Special Motorcycle Activities Add-On Ticket!


Choose the $45 ADVMoto package Add-On (ticket sold separately) to get:

We've also added an improved Motorcycle Expedition Skills Area. We've taken our training in-house to create specialized classes for the ultimate expedition training program, and added exciting evening options for motorcyclists. Whether you're training for an international adventure or staying local and just want to come out and play in the dirt, we have something for everyone. 

Please note: All tickets must be bought in advance (no at-gate sales)!



Overland Expo EAST tickets include a visit to the Biltmore house!

Are you joining us at the Biltmore for Overland Expo 2017 EAST? Any Overland Experience package or Weekend Pass (with or without camping) ticket includes the entrance to the Biltmore Estate AND a visit to the Biltmore house. (Day Passes will get you entrance to the Estate, but NOT the house.) There are no additional fees this year, so the price you see is the final cost. Taking a tour of the house is always optional and if you've never seen it before, we highly recommend the experience!

Cool Ride Contest Grand Prize Winner


Branden Powell's 1972 Pinzgauer 710M!

He used his $500 Overland Expo Cash winnings for the following items for Search and Rescue use:

- Outer Limit Supply "Outback First Aid Kit and mount" - to replenish first aid supplies

- Tribe One Outdoors "Rack Net" - for tying down up to 8 SAR packs and other rescue equipment on the roof rack

- Rugged Radios "Ultimate Headset" - to more easily communicate with a team leader when transporting a team in the back of the Pinz.

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To view all finalists visit: www.overlandexpo.com/coolride

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Updated Vehicle Restrictions



 SMALL OVERLAND VEHICLES (less than 30 feet) AND SMALL OVERLAND TRAILERS ONLY. No RVs, no standing-headroom travel trailers or toy haulers. Vehicles over 10 feet in height or with more than four wheels can no longer be accommodated, we are out of space for oversized rigs. We recommend finding a place in the surrounding Coconino National Forest to camp. Closest area: take FR532 (Purple Sage at Beulah Blvd) and follow it out to Woody Mountain Road; there is forest service camping all out Woody Mountain way. Then mountain bike or motorcycle in to the venue via easy trails / roads. 


Coconino National Forest dispersed camping sites

Coconino National Forest dispersed camping sites

Best Shot Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Best Shot 2017 WEST Finalists (clockwise from upper left corner) : Kelly Temple, Pau Ulloa, Tim Burke, Victor Nguyen, Henri Danen, Robert Rossi Photography, Candida Louis, Michael HN Rand

Best Shot 2017 WEST Finalists (clockwise from upper left corner) : Kelly Temple, Pau Ulloa, Tim Burke, Victor Nguyen, Henri Danen, Robert Rossi Photography, Candida Louis, Michael HN Rand

Overland Expo’s 2017 WEST Best Shot Photo Contest saw nearly 800 inspiring entries featuring everything from small displacement motorcycles to massive Unimogs roaming every imaginable terrain. The top eight finalists featured landscapes, close-ups with wildlife, and stunning starscapes but in the end, the human factor won the vote. Candida Louis’ powerful photo speaks to finding commonality between contrasting cultures and lives.



Behind the Veil. . . - Candida Louis

While riding through the remote villages of India very close to the Pakistan border I came across this school in the Gurez Valley where the girls were so excited to see a lady riding the bike. That they ran out of their class and wanted me to take them on short rides. So being there I know that behind their veil's are happy faces full of excitement and a longing to go out there and explore the world. 

Follow Candida's adventures: @indiaonamotorcycle www.fb.com/Indiaonamotorcyclewww.fb.com/candida.louis1

Candida has confirmed she will be using her Grand Prize of an Overland Experience Package + Guest to attend our EAST show in Asheville, NC September 29th - Oct 1st, 2017.

Congratulations Candida, we’ll see you there!

Best Shot Photo Contest

Are You Ready to Hit Us with Your BEST SHOT?

How better to explain why we do what we do than through our images? The Overland Expo 2017 WEST Best Shot Photo Contest launches today and is open to everyone. Submit your favorite overlanding photo for a chance to win the Grand Prize of one (1) Overland Experience Package + Guest to Overland Expo 2017 WEST, with prizes for finalists and randomly chosen small prizes just for entering; 100 votes makes you eligible for selection as one of our eight (8) finalists.

The contest is open for entries January 25 - March 8. Head over to the contest site at http://www.overlandexpo.com/bestshot for complete details and to submit your entries. Even if you don't enter, feel free to browse the gallery and vote for your favorites. 

Follow us on FacebookInstagramand Twitter for updates and announcements.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit us with your BEST SHOT! 

Great Gifts Ideas for Overlanders

Still stumped for someone on your shopping list? We're happy to help! Our staff went window shopping again and put together another wish list from Exhibitors past and present. Read on to see what we love and why we love them!

Xmas list-01.jpg

Honda Africa Twin: – from $13,000
I grew up riding little Hondas around the Arizona desert, my first dual-sport bike was a Honda NX250, and I’ve always admired its big brothers the TransAlp and the Africa Twin (both V-twins). So when I heard that Honda was bringing back the great Africa Twin but improving it with a parallel-twin engine, I was pretty excited. But when I actually spied and tried one at Overland Expo EAST this year, I was absolutely smitten. Commence the lust: 998cc parallel-twin engine layout makes for a shorter wheelbase and it feels (and is) extremely nimble. Huge plus for smaller riders: it has a easily adjustable seat. And speaking of adjustable, the single-shock rear suspension is fully adjustable, with 8.7 inches of travel and a convenient remote preload adjustment. The front fork has 9.0 inches of travel, which is impressive. It comes with either a standard six-speed manual gearbox, or Honda’s exclusive automatic six-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission. My favorite part: only 511 pounds wet (holds just shy of 5 gallons of fuel). It felt as responsive and fun as my little NX250 but with 998cc of get-up-and-go-anywhere. - Roseann Hanson, Director

Under Asian Skies by Sam Manicom: – from $9.99  
I just finished Sam's first book Into Africa and really enjoyed it. Africa and Asia are two continents I have yet to explore so it’s a treat to live vicariously through a talented storyteller in the meantime. Sam Manicom wanders off the beaten path and immerses himself in the communities he visits, taking you along for the ride with his engaging writing storytelling style. This book is available in paperback, ebook or as an audio book read by the author in his great British accent. - Cyan Samone, Community Relations Coordinator

Flexopower Atacama 79 Watt Foldable Solar Panel: $670.00
The Atacama-79 is a powerful, lightweight solar panel employing thin film technology and built to milspec standards to power your adventures in remote areas. From charging deep cycle batteries to running your fridge / freezer, you’ll never be without power with the Atacama. - Anthony Sicola, Sales Manager

ARB Twin Portable Compressor Kit: $875.00
The ultimate portable air compressor, capable of running air tools or inflating the largest tires. - Jonathan Hanson, Director and Curator of Overland Tech and Travel 

Apothik Nature Ultimate Recovery Kit: - from $110
Motorcycling through the varied terrain of South America wreaks havoc on my skin, especially when I am in a desert one day and jungle the next. I have learned that even when traveling, there is no excuse when it comes to taking care of my skin. Apothik Nature makes soothing products, like the Ultimate Recovery Kit for dry skin, to help limit the weathering effects of continuous travel. - Alison DeLapp, Assistant Director

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Tis the Season to Get and Give Great Gear!

Looking for some gift ideas for the adventurers in your life? Overland Expo's Exhibitors Page is a great place to start! Our staff hand picked five great gifts (from exhibitors past and present) they would love to see under the tree. There's something for every taste and budget. Read on to learn more about these great items and why we love them!

Camp Champ Mobile Deluxe Kitchen$5995.00
When your outdoor adventures require gastronomic adventures to go along with them, the Camp Champ Mobile Kitchen is there for you. This turnkey kitchen includes everything you need to prepare epicurean delights in the most remote places. A full set of Italian cooking pans, an array of J.A. Henckels knives, Partner stove, and much more, sure it’s pricey, but you're paying for perfection! - Anthony Sicola, Sales Manager

Griffin Pocket Tool Mini– from $20 (stainless steel) 
I thought this was a gimmick until a friend put one on our Ford F350’s keyring. About as bulky as a key, it looks like a little bottle opener but does much more than open beer bottles (which is not a bad thing): box opener, flat head screw driver, scoring tool, bit holder, prying tool, plus four wrenches. I’ve used it weekly since October, and find myself wishing I had one on every truck’s keyring. Also in titanium and brass. - Roseann Hanson, Director

ISC compact pulley from Sherrill Tree: $141.00
A pulley that weighs 1 lb and has a MBS of 19000 lbs! Every recovery kit needs 3 of these! - Graham Jackson, Training Director

Clearwater Motorcycle Lights:—from $379
As an adventure rider, I try to not ride at night, but there are times when it is inevitable in order to find a place to sleep. Recently, I found myself on a dirt road at sunset, thinking it would be only a few miles of gravel, and it turned into 50 miles of hairpin turns on the side of a mountain. I was thankful to have a powerful set of Clearwater Lights lighting up the way, making navigation easier through the tight terrain. I highly recommend them for any motorcyclist. - Alison DeLapp, Assistant Director

The Java Can: $149.99
Why settle for less than cafe quality coffee on the trail? Throw away the nescafe and sip freshly ground and brewed coffee of the highest caliber.  When you're done, the whole setup packs nicely into a stylish ammo can box. - Cyan Samone, Community Relations Coordinator

Announcing the RawHyde Training Giveaway WINNER: Gary Kibbee!

Congratulations Gary!

Gary Kibbee is the grand prize winner for the RawHyde Training Giveaway package, including a weekend at RawHyde's Adventure Training facility, motorcycle rental, and a two day adventure to Base Camp Alpha; and he get's outfitted with new gear: a Nexx XD1 Baja Helmet and REV'IT! Tornado 2 Riding Suit. 

Here's what Gary had to say:

"After several years of reading articles and dreaming about getting to an Overland Expo, the stars finally aligned last October in North Carolina. I was working in Virginia and I also had the week off. I started my Overland Education with my uncle in 1965. My uncle purchased a 1964 four wheel drive and put a winch on it and we set off around the mountains of Northern California see what it could do. No one had 4-wheel drive in those days. At 16, I got my first motorcycle (a 1966 Honda S90) and set about adding a larger rear sprocket, raised exhaust, and knobby tires and was off. After entering and finishing my first enduro I realized I needed another bike. Then followed Butacos, 441 Victors, etc. The military gave me chances to improve and practice my off-roading and to start to see some of the world and to live and travel in different cultures. My last several years have been on the road and a well traveled Harley and a 4-wheel drive Dodge truck have been the valiant steeds.

Arriving at the Expo was like going to Disneyland at 6 years old. I was expecting hassles a the entry point because I had about 50 pieces of paper and bad organization. Registration proved effortless. As I pulled my Jetta station wagon in-between a very nice VW Syncro and a Subaru complete with winch and roof top tent, I knew there was more fun to come. I guess my overall favorite thing was the people. The guy who rode up from Florida on his KLR, the axe instructor that played with the kids for hours in a little pit they built from fencing, and the instructors that truly loved what they did and showed no hesitation when I had to ask for a second or third explanation. The vendors seemed to have every piece of gear I had salivated over or seen in the hundreds of articles I have read while flying 60+ days a year. Just when you think it can't get any better, you pick the new Land Rover of your choice and take (with adult supervision) on the off road course. If you are good you can get back to the motorcycle area and get on a new BMW and take a spin before hitting the the evening presentation. 

Thank you all for the hours of dedication I know it must take to pull this all together. With all the cool people you know you must have some great Chrismas parties.”

 ~ Gary Kibbee