ADV Moto World Traveler Candida Louis to Instruct at Overland Expo 2019 EAST

Candida Louis

Adventure Motorcyclist

Candida Louis erupted on the Adventure Motorcycle scene over the past 4 years by logging thousands of miles around India and an epic motorcycle journey across ten countries from Bangalore, India to Sydney, Australia. Riding solo on her Bajaj Dominar, Candida has used her platform as an Adventure Motorcycle rockstar to promote travel as a lifestyle, especially to women in rural and semi-urban areas.

If you have watched videos of Candida’s travels on YouTube for very long, you may have noticed a reoccurring theme during her journey through Southeast Asia- how much she disliked the seemingly constant need for new paperwork, licenses, and permits that awaits at each new border and her preference to just go with the flow on the open road.

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Candida brings the same attitude and energy to her participation with Overland Expo. She has been involved for several years as a volunteer and instructor and will be instructing again at Overland Expo 2019 EAST. Candida will be teaching several classes including Riding Beyond Borders, Q&A Middle East & Asia, and a roundtable on route planning with other distinguished adventure motorcyclists.

To stay up to date with Candida and her adventures, follow her on Instagram @candidalouis!