2017 EAST International Traveler Application


Are you in the midst of an overland journey and passing through Asheville, NC, USA? 
You may qualify for a FREE Weekend Pass with Camping.  Jump to Compensation details →


  • Currently traveling on an extended, continuous, and verifiable (via social media or blog) journey with your vehicle or motorcycle.
  • Trip must be international (i.e. multiple border crossings), such as Pan-American or Round-the-World (hence, North Americans traveling within North America are not eligible!). 
  • All requests must be approved in advance. 

we are no longer accepting Applications for 2017 EAST!

Check back in Nov 2017 to apply for Overland Expo 2018 WEST.


approved International Travelers receive:

  • A free Weekend Pass with Camping, which includes all select activities but does not include attendance to any premium classes. If you are interested in taking classes, you need to register for an Overland Experience package.
  • Vehicles & Motorcycles are welcome to camp for free at our on-site dry campground from Thursday, 1 pm until Monday morning (please no early arrivals). See our FAQ for more details about the campground and vehicle restrictions.
  • Complimentary beverage tickets, one for each happy hour Friday and Saturday from 5-7pm. Not included is the BBQ banquet on Sunday 4pm, but can be purchased at check-in.
  • Apply to display your rig (vehicle or motorcycle) in the Showcase Vehicle Area. See application for more information. 
  • Authors: If you wish to sell your books, you can register for an assigned, shared table in the author’s tent here (select Table Display – no charge). Spaces are limited to availability, so please register early. 
  • As a courtesy, we ask that you provide Overland Expo with links or copies of any media published after the show.

Header image, courtesy of Ruth Belcher