Overland Expo WEST

Overland Expo West's 10th Anniversary Event

Limited edition event t-shirts, event history lessons, giveaways and more


Can you believe it? It’s been 10 years since our first Overland Expo event at Yavapai Fairgrounds in Prescott, AZ! We invite you to join us to celebrate the occasion at Overland Expo WEST, May 17-19 in Flagstaff, AZ. We’ll be rolling out commemorative t-shirts, giveaways, and more via Overland News in the coming weeks so stay tuned!



BUY NOW. Don’t be the only fan at Overland Expo West without this limited edition, 10th Anniversary t-shirt! Pre-order your commemorative event t-shirt TODAY for just $25 - all orders must be placed by May 10th. T-shirts can be picked up on-site from the Overland Expo merchandise display.



We gave our event logo a new look this year and we hope you like it as much as we do.


We have more tricks up our sleeve to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Check back for more info on event giveaways, presentations on the history of the show, special events and more.

Best Shot Contest Winner Announced!

Greg Beck.jpeg

Congratulations to 2019 WEST Best Shot Contest winner, Greg Beck! Beck’s shot, “Waiting for the meteor shower,” was taken in the Northern Arizona high desert, about 15 miles from Meteor Crater.

Beck says, “I arrived early to the Perseid Meteor Shower. After hours waiting for the cloud filled Northern horizon to clear, I took a break and caught up on Anthony Bourdain on an iPad. I turned the camera around to get shots of my campsite underneath the Milky Way, and ended up with my favorite selfie yet.”

Beck’s Equipment:

- Canon 6D mk1
- Rokinon fully manual 24mm f/1.4 lens
- Timelapse+ Intervalometer
- Manfrotto tripod
- 2006 Toyota Tacoma with too many additions to list

Photo Contest Winner: Million Star Hotel

Congratulations to Bavarian travelers Helmut Koch and Bea Höbenreich for their winning entry in the Overland Expo Photo Contest! They received $500 Expo Cash to spend at the show, which probably helped them re-new some much used gear after many years of continuous motorcycle travel. You can find more of their photography and stories at: TimeToRide.de

New T-shirt designs for Overland Expo 2016 WEST!

Looking for a sharp new t-shirt?  Available at the event and will be for sale online after the show. Comes in two color choices: green and tan and classic black and white. There will be sizes for everyone: XS-XXL. We'll have these for sale at the WEST show, so stop by headquarters during the show to get yours. (Designed by Becky Simmons.)

Time to elevate your driving and riding skills

Up your driving and recovery skills with 7P and Land Rover

Have you ever driven past a road and wondered . . . where does that go? Part of the experience of overland travel is the ability to explore unknown roads. Whether you need to brush up on your skills, advance your current driving techniques, or are just getting to know what you can do with your vehicle, Overland Expo 2016 WEST has a class for your level. Some of the premium classes include Tech Essentials: Intro to 4WD Systems; Advanced Driving: Braking with the wrong foot; Recovery Scenarios When All Else Fails; Advanced Recovery: Using all the tools at your disposal; Advanced Driving: Water Crossing; Traction Control: Learn when the “nanny” is both right and wrong; Pulling Power: How to create and use a mechanical advantage system. This year we have lots of new material, so come and learn from the experts of 7P and Land Rover the skills that get you going on any road.

Take your riding to the next level with RawHyde

Bikes big and small–hone your riding skills with Jim Hyde and the riding masters at RawHyde Adventures. Bring your motorcycle and learn a thing or two with classes such as Advanced Riding: Emergency braking (never know when you'll need it); Advanced Riding: Lofting a front wheel (no this is not about doing wheelies); or Advanced Riding: Sand Skills Clinic. If you are just starting out, we still have you covered–take the extended, 3-hour class, Introduction to Dirt: Adventure motorcycle riding, then practice what you learned during the Basic or Advanced Adventure Motorcycle Ride.

Whether you explore on two wheels or four, our Driving, Riding, and Recovery classes are always the most sought-after programs. Each year we try to pack our schedule with as many as we can since they are so popular. This year is no different. To take any of the above classes (and many more), register for an Overland Experience package. The first to register get the first shot at sign-ups. We will be releasing class sign-ups the beginning of March, so don't delay your registration.

*Above images by Bryon Dorr

New program highlights for Overland Expo WEST 2015

Contemplating your first Overland Expo, or your sixth?

In either case, the only problem you’ll face is narrowing down your choices from over 170 classes, demonstrations, and programs available to Overland Experience full-package registrants at Overland Expo WEST (May 15-17, 2015 outside Flagstaff). The Overland Expo training team continues to refine and add to the ways attendees can learn new skills or brush up on those already mastered. 

Just a few of the offerings that excite us for 2015:

Long our own choice in all-terrain tires and now a sponsoring co-host of the Overland Expo. BFG’s engineers will be teaching tire selection and basic repair, and will have demo vehicles to drive so you can compare tread patterns directly.

Taught by professional photographer Alan Lemire. If you’ve ever wondered why your photographs don’t convey the beauty of what you remember, Alan will teach you how to bring your memories to life. Friends will never be bored by your slide shows again.

Learn how an open differential works and how a locker can increase your vehicle’s capability and safety in the backcountry.

From deep-water crossings to cross-axle problems to failed hill climbs, our advanced driving modules will prepare you to handle any situation safely and successfully.

What if you could create an investment portfolio that could give you the funds to travel as much as you like? Learn how from someone who did it.

Tiffany Coates, globe-circling motorcyclist and guide, leads this class for women who want to travel confidently on their own.

Want to know which tools to bring and how to fix your bike when it breaks on the road? Erik Stephens of Twisted Throttle will show you.

There is much, much more than this. Register now to ensure the very best selection of the most popular classes.

Adventure Tool Company making bags for attendees

The 2014 Overland Expo attendee bag hanging on the only surviving steam shovel among those that dug the Panama Canal.We're pleased to announce we've partnered with Adventure Tool Company of Colorado to make this year's attendee bag. This isn’t your average conference or expo bag. First, it's made by hand, right here in the U.S. from American-made components. Second, it is built to last—not some cheap made-in-Asia floppy thing that will tear with the first use. Constructed of heavy waxed canvas, rugged Cordura, and MILSPEC components, sewn with high-tensile nylon thread, and reinforced with binding tape, this bag is as tough as nails, perfectly suited to overlanding. You’ll carry it at Overland Expo, then take it home and use it for many years to come. Finally, our patch mania continues, with a 4" strip of velcro loop across the front, where you can add patches you collect from exhibitors at Overland Expo. (And even better news, Adventure Tool Company will be creating a more robust version of this bag for their full messenger bag later this year.)