

Ted Simon—Now into his eighth decade, Ted Simon has circumnavigated the world not just once, but twice: first time in the 1970's, as described in the cult classic Jupiter's Travels; and a second time thirty years later, revisiting many of the nearly 60,000 miles across five continents. Stop by our Happy Hour with Ted Simon, for a lively discussion with Ted or see him at the author's tent and pick up one of his books!

Sam Manicom—Wanting to do something completely different, Sam Manicom learned to ride a motorcycle, and within three months, he’d set off to ride the length of Africa. This one-year trip turned into an eight-year epic across 55 countries. Visit this esteemed author and travel writer at the author's tent and check out one of his exciting reads or listen to at least one of his always entertaining slideshows, There's More Laughter Than Disaster on the Road or Island Spice, Intrigue and Adventure.

Tiffany Coates—The world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer, and one of the world’s most experienced freelance guides, Tiffany has travelled over 250,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times, and still managing to find more remote destinations to discover. Listen to her share about one of her latest adventures from Kyrgyzstan: My Favourite 'Stan.

Elspeth Beard—First British woman to ride a motorcycle around the world. Setting off on a solo trip in 1982, the journey took two and a half years covering 55,000 kilometers, all in the age before email, the internet, mobile phones, satnavs, medevacs and in some parts of the world, reliable maps. Stop by the Overland Theater and listen to her stories of adventure.

Mary McGee— In the 1960's, a female road racer was a new phenomenon. McGee was already known to be an expert car racer, when the AFM wanted to be sure she could also perform on two wheels. She became the first woman to road race motorcycles and race motocross in the United States. Stop by the Overland Theater and listen to her stories of accomplishment.

*Check schedule (published in March 2018) for presenter times.

DEMO Rides

RawHyde Adventures is bringing a fleet of BMW adventure motorcycles to demo ride. 
Stop by their booth to sign up!

KTM is returning with a selection of adventure, street and dirt motorcycles. 
Stop by their booth to sign up for a test ride!

Saturday night prize party

Buy your ticket for an exciting evening, specially for motorcyclists!

Want a chance to win $1,000's in prizes from our exhibitors at Overland Expo 2018 WEST? For only $45, the ADV Explorer Add-on ticket is your entry to win! With purchase, your name will be added to the drawing for some stellar motorcycle-specific prizes (must be present to claim your prize). But first, join us Saturday evening at 7pm for a special dinner at the ramada adjacent to the now centrally located Motorcycle Village (dinner ticket given at check-in with other materials).

how slow can you go?

bring your bike to the slow race at 4pm on saturday

Speed counts, in this case, going as slow as you can without stopping or dabbing your feet, and while staying in your lane. Anyone can participate; bring your bike to the arena in front of the grandstands at the Motorcycle Expedition Skills Area and test your skills. Winner is announced during our Saturday evening prize party (above). 

Put your riding Skills to the test! 

Join us from 10am - 12pm on Sunday, for the ultimate challenge

Do you have what it takes to tackle our custom-designed "Silk Road" skills course? Overland Experience attendees can test what they've trained all weekend for with real-world based obstacles during our final confidence-building competition on Sunday. From sand to ruts to logs and hills, maneuver your motorcycle through turns and terrain challenges to test your focus and finesse. You’ll be scored by expert trainers and receive feedback as you navigate the "Silk Road" from start to finish. Winner walks away with $300 Overland Expo Cash—redeemable with any vendor at Overland Expo. Not ready to take the challenge? Everyone is welcome to come watch the fun!


All images © Alison DeLapp and Ruth Belcher