To upload files, images, and ads to Dropbox, please use the form below.

Please ensure: 

  • Your file name includes YOUR NAME or COMPANY NAME—this is mandatory. Images or files we cannot identify will be deleted.
  • If you have multiple files, make it easier by putting them into a .ZIP file and uploading that (again, named as above).
  • To send multiple files, create a file folder, name it with your business name, add your files, then use the ZIP or COMPRESS function to create a zip file. Upload the zip file.
  • You send us an email letting us know you have uploaded your files (and what they are).
  • By uploading images you are certifying that you own the rights to the images or have permission to submit them for use by Overland Expo in our Sourcebook, on our website, in promotional materials, and in social media. 
  • By uploading images, you are agreeing to allow Overland Expo non-exclusive rights to use the images with full attribution to your company in our Sourcebook, on our website, in promotional materials, and in social media.
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