Schedule & Programs

MAY 17-19, 2019

FRI 9-5, SAT 8-5, SUN 8-3

Overland Expo WEST brings you 220+ classes, slideshows, demonstrations, and activities, which means
over 450 session-hours to learn from our instructors—over 150 of the best in the world!


Event Schedule — Overland Expo 2019 WEST

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
6 pm to 8 pm:  Overland Expo Gear & Beer in Downtown Flagstaff (TBA)

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Exhibitor check-in and set-up
Camping opens; attendee check-in for Overland Experience and Weekend Passes with Camping

Friday, May 17, 2019
9 am to 5 pm: exhibitor show, classes and programs
5 pm to 7 pm: happy hour
7 pm to 10 pm: film festival; Change Your World Fund raffle and fundraiser

Saturday, May 18, 2019
8 am to 5 pm: exhibitor show, classes and programs
5 pm to 7 pm: happy hour
7 pm to 10 pm: film festival; dinner and raffle for motorcyclists (optional add-on ticket)

Sunday, May 19, 2019
8 am to 3 pm: exhibitor show, classes and programs
4 pm: banquet dinner for Overland Experience attendees, exhibitors, and media 

Monday, May 20, 2019
Departures . . . the adventures begin—where do you find it?


Details about Overland Expo EAST, October 2019, will be available in June 2019.


Camel Trophy Expedition skills Area (CTESA)


What's better than learning driving skills and hands-on instruction from our own team of international experts, led by 7P Overland? How about more of it? Each year we bring you a bigger and more dynamic Camel Trophy Expedition Skills Area. That also means more of the classes you want: Driving Skills, Maintenance and Repair, Recovery, and Static Skills. Learn overland skills such as winching, rope-work and lashing, recovery, specialty substrates, and spotting. Want to know how to get unstuck with only what you have on hand? The fundamentals of winching? Arm yourself with the best tool in the tool box . . . knowledge.

  • Only Overland Experience registrants can sign up for and participate in classes.

  • All attendees can observe select classes in the area.



Re-designed in 2018, Our Motorcycle Expedition Skills Area is headed by Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART). On a custom built training course, learn the ADV riding skills that will take you confidently off-the-beaten-path. Whether you are new to off-pavement motorcycling, or wanting to advance your skill set, we have classes for every level. After a weekend of training, don't miss the Obstacle Course Challenge on Sunday!

NOTE: We do not have loaner motorcycles; bring your own.

  • Only Overland Experience registrants can sign up for and participate in classes.

  • All attendees can observe select classes in the area.


Overland Driving Course

Develop off-road skills to tackle any terrain, whether you explore locally or globally. The course will be staffed by a dozen of the top overland driving skills trainers in the world to provide one-to-one coaching from an expert instructor. 

  • Only Overland Experience registrants can sign up for and participate in classes.

  • All attendees can observe select classes in the area.

Hands-On Training Pavilion

Our training pavilions get you out of the classroom and into the field. Each year we bring you an assortment of technical classes essential for overlanding. Rotating topics cover everything from how-tos about electronics to hands-on maintenance and road side repairs to showing how to set up gear and what to take with you (and sometimes leave behind). We also offer limited courses in first aid and injury assessment.

  • Only Overland Experience registrants can sign up for and participate in classes.

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With our numerous navigation classes, there's no more excuses for getting lost when your GPS dies; learn communications skills to enhance your overland experience; brush up on your art of travel techniques with our photography and videography classes; find out more about medical preparedness, patient assessment, and how to put together a proper first aid kit—no matter if you drive a truck or motorcycle, we got you covered; and stay safe and secure with situational awareness tips from experts in their field.

  • Only Overland Experience registrants can sign up for and participate in classes.

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Demo Areas

Considering investing in an overland rig or motorcycle, but want to see how someone else does it first? Or just curious how someone has modified their rig to travel? Take a look at our "My Perfect Overland Vehicle / Moto" series in the Demo Area. This "show and tell" series is about vehicle and moto customizations that have been put to the test of time and miles; bring your questions. Many will also share tips on how to travel.

Curious about how seasoned travelers feed themselves on the road? Make sure to stop by for our scheduled cooking demos.

  • All attendees can participate in seminars and demos.


product demonstrations at exhibitor booths


Want to know how a specific product works?  The exhibition area is the place to be. Check the schedule for times of detailed demonstrations. Look for everything from solar cooking to rooftop tents to air compressors and tow straps.

  • All attendees can attend product demos

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Kids Adventure Area

Bring your family! We offer a weekend packed with activities tailored to adventurous kids and their parents. This area is for kids, by kids. Stop by and check out the Junior Overland Explorer program and earn patches for select classes. Kids can learn about origami, nature journaling, first aid, and knot-tying; They can also go explore during the navigation treasure hunt or try yoga.

Kids ages 8 and up can participate (with supervision) in the Kids Expedition Skills Area— located at the Camel Trophy Adventure Skills Area. Kids will learn real skills for the real world with the Camel Trophy training team.

  • All kids can participate in kids activities (see age min.); parents can observe.

ROUNDTABLE PANELS at the pavilion

Want to know more about Africa? Australia? Mongolia? The Americas? From Regional Q&As to expert tips, the roundtables can help you plan for the trip of a lifetime. Come by and listen to panelists who have extensive experience. Learn from their successes and mistakes, or just enjoy their tales. You’ll be inspired to collect your own. 

  • All attendees can observe and participate in roundtable discussions.

overland theater & THE FILM FESTIVAL

Watch and listen to fellow overlanders share their experiences at the Overland Theater. Each year we offer a new selection of slideshows of trips from around the world. Check the schedule this year to see where you will be inspired to go next.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, we host a special lineup of films at the Overland Theater, from 7-10 pm. Join us for the popular hour-long appetizer of Overland Film Shorts before the feature film.

  • All attendees can watch and listen to slideshows and films.

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Which classes and programs can I participate in?


Open to Weekend / Day Pass and Overland Experience packages: Roundtables, Demos, Seminars, Slideshows, Films, Kids Activities, and Product Demos.

Open to Overland Experience package ONLY: Advanced Driving and Recovery Classes, Adventure Motorcycle Riding Classes, Hands-on Workshops, and Instructional Classes. 

Notes about the schedule: 

Overland Experience registrants will receive an email "invite" to select classes* from Sched.com, when class sign-ups are available. We do not publish the schedule, times, or locations online since it is reserved for registered students only. NOTE: Most classes are offered more than once to accommodate the demand for popular classes. See below for a list of our complete Overland Experience program offerings (*all classes require advance sign-up, see waitlist).

Weekend Pass with Camping / Day Pass will be able to download a printable schedule of programs open to everyone. 

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Full and Waitlisted Classes

Class selection began mid-March 2019. Invites are sent out via email by registration order - those who register first, get first pick!

The following classes are full and waitlisted, but we still have 300+ other classes and programs available. 


  • Advanced Driving Part 1: Picking a line

  • Advanced Driving Part 2: Failed hill climbs

  • Advanced Driving Part 3: Braking with the wrong foot

  • Advanced Driving Part 4: Cross-axle & locker scenarios

  • Camel Trophy Recovery Skills Part 2: Advanced rigging for vehicle recovery

  • Camel Trophy Rope Skills Part 1: Synthetic rope use & repair

  • Camel Trophy Rope Skills Part 2: Make your own soft shackle

  • Camel Trophy Skills: How complex recoveries actually happened on the Camel Trophy

  • Overlanding Fundamentals Part 1: Beginner vehicle and recovery skills—COED

  • Overlanding Fundamentals Part 2: Hi-Lift versus ARB Jack, a hands-on comparison

  • Overlanding Fundamentals Part 3: Winch Recovery

  • Overlanding Fundamentals Part 4: Kinetic Recovery

  • Vehicle Marshalling Skills—COED


  • Emergency Towing

  • Overland Expo Motorcycle Skills Challenge

  • Two-Wheeled Overland Skills, Level 2: Navigating Off-Road Terrain

  • Uprighting Your Adventure Moto


  • Astronomy for Overlanders

  • Navigation 101: The Map (or what to do when your GPS batteries die, part 1)

  • Navigation 201: The Compass (or what to do when you GPS batteries die, part 2)

  • Overland Trailers, Part 1: Building, buying, and driving

  • Overlanding Minimalism: Tips and tricks for traveling in a compact 4x4

  • Overlander’s Pantry 101

  • Safe and Reliable Electrical Wiring of an Overland Vehicle

  • Simple and Delicious Cooking on the Trail

  • Solar Power for Every Overlander

  • Tech Essentials: Advanced bushmechanics

  • Tech Essentials: Advanced tire repair

  • Tech Essentials: Basic bushmechanics

  • Tech Essentials: First Parades

  • Tech Essentials: Loading & Lashing

  • Tech Essentials: Safe Tire Changing

  • Tech Essentials: Tires—Tread, pressure, and traction

ALL Program Offerings for 2019 WEST

For 2019 WEST, we have 220+ different classes and programs, totaling 450+ session hours.
From beginner to advanced sessions, we have something for everyone.

    The following is for reference only. See schedule for times and locations.


Programs open to Everyone

Classes Open to Overland Experience ONLY


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