Hard Luggage: Jesse Luggage

Jesse Luggage uses top-tier materials with a focus on strength, endurance, and longevity to create the ultimate adventure motorcycle luggage system for all riders. Jesse Luggage systems allow for more volume in a sleek profile that provides a tight seal along the gaskets that forces away dirt and water, keeping your gear safe and dry on even the gnarliest adventures.

Jesse Luggage Xventure 10 Panniers

Jesse’s Xventure 10 Panniers are 100% handcrafted in the USA. Built from 2-mm thick 5052 aluminum for durability, they are welded on both the interior and exterior of the pannier to provide a “seamless” look and cleaner assembly over the riveted box designs. Along with the welding, there are built in rib rails to give these panniers superior strength.

Jesse Luggage Challenger-10in-Pannier-blk-1.jpg

The Xventure 10 line allows you to maximize capacity, while keeping a slim wingspan on the road or trail. The panniers hold approximately 93L of cargo in a setup that allows for more cargo volume in a sleeker profile that is one of the slimmest pannier/rack profiles for almost any adventure bike. The exterior of the panniers are powder coated inside and out for a great look, as well as a durable finish.

This Xventure line features a sturdy new latching system made from military grade aluminum billet. It provides an extremely strong seal from the box to the lid with a laser etched stainless steel keeper. The new design helps ensure a snug gasket fit, driving water away from the contents of your panniers. The unique friction hinge on the lid gives you hands-free convenience and the lid simply stays where you put it. 

Jesse Luggage XT45 Top Box

Jesse Luggage’s XT Top Box is made from the same 2mm thick 5052 aluminum as their Xventure Panniers. With 45 liters of carrying capacity and only weighing about eight pounds, you can carry a pile of cargo in just the top box without the worry of a strap breaking or a bag falling off the bike. The XT45 is so spacious that it can even hold your helmet inside, keeping it locked securely when you’re exploring on foot away from the bike.

Jesse Luggage JL-CH-45L-C-3.jpg

The top case is one of the best places to store your electronics and fragile gear while traveling. With the same heavy-duty locking handle as the Xventure Panniers, the XT45 Top Box keeps your most precious gear secure. Plus, the friction hinge on the lid stays where you put it with the lightest touch, despite gravity’s input. 

Jesse Luggage Xventure Lid Racks, Bags & Packers

One of the great features of the Jesse Luggage panniers is that the lids are 100% usable space. Pairing the Xventure 10 Panniers with Jesse’s Lid Racks, Bags, and Packers increases the versatility and packing capacity to keep your gear secure and organized on even the longest adventures. 

Jesse Luggage Lid-Racks-10in-Black.jpg

Jesse’s Lid Racks mount to the exterior of the pannier tops and are powder coated for a polished look and enhanced durability. The lightweight frames feature multiple tie-down openings to secure additional luggage on top of your panniers. 

Jesse Luggage JL-LIDBAG-8_set-Masked.jpg

Jesse Luggage Lid Bags and Lid Packers work together to make the hard-to-use space inside the lid fully functional. The Lid Packers snap above the top gasket of the lid to create an additional storage compartment within the pannier. Jesse’s lid bags are custom fitted for the Xventure Panniers and are held in place by the lid packer bracket to save you time sorting out your travel gear. 

Jesse Luggage Africa Twin Mounting Rack


The tubular steel pannier mounting racks for the Africa Twin attach at existing frame points on the bike and do not require any drilling or cutting to install. Jesse Luggage’s tough, cross-braced rack system acts like an additional subframe, strengthening the rear of the bike, and potentially enhancing the safety of the rider.

This heavy-duty rack is made of 16-mm steel tubing and is designed specifically to mount the Xventure Pannier System. The mount points on this rack are configured into a triangle for strength and simplicity. Due to the “hoop” design on the rack we can take advantage of added support along the top and bottom rails of the rack. It also allows the pannier mounting point to be adjustable forward and aft on the rack — something none of the other pannier systems can offer.

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