Overland Expo West's 10th Anniversary Event

Limited edition event t-shirts, event history lessons, giveaways and more


Can you believe it? It’s been 10 years since our first Overland Expo event at Yavapai Fairgrounds in Prescott, AZ! We invite you to join us to celebrate the occasion at Overland Expo WEST, May 17-19 in Flagstaff, AZ. We’ll be rolling out commemorative t-shirts, giveaways, and more via Overland News in the coming weeks so stay tuned!



BUY NOW. Don’t be the only fan at Overland Expo West without this limited edition, 10th Anniversary t-shirt! Pre-order your commemorative event t-shirt TODAY for just $25 - all orders must be placed by May 10th. T-shirts can be picked up on-site from the Overland Expo merchandise display.



We gave our event logo a new look this year and we hope you like it as much as we do.


We have more tricks up our sleeve to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Check back for more info on event giveaways, presentations on the history of the show, special events and more.

Best Shot Contest Winner Announced!

Greg Beck.jpeg

Congratulations to 2019 WEST Best Shot Contest winner, Greg Beck! Beck’s shot, “Waiting for the meteor shower,” was taken in the Northern Arizona high desert, about 15 miles from Meteor Crater.

Beck says, “I arrived early to the Perseid Meteor Shower. After hours waiting for the cloud filled Northern horizon to clear, I took a break and caught up on Anthony Bourdain on an iPad. I turned the camera around to get shots of my campsite underneath the Milky Way, and ended up with my favorite selfie yet.”

Beck’s Equipment:

- Canon 6D mk1
- Rokinon fully manual 24mm f/1.4 lens
- Timelapse+ Intervalometer
- Manfrotto tripod
- 2006 Toyota Tacoma with too many additions to list

Overland Expo 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holidays and most of the staff at Overland Expo have dispersed to visit family or begin new adventures, but we still have something we share: a wish list for some awesome new gear! The two Expos, WEST and EAST, were a great opportunity to wander through the exhibitor booths and we’ve each gathered a few new wants along the way.

If you are an overlander, or know one, check out our suggestions below! You might just find the perfect gift for this holiday season.

Roseann and FJ40 square_1040150 copy.jpeg

Roseann Hanson,

Founder and Director

High End

AT Overland Habitat truck topper. I’m all about “minimal” right now and I love the sleek, light and organized Habitat. A NEMO tent, super slick slide-outs, and room for loads of gear. $8,900 and up for a Tacoma.

Mid Range

Motorcycle training from BMW Performance Center or DART. We all think we are good riders, but you can always learn from the best. From $1500 at BMW Performance Center or from $298 / day for custom training with DART.

Stocking Stuffer

Griffin Pocket Tool Limited Edition Copper Mini. Ten tools in a tiny package, and it’s TSA compliant! I’d love one of these in my stocking.

Jonathan_Hanson_by Gary HaynesSQ.jpg

Jonathan Hanson,



Graham_Jackson_BioPic4 copy-SQ.jpg



High End

Safaris in Africa by 7P Overland. What could be better than a trip of a lifetime for your favorite someone? The most adventurous an exotic continent in the world — Africa! For those who just can’t devote the time to planning, let 7P Overland take that burden. These incredible journeys are overland based trips that will take you where extremely few tourists ever tread, and are lead by some of the most experienced overlanders in the world. Choose from the Naimibia and Botswana combination in Southern Africa or their new offering in Mauritania for that true deep desert experience.

Stocking Stuffer

Why not stuff that stocking with the gift that keeps on giving? A subscription to OutdoorX4 will let your loved one experience overland travel, read reviews of new gear and learn new skills all from the comfort of home. 


Mid Range

We all need food when we are on the road, and finding the right stove to cook on can be a real challenge. There are so many camp stoves that are just nor that great that it is a real pleasure to find one that is fantastic! The Cook Partner Portable Stove from AT Overland is the best stove I’ve ever used on an expedition (not counting my trusty Kelly Kettle here). It would make a fantastic gift for anyone equipping an overland rig.




High End

Want to ride through awe-inspiring scenery? A 12-day adventure with Moto Patagonia through the Carretera Austral is just the ticket for experiencing the beauty Chilean Patagonia has to offer.


Stocking Stuffer

When you want lights wherever you go, this little battery pack makes it happen. Combine with the and you’ve got camp ambiance your neighbors will be envious of.

Mid Range

Wilderness First Aid with Regolith Medical. When planning to travel to remote places, being prepared for emergencies is as key as what you pack.

Anothony Sicola.jpg

Anthony Sicola,


High End

A newcomer to the flatbed camper market, the EarthCruiser EXD is a perfect application for your full size, Dodge, Chevy, or Ford one-ton pickup. With a long list of standard features and options, this would make  perfect home on the road.

Stocking Stuffer

7P Recovery Ring

Mid Range



Azuer Oneil - Version 2-SQ.jpg

Azure O'Neil,

director of Logistics / venue & services

High End

Klim Artemis Suit. I rode South America in Klim’s Altitude suit for women and it did everything it needed to: kept me warm, dry and safe through the harshest of conditions and hardest of falls. So after spending some time talking with Klim’s female designer, Kelsey Runge, I’m stoked to check out her creation: the Artemis. It has the standard safety features everyone expects from Klim (D30, Karbonite Ripstop material, etc.), but adds Klimatek mesh and B-R-E-A-S-T-V-E-N-T-S for additional cooling!! WAHOOO! 

Stocking Stuffer

Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle Performance Compression Sock. I’ve been riding and flying with the original Moto-Skiveez compression sock for years and am looking forward to adding their new Performance Compression Sock to my kit. The preliminary reviews have been excellent, so I’m expecting this sock to provide the same overall compression but with added Achilles and arch support. 

Mid Range

Mosko Moto Backcountry 30L Motorcycle Duffle Bag. Recently having taken up more of a fly-to-ride overland travel lifestyle, I’m hoping to find the Backcountry 30L Duffle under the tree next week. It’s small enough to use as a carry-on and has backpack straps to make getting from the airport to the bike less cumbersome. It’ll fit all of my camping gear and with the adjustable “Beavertail" I can add a few odds and ends, if necessary. 

Eva Rupert.jpg

Eva Rupert

Food & Beverage Director 

High End

$lots. Don’t worry, Santa… I’ve got plenty of space for this little beauty under my Christmas tree! The FJ Company turns out some lovely vehicles and this 1986 FJ62 stole my heart the first time I laid eyes on it. This near-original rebuild honors honors the golden era of the Land Cruiser. It comes equipped with the perfect handful of modern upgrades and an awesome olive paint job.

Stocking Stuffer

Survival never goes out of style and this Wazoo Fire Starter Necklace is a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. The ceramic scraper plus ferro rod combo throw a solid spark and the the necklace is strung on 550 FireCord which acts as tinder— perfect for lighting your Christmas bonfire!

Mid Range

Nothing like serving up chilled to perfection craft beer! This DrinkTanks combo pack comes with an extra-large growler, accessory kit, and cups for your friends. The Keg Cap kit lets you pour perfectly carbonated pints for the ultimate Christmas camping trip! 


Autumn Birt Raven 2.jpg



High End

ARB Deluxe Bull Bar. After nearly 70,000 miles on our Land Cruiser, the ARB bumper with winch mount proved its worth. I’ve used it so I could climb onto the hood (don’t ask), it has protected the headlights from rocks on the Dempster, and nudged more than one obstacle out of the way without suffering even a nick. Why I want a new now, because we are switching over to a Toyota Tundra from our VERY high mileage (and extremely rusty) Land Cruiser 80. I think a new bumper is a MUST!

Stocking Stuffer

Into Africa by Sam Manicom. I met Sam at 18 WEST and fell in love with his stories and relaxed humor. I’ve been meaning to pick up his first book - I want to read it before 19 WEST. So what better way than to find it in my stocking?


Mid Range

Overland Solar Freedom Series Expedition 3-Panel Folding Solar Kit. We picked up a little 60 watt Overland Solar panel at 18 WEST and it has worked FANTASTIC. Seriously, I can hook it up to my phone or my Mac Pro to work on the road. It doesn’t require proprietary plugs. I can just plug it in, drop it in the sun, and it just works. The only problem is it is only 60 watt. I need more power! This 120 watt looks perfect, especially since we are outfitting a new rig for 2019. Hmmm….

Adam Raven.jpg

adam RAVEN,

venue logistics specialist

High End

Cummins 2.8 Repower!!! Would be a great upgrade for the Landcruiser or Tundra!

Stocking Stuffer

ESEE Fire Steel. I love starting fires with flint and steel. Have always wanted to learn bowdrill. This is an all in one and is a cool item. I almost bought one at W18.

Mid Range

Garmin inReach Explorer+. Would love one of these as I am often in the middle of somewhere and having the security to get help would be a nice piece of mind. I also HATE using my phone for GPS .

cyan profile pic.jpg



High End

Domestic CoolFreeze CFX 95DZW Mobile Compressor Dual-Zone Cooler and Freezer. 85 Liters is downright luxurious and gives you enough room to share the joy. Dispensing cold beer and ice cream to travelers in remote areas makes you feel like Santa Claus! The super low power draw makes it perfect for running on solar.

Stocking Stuffer

I am grateful to be surrounded by adventurous folks who aren’t afraid to get out in the great beyond and push themselves and their bodies in challenging situations. I also believe even the most careful and well seasoned traveler needs a well-stocked First Aid Kit just in case. There aren’t many things that offer so much life saving potential for so little cost and space. These ChitoSAM Hemostatic Dressings can stop bleeding fast, so tuck one in the stocking of every adventurer you love.

Mid Range

Tool organization is a fine art. Too small and you will seem to never have what you need, too big and you don’t want to tote it around. Blue Ridge Overland Gear hits the sweet spot with their Tool Pouch roll. Individual pouches allow you to minimize digging for sockets and wrenches while still rolling up into one easy to carry bundle with a comfortable handle. Extra long tools can be laid between the pouches and stick out the ends for maximum capacity.

Rachael Elseman,

Admin Support Specialist

High End

Dometic Portable fridge/freezer

Two words: Ice Cream. Enough said


Stocking Stuffer

Sea to Summit X-Pot 2.8 Liter

I love this pot! It is perfect for two people, packs up really small, is easy to use and cleans up really well.

Mid Range

ARB Aluminum Encased Awning

The awning keeps you out of the elements well, but the new aluminum encased cover is just a little more durable than the traditional canvas cover.

Zach Elseman,

Admin Support Specialist 

High End

Cummins 2.8 Crate Engine. The do-it-yourself overlander has been clamoring for a high-torque, no-hassle diesel crate engine for a long while and Cummins has answered the call with the new 2.8! The new Cummins offers a true crate engine that can be swapped into just about any chassis and the Cummins name carries a reputation of providing exceptional engines for the past 100 years. A bonus is the on-call Customer Service number to answer any of your questions as you swap in this beast!

Stocking Stuffer

Adventure Tool Company Tool Pouch. Keeping your rig organized is imperative regardless of if you are crossing the Serengeti or camping in the local State Park. Adventure Tool Company specializes in customizable tool rolls, pouches, and gear bags that make keeping your gear organized almost easy. Custom patches help to identify what is inside your pouch and heavy duty MILSPEC components 

Mid Range

Tepui Hybox. The Tepui Hybox is the first of its kind- a roof top tent that easily converts to a rooftop storage box. The canvas sides are made of the same quality materials that one would expect from Tepui. The Hybox is perfect for weekend-warriors that want to carry their daily gear on the roof during the week and camp in a roof top tent on the weekends or vacation.

New T-Shirt Designs Released for 2019!

Every year we like to offer limited edition designs in our Overland Gear Shop. And even though it isn’t 2019 yet, we’ve gone ahead and released our designs for next year!

18E MC BLUE.png

These print-on-demand t-shirts feature two limited edition images celebrating Overland Expo and overland travel. The silhouette of a motorcyclist stares into the horizon where the Overland Expo logo holds a globe of the western hemisphere. In contrast, an overland rig ready for travel points toward the horizon on the other design where the Overland Expo logo holds the eastern continents. Both designs come in light and dark colors, women’s and unisex, and a variety of sizes!

Celebrate your love of overlanding with the new Overland Expo designs now at the Gear Shop!

Overland Experience 4x4 and Moto Training NOW OPEN!

Our premium Overland Experience registration is NOW OPEN for Overland Expo 2019 WEST, May 17-19, 2018 at Fort Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, AZ! Grab your ticket now to ensure entry into the most popular hands-on training classes. All tickets must be purchased online in advance*.

Photo © Jonathan Hanson

Photo © Jonathan Hanson

4X4 Training!

The crew from 7P Overland has hundreds of years of combined experience in some of the most remote and punishing terrain on the planet. These are the experts you want to teach you 4x4 driving and recovery skills, border crossing best practices, and so much more. Get prepared for your adventures with our training team. Purchase Overland Experience to access over 200+ hours of premium courses.

*Weekend Pass with Camping tickets go on sale in January 2019, Day Pass tickets go on sale in February 2019!

Vote for Your Favorite Overland Vehicle!

Our Cool Ride! Contest for Overland Expo EAST has launched into the finals round! Now is the time to view the finalists and vote for your favorite. Help pick the winner of the coolest adventure rig from the eight finalists!

Overland Expo celebrates the diversity of vehicle-dependent overland travel. Whether large or small, from two wheels to four or more, we want to see what moves you. And that is what the Cool Ride contest is all about.

Join us for the Cool Ride Party at Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard on November 7th from 5:30 until 8 pm to view all eight awesome finalists, enjoy food trucks, great beer, and meet overlanders from all over the world! There are no tickets required for the Cool Ride! Party, so please come join the fun.

Then don’t forget to vote for your favorite rig at www.overlandexpo.com/coolride! The winner will be announced during happy hour on Saturday at Overland Expo held at REEB Ranch. If you want to be part of the excitement on Saturday, there are just over 50 Overland Experience Passes available, a few Weekend Passes with Camping - Moto Only, and, of course, Day Passes available. Pick up your tickets HERE.

Tickets must be purchased in advance, so get yours soon! Day Pass parking is at the same location as the Cool Ride Party on Wednesday (no overnight parking is allowed).

It is almost time for Overland Expo EAST! We hope to see you there!

Put Your Overland Cooking Skills to the Test!

Think you’re the ultimate chef? If your favorite part of overland travel is cooking and eating, if creating something amazingly good with only a small stove and a handful of ingredients thrills you, you’ll be excited about this news...

Photo © Ruth Belcher

Photo © Ruth Belcher

We'll be opening registration for the Overland Expo Chef Competition on October 24, 2018. Seven teams of one to three chefs will battle it out with a secret ingredient and get judged on a cocktail, a savory, and a sweet dish to determine the best overland chef.

The registration process will be announced the next edition of our Overland News Newsletter. If you’re not subscribed, head over to www.overlandexpo.com/overlandnews and subscribe today.

Get your team ready now!

Show us your Cool Ride!

Overland Expo celebrates the diversity of vehicle-dependent overland travel. Whether large or small, from two wheels to four or more, we want to see what moves you!

Are you already planning to go to Overland Expo 2018 EAST? How would you like your Weekend Pass with Camping comped? The eight finalists of this fall's Cool Ride contest will receive a free Weekend Pass with Camping for the event!

Just enter your rig or motorcycle, finished or not, and get the 50 votes required to get in front of our judges and get a chance at the finals. Oh, and the winner gets $500 in Overland Expo CASH to spend with our exhibitors at the event! Plus there are weekly random winners! What have you got to lose?

Enter here: www.overlandexpo.com/coolride

Overland Expo EAST Class Schedule is Released!

What do you want to learn about overland travel?

Overland Expo is about more than gear and rigs. There are over 120+ fantastic activities such as round-table discussions from experts, films, demos, and slideshows, plus over 220+ hours of premium classes covering everything from technical extraction to cooking on the road.

You can check out what you can learn at Overland Expo EAST by checking out the newly released schedule of classes.

The premium classes available only to those with an Overland Experience ticket offer amazing hands-on training. You can take classes in First Aid, Food Storage & Provisioning, Safety & Security, and SO MUCH MORE!

Food storage.jpg
first aid.jpg

Take Charly Aurelia’s first aid class “When There Is No 911” on proper patient assessment, learn how to properly store food on your vehicle-supported adventures (and a new recipe or two), or sit in on Traveling Solo, a female perspective on safe travel practices - from women who have traveled all over the world.

Learn more about our premium classes here and be sure to grab your ticket before they’re gone!

Less than 200 Overland Experience tickets are remaining, and less than 40 Weekend Passes with Camping. Don’t forget, you can always join us with a Day Pass, but they must be purchased in advance and parking for Day Pass ticket holders is at the Oskar Blues Brewery where a shuttle will transport you to the Expo.