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routes to mormon lake, near flagstaff, az

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If you are looking to incorporate some off-the-beaten-path travel into your journey to Overland Expo, you may want to check out Offroad Trail Guide. They have thousands of tracks across the country, searchable by mode of transportation, location and difficulty.

There are many varied routes in the Flagstaff / Grand Canyon area for you to explore as well.

Download their mobile app for offline maps options and a campground locator.

You may contribute your own trails and routes using the "record" function to help grow their trail library.


Routes to or around northern Arizona

Northern Arizona and the Four Corners region are a world-class destination, home to the Grand Canyon, the Hopi and Navajo Nations, Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the Colorado River, dozens of parks and monuments—there are just too many to list.

Here are some favorite overland routes around and to Northern Arizona.


One of our favorite routes starts at the historic Cliff Dweller's Lodge. Head west on 89A, then south on Buffalo Ranch Road (FS 8910) across the breathtaking plains of House Rock Valley to the rim anywhere near Buck Farm Point - stunning views, and you can camp where you like (just don't sleepwalk). Point Sublime, 20 miles west of the North Rim visitor's center, is another superb spot with developed campsites, and the 60-mile dirt drive from Highway 389 to Toroweap campground is rewarded with a vertiginous view over Lava Falls rapids on the Colorado River, which you can hearfrom 3,000 feet up.


By suggestion of a reader, the old Route 66 (B-40) from Kingman to Peach Springs to Seligman is a good detour for bikes and trucks. Don't miss the Hackberry General Store (you'd be hard-presssed to), chockablock with historic Route 66 memorabilia.

All roads lead to Overland Expo?

Mark Stephens over at AdventureParents.com has published an excellent guide to the 10 best dirt roads in the American West. Coincidentally many of them lead to or are right near Overland Expo. 


  • Point Sublime, Grand Canyon National Park, above.
  • White Rim Trail, Utah
  • Alpine Loop, Ouray, CO
  • Chaco Canyon, NM
  • Lippincott Road, Death Valley, CA
  • Alstrom Point, Lake Powell, AZ
  • Burr Trail, Capitol Reef NP, UT
  • Mohave Road, CA
  • Beef Basin, UT

Here is the link to all the destinations, with Mark's outstanding photography.

Overland Route Guides 

Plan an exploratory trip with friends during the show, or create some loops for before or after the event. Special thanks to Mark Ordway for putting these together for us!

The trails are suitable for an adventure motorcycle or 4WD vehicle.

Click image to open PDF; download using your right-click (or other option) to download. 

**UPDATE MARCH 2013: The Coconino National Forest Service closes some trails for administrative or conservation purposes so it is advised to consult their most recent maps before driving or riding on trails.  They have the maps posted online and you can order copies free through this site: http://www.fs.usda.gov/main/coconino/maps-pubs

Overland by caravan

Join one of the overland groups traveling together before or after the show. 

Connect with otherS:

NMBR’s 2016 Ghost Divide Expeditions [GDE16] 

Ghost Divide Expedition [Original] – Overland to the Expo - Sunday, May 15th -19th, 2016 &

Ghost Divide Expedition II – Overland from the Expo - Monday, May 23rd - 27th, 2016

Overview & Invite: 

If your prospective 2016 Overland Expo WEST trip involves copious amounts of pavement, consider airing-down, engaging 4WD, and taking the path less traveled with New Mexico Backroads. 

The Ghost Divide Expedition [Original] will lead to the 2016 Overland Expo WEST; the Ghost Divide Expedition II will lead from the 2016 Overland Expo WEST. Both Ghost Divide Expeditions will follow the same route and cover three unique areas—Gila National Forest, White Mountains, and Mogollon Rim. Over two-thirds of the Ghost Divide Expeditions route will be comprised of unpaved roads. The Ghost Divide Expeditions will provide a demanding [yet rewarding] experience—the days will be long, the roads will be unforgiving, and the pace will be brisk. The Ghost Divide Expeditions will require participants to be self-supportive with regards to vehicle, equipment, meals and supplies. All nights will include camping and enjoying the company of fellow overlanders, deep in the backcountry.  For the Ghost Divide Expeditions, New Mexico Backroads seeks the most self-sufficient, open-minded, and good spirited overlanders.

Where & When: 


The Ghost Divide Expedition [Original] will take place during the week leading up to the Overland Expo WEST—Sunday, May 15th through Thursday, May 19th. Participants will meet the morning of Sunday, May 15th in Southern New Mexico; the exact time and departure location will be announced to participants on April 1st, 2016.

The Overland Expo WEST begins the morning of Friday, May 20th and ends the evening of Sunday, May 22nd. 

The Ghost Divide Expedition II will take place during the week following the Overland Expo WEST—Monday, May 23rd through Friday, May 27th. Participants will meet the morning of Monday, May 23rd at Mormon Lake [site of the Overland Expo WEST]; the exact departure time will be announced to participants on April 1st. 


The Ghost Divide Expeditions will require participants to be self-supportive with regards to vehicle, equipment, meals and supplies. All nights will include camping and enjoying natural surroundings, deep in the backcountry. Services of any kind, including cell, fuel, or anything remotely civilized, will be unavailable for stretches of up to 225 miles. In the time leading up to the Ghost Divide Expeditions, participants (or Ghost Dividers) will be provided with helpful and extensive information on how to prepare for the adventure and what to expect. The self-sufficient aspect of NMBR guided expeditions [and other 4WD based adventures] challenges and prepares participants for their future 4WD based endeavors—to go boldly, prepared, and with confidence.  

The Experience: 

2016 will mark the 5th year New Mexico Backroads has guided the Ghost Divide Expeditions in connection with the Overland Expo WEST; this year’s route will be the longest, roughest and best yet. The 500-mile Ghost Divide Expeditions will include a diverse range of scenery and terrain including desert, grassland, chaparral, forest, rivers, canyons, creeks, lakes, and wildland burn scars. Road types and conditions will include canyon bottom narrows, washboards, rutted two tracks, primitive non-maintained, graded, mountain shelf, and [least of all] paved highway. The Ghost Divide Expeditions will feature outstanding vistas, dozens of water crossings, historic landmarks, wildlife viewing opportunities [including Mexican grey wolf territory], and aggressive elevation contours [between 4,000 and 9,000 feet]. For those that join in, the only guarantee is that they will conclude their adventure with new friends, dirty rigs, big smiles, and stories that will make their fellow overlanders envious. 

The Next Step:

If you are interested in joining one of the 2016 Ghost Divide Expeditions [Original or II], please email nmbackroads@gmail.com and full registration information and pricing will be provided.

 Keep checking back as more groups come together. 

Planning an overland route to Overland Expo? Email us with details.