60-Second Overlander video series debuts

We have launched a new video series called the 60-Second Overlander ~ and to celebrate, we are inviting viewers to submit their own videos and win one of two Overland Experience single packages (December and February winners will be announced). The 60-Second Overlander videos feature how-to's, reviews, and interviews, on topics that are featured at Overland Expo. Subjects we are covering include:

  • Overcoming fear (part 1)
  • The importance of daily vehicle inspections
  • Suzuki DR650 ~ a great first adventure motorcycle
  • A review of natural rubber inner tubes for motorcycles
  • How to experience Africa on your own for less than you think
  • and much more; we will update content monthly or more frequently

Visit our video page to see our first videos, and to read more about submitting your own 60-Second Overlander video.