Adventure Moto Traveler & Author, Sam Manicom, To Appear At OX East

Sam Manicom Portrait  2  ps 1600.jpg

Wanting to do something completely different, Sam Manicom learned to ride a motorcycle, and within three months, he’d set off to ride the length of Africa. This one-year trip turned into an eight-year epic across 55 countries.

Since 1996 Sam has been writing for Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, Adventure Bike Rider, ADV Moto Magazine, Overland Magazine, Motorcycle Voyager, The Riders Digest, Motorcycle Monthly, Motorcycle News, Road Rider, Motociclismo, SE Biker, Motorcycle Explorer and various other motorcycle magazines and newspapers around the world. Sam is a co-host of the monthly Adventure Rider Radio RAW show.

Visit this esteemed author and travel writer at the author's tent at Overland Expo East, October 11-13, 2019 in Arrington, Virginia and check out one of his exciting reads or listen to his always entertaining slideshow, Portugal: A country that should be on your 'must visit' list!

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