Overland Expo EAST

Vote for Your Favorite Overland Vehicle!

Our Cool Ride! Contest for Overland Expo EAST has launched into the finals round! Now is the time to view the finalists and vote for your favorite. Help pick the winner of the coolest adventure rig from the eight finalists!

Overland Expo celebrates the diversity of vehicle-dependent overland travel. Whether large or small, from two wheels to four or more, we want to see what moves you. And that is what the Cool Ride contest is all about.

Join us for the Cool Ride Party at Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard on November 7th from 5:30 until 8 pm to view all eight awesome finalists, enjoy food trucks, great beer, and meet overlanders from all over the world! There are no tickets required for the Cool Ride! Party, so please come join the fun.

Then don’t forget to vote for your favorite rig at www.overlandexpo.com/coolride! The winner will be announced during happy hour on Saturday at Overland Expo held at REEB Ranch. If you want to be part of the excitement on Saturday, there are just over 50 Overland Experience Passes available, a few Weekend Passes with Camping - Moto Only, and, of course, Day Passes available. Pick up your tickets HERE.

Tickets must be purchased in advance, so get yours soon! Day Pass parking is at the same location as the Cool Ride Party on Wednesday (no overnight parking is allowed).

It is almost time for Overland Expo EAST! We hope to see you there!

Why come to Overland Expo?

Why train with us?

Several overland shows now offer worthwhile classes. But no other event comes close to the breadth and depth of education available to Overland Experience attendees at the Overland Expo, from choosing the right vehicle for your needs, to packing it with the proper equipment and provisions, to comfortably handling challenging driving conditions, to winching it out of a hole. Our team of instructors is simply the best on the planet: from ex-Camel Trophy team members to trans-Africa veterans to professional motorcycle trainers and trip leaders. The most recent Overland Expo EAST schedule included over 140 classes comprising a full 350 session-hours of instruction. We now have attendees who have been to every Expo and have not run out of things to learn. 


Why come EAST?

The Overland Expo EAST venue lies in the forested heart of Blue Ridge Mountain country, just south of Asheville, North Carolina. Our venue is REEB Ranch, which is owned by Oskar Blues Brewing Company, and comprises beautiful fields for our vendors, training areas, and camping and is surrounded by forested hills and hiking and mountain biking trails. We'll have day parking and a shuttle from the Oskar Blues Brewing Company in Pisgah. The region around Pisgah is an outdoor recreation mecca, and Asheville and Hendersonville (just 20 minutes away) are heaven for culinary and micro-brew aficionados. Before or after the show you can drive the Blue Ridge Parkway or head to the stunning Outer Banks to overindulge in seafood, climb the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and rest your hand on the rail from which the Wright Brothers launched their first Flyer at Kitty Hawk. 


Why buy a weekend pass?

If you’re not quite ready for the full Overland Experience package, do not imagine your time won’t be busy. A weekend pass (with or without camping) gets you access to over 200 vendors, a drive in a new Land Rover on a specially built course, test BFGoodrich tires, plus dozens of demonstrations, slide shows, films, and roundtable panels on worldwide travel. You can effortlessly fill three days—some guests tell us it takes them hours just to look through all the fascinating overland vehicles in the parking lot. And as always, kids 17 and under get in free to Overland Expo.


Why Overland Expo?

One word: Community. Of all the comments we get raving about the quality of classes, instructors, and vendors, one impression strikes people the hardest, and that is the people who come to learn, to teach, and to share. The Overland Expo has become a mandatory calendar event for travelers from all over the world, many of whom schedule trans-continental journeys to coincide with a West or East Expo, to see old friends and meet new ones. Those new to overlanding tell us again and again how welcomed they feel by this community whose reason for being, after all, is to explore, learn new things, and meet new people. It’s why our motto is: Overland Expo—where adventure begins and frindships last.

Beyond the statistics at Overland Expo EAST

Mark Twain did not coin the phrase “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics,” but that doesn’t make it less appropriate for the 2015 Overland Expo East. Statistically, October recieves the lowest rainfall of any month of the year in Asheville, North Carolina, but that’s a damned lie when a hurricane cruises by offshore and backs up a massive low-pressure system on loan from Canada. The result was a decidedly damp Expo.

Rather astonishingly—or perhaps not if you know the type of people representative of our community—the show went on. Land Rover kept their driving course open the entire weekend, and participants had more fun and instruction than they would have on a dry course. Several impromptu winching sessions ensued, and with LR4s maxing out their sophisticated traction-control systems, it was likely the only time students experienced instructors exorting them to drive “Faster, faster!” 

Meanwhile, BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires were getting a workout at BFG’s own course, which while shorter was no less challenging: Spectators lined up outside splash range and cheered as the company’s demo Jeep Rubicon and turbodiesel Defender 110 cleared each obstacle.
Elsewhere in the venue, classes were full (those in the three enclosed tents seemed particularly well attended . . .), vendors reported brisk business, and evening social gatherings in the big lake house were lively. 

Most special to all of us was the Saturday evening introduction and presentation for ConserVentures' new charity fundraiser, in memory of young motorcyclist explorer Alistair Farland. A room full of several hundred people engaged in dozens of conversations fell completely silent as Alistair’s story unfolded through video and the recollections of his friends. The subsequent silent auction and raffle raised over $5,000. Find out more about how you can help this important effort here.

We at Overland Expo want to thank everyone who persevered through the weather, who sent us emails about what good times they had in spite of—or because of—the challenging conditions, who supported our many sponsors and vendors, and who gave generously to a wonderful cause that will inspire young people to explore and change their world.

Outdoorx4 special for Overland Expo attendees

Have you been considering a subscription to OutdoorX4 Magazine? Now's a good time to subscribe with an offer exclusive to Overland Expo EAST attendees: OutdoorX4 Magazine is offering a 20% discount for one and two-year subscriptions. If you have registered for an Overland Experience package, you will receive the latest issue in your goodie bag or stop by their booth and get your free copy. 

For more details about the magazine and to order, visit www.outdoorx4.com. Use coupon code expoeast2015 at checkout. The discount code is good through October 31st.

Take a Hike with Blue Ridge Hiking Company

Get to know the beautiful Blue Ridge country

On Monday, October 5th, Blue Ridge Hiking Company is offering a hike especially for Overland Expo. Hikes will be led by one or more very capable guides, many of whom have hiked the length of the Appalachian Trail. Each has distinct skill sets with regards to topics like photography, flora and fauna, edible plants, local history, and more.

Half Day Hikes 

Ranges from 3-5 miles (3-4 hours depending on trail distance, pace, and drive time). 
$135 for 1-4 people (including snacks) + $25 for each additional person. (9 person limit)

Full Day Hikes 

Ranges from 6-10 miles and (6-9 hours depending on trail distance, pace, and drive time). 
$225 for 1-4 people (includes lunch) + $40 for each additional person. (9 person limit)

Please pre-book!

Website: www.blueridgehikingco.com
Email: info@blueridgehikingcom
Phone: 828 713 5451

Pre-order your Overland Expo Edition Java Can

Pre-order your Overland Expo Edition Java Can, then pick up at the Java Can booth during the Overland Expo-East in Asheville, NC. 


What's inside? 

The Overland Edition Java Can includes...

  • Military Ammunition Can with Overland Expo emblem. 
  • 4 cup Moka pot
  • GSI coffee grinder
  • 4 stainless steel double walled cups
  • Milk pitcher 
  • Camp stove with ignitor 
  • Custom "Live Life Charged" flask
  • Camp towel
  • Upgraded version come with battery operated milk frother (free of charge)

All for $145. Order yours today: http://www.thejavacan.com/products/the-java-can


Follow Java Can on Social media:


Instagram/Twitter: search for "The Java Can"

Plan your Overland Expo in tandem with the American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous

Overland Expo is proud to work closely with American Adventurist on promoting overland training and travel.

Heading to Overland Expo EAST? Plan a week of adventure by combining the American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous with Overland Expo—a week of training and a week of exploring, what more could you ask for?

First, head out to the Rendezvous for a weekend of sharing and exploring with like-minded friends at the Uwharrie Off Road Training Center (UORTC) in central North Carolina. This event is scheduled for 25-27 September 2015—the weekend before Overland Expo EAST.

Then, Appalachian Rendezvous attendees may stay on the UORTC property FREE OF CHARGE between the Rendezvous, which concludes Sunday the 27th, and the start of the Overland Expo 2015 EAST in Asheville, NC, on Thursday, October 1, 2015. 

This close alignment of the two events will allow travellers to attend both, first doing stuff, and second learning stuff, while in between the two exploring the many exciting things available to explore in North Carolina. Hopefully this will encourage participants to plan for a trip of a little longer duration and "check” two boxes.

For information and to register for the Rendezvous, please visit: 

Overland Expo offers discount for military service attendees

Now available for Overland Expo 2015 EAST!

As a way to say thank you, Overland Expo offers a 20% discount for active or recent (within 18 months) military service.  

Please visit http://www.overlandexpo.com/east for information about the show. 

For Overland Experience registration and the link to fill out a military discount request form, please visit: http://www.overlandexpo.com/experience

Announcing Overland Expo EAST

It's been six years since the first Overland Expo was held in central Arizona, and each year it has grown and this year the growth is so big that we realized it's time: Overland Expo EAST.

That's right, we're gearing up for our first show east of the Mississippi: 

October 3-5, 2014 just a few miles from Asheville, North Carolina.

Why East? Demand. Although many people do traverse the country (and the world!) for the now famous WEST show, we realize that so many more just don't have time. We've been begged so often we realized it's just time.  

Why Asheville? Location, location, location. A day's drive from NYC, the Capitol, Florida, and much of the Midwest. In the heart of Appalachia, just off I-40, it's surrounded by the Great Smokey Mountains and is an outdoor paradise much like northern Arizona. Asheville, like Flagstaff, is funky and fun and full of great food and breweries. Did we mention breweries? Like northern Arizona, it's full of diverse cultures, a crossroads and a melting pot.  We've reserved the entire Taylor Ranch in Fletcher, a lovely family-owned farm with beautiful mature hardwood trees, ponds, creeks, ducks, horses, rolling hills and lots of grass. Did we mention grass?

Why October? Beautiful fall weather and the trees should just be starting to turn color.

What will it be like? Land Rover and RawHyde Adventures are both on board to bring top-notch training to our attendees. Graham Jackson, Duncan Barbour, and Andy Dacey are back on board to run the whole program of offerings that attract so many highly qualified customers for you. Like Overland Expo WEST, it's an all-outdoor venue. We opt for beautiful surroundings and the top-quality community experience. 

Please mark your calendars and let us know if you are interested. 

We'll have registration for attendees open soon, and we will be developing materials, pricing, and sponsorship structures for exhibitors over the next few months. Sponsorships will be on a competitive basis due to high demand. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in the beautiful North Carolina mountains in October 2014!