2017 WEST VIP Traveler Application

NEW VENUE — Flagstaff, Arizona, usa — May 12-14, 2017

Are you in the midst of an extended Round-the-World or Pan-American trip and passing through Flagstaff, AZ in May? 
You may qualify for a FREE Weekend Pass with Camping.  Jump to Compensation details →



  • You must be on a CURRENT and VERIFIABLE journey (we will check via social media or personal blog).
  • Must be on an INTERNATIONAL and OVERLAND trip, such as Pan-American or Round-the-World*.
  • All requests must be approved in advance. Applications close Friday, April 28, 2017.

*NOTE: North Americans traveling within North America are not eligible! We require multiple border crossings (sorry, between Canada and the US does not count), with a larger extent of a journey out of “home” territory to qualify. Our VIP Traveler program is for those who have extensive out-of-country, long-distance experience to share with the rest of the attendees.

Fill out my online form.

Approved VIP Travelers will receive:

  • A free Weekend Pass with Camping, which includes all select activities but does not include attendance to any premium classes. If you are interested in taking classes, you need to register for an Overland Experience package.
  • Vehicles & Motorcycles are welcome to camp for free at our on-site dry campground from Thursday, 1 pm until Monday morning (please no early arrivals). See our FAQ for more details about the campground and vehicle restrictions.
  • Vehicles only (not suitable for motorcycles): with an approved application, you can set up your rig in the Showcase Vehicle display area. (SORRY, SHOWCASE VEHICLE SPACES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE!). Note: If you have already been approved, you can camp there, but you cannot sell your vehicle from this space. 
  • Authors: If you wish to sell your books, you can do so at your vehicle in the Showcase Vehicle section, or you can register for a shared table in the author’s tent here (select Table Display – no charge). Spaces are limited so please register early.
  • NOTE: In order to secure these free opportunities (Showcase Vehicle or Author Table), you must apply for them right away; spaces are subject to filling, and we reserve the right to choose your location and accept or deny your request according to availability. Both of these opportunities are a free bonus, as the guest of the owners of the show; they are not a right. If you wish to select a specific space or maximize your exposure, please register for a paid exhibitor space. 
  • Complimentary beverage tickets, one for each happy hour Friday and Saturday from 5-7pm. Not included is the BBQ banquet on Sunday 4pm, but can be purchased at check-in.
  • As a courtesy, we ask that you provide Overland Expo with links or copies of any media published after the show.

Header image, Alucab OK4WD