Gear Showcase

Gear Showcase

Gear Showcase: Summer Overland Kit Must-Haves

As we all begin planning for our summer adventures, it’s inevitable to think about what improvements we can make to our overland kit. For some it may be finally taking the plunge and buying a trailer or roof top tent to make more space for family camping, for others it may be looking for ways to improve campsite meals. Here are eight suggestions for taking your summer travels up a notch.

Gear Showcase: Sleeping on the Trail

After a long day on the trail, there are few better things than a great night’s sleep at camp. Thankfully there are a number of exceptional sleeping options available to the vehicle-based traveler. Here are some great options that will fit any budget and sleeping style.

Gear Showcase: Communications and Handheld Electronics

Communications equipment and other handheld electronics have come to be central tools in our travels. Whether they keep us together, entertain us, allow us to call for help, or simply stay charged, electronics are part of overlanding.

Gear Showcase: Spring

Whether you are on the hunt for an offroad trailer, need a tent for your four-legged companion, or just here to browse our picks for Spring, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a little something for everyone this month.

Gear Showcase: Gear Storage & Organization

A new year brings new trails, new adventures, and maybe some new gear to aid you in your travels. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite storage and organizational gear to start off the new year right.

Gear Showcase: Overland Trailers

Now, more than ever, overlanders and adventure seekers have a host of options for hauling cargo and adding living space to their backcountry set-up.

Gear Showcase: November, 2023

2023 is winding down, but you can still get out and pack some adventure into the days as they grow shorter. We’ve gathered some of our favorite gear to help you get outfitted for your next trip into the backcountry.

Gear Showcase: October, 2023

Fall and winter are great times to get out and explore. But with cooler temps come shorter days and longer nights.

Gear Showcase: September, 2023

Whether alone or with friends, the simplest of dishes or a feast you’ll never forget, everything just tastes better after a long day on the trail.

Gear Showcase: August, 2023

August is halfway gone, and that means for many overlanders, cooler temps are just around the corner. This month we’ve rounded up new gear, big and large, plus a great option for fly-and-drive adventure. 

Gear Showcase: July, 2023

Comfort and cleanliness on the trail don’t have to be a chore. This month we’ve rounded up some of the best items to help you and your rig stay hygienic in the easiest ways possible.

Gear Showcase: June, 2023

This month we’ve rounded up some gear for adventurers that prefer two-wheeled explorations. You’ll find what you need to stay safe, protect your bike, and light the way in the backcountry.

Gear Showcase: May, 2023

Spring is in the air, and summer adventures are just around the corner. We’ve rounded up some awesome products to get you outfitted for adventure and prepared for any contingency.

Gear Showcase: April, 2023

This month we’ve rounded up some awesome products to get you kitted out to be comfortable and capable on your next overland journey.

Gear Showcase: March, 2023

Depending on where you’re adventuring, you might currently be facing snow drifts or the muddy, slippery predicament known as the spring thaw.

Gear Showcase: February, 2023

We’re back with some great overlanding gear to get your vehicle outfitted and your camp comfortable for some upcoming adventures. It won’t be long before the days are longer, so now is the time to start planning upgrades and future routes. 

Gear Showcase: December, 2022

Winter is a great time to hit the backcountry when crowds, temperatures, and bugs are at an all-time low. So grab some gear and pick a weekend for a getaway during all of the hustle and bustle.

The Ultimate Overland Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The holidays will be here before you know it, and it’s never too early to get started on your shopping list. We’ve rounded up some of the best gear to outfit adventurers heading into the new year.

Gear Showcase: November, 2022

This month we’ve rounded up some great items from our favorite brands. From traction boards to get unstuck in a hurry to a radio that makes sure you can stay in touch with your crew, there’s some great gear for every overlander.

Gear Showcase: October, 2022

Here at Overland Expo, we’re big supporters of camping year around, but several of us agree that if we had to choose, fall would be our top pick for adventuring season. It’s perfect for a night around the fire, and in many places, the foliage shows off its best colors

Gear Showcase: September, 2022

Fall is prime adventure season for lots of overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts. Temps are dropping, so a nice fire is a welcome addition to the evening activities.

Gear Showcase: August, 2022

It’s mid-adventure season, and we have some great gear options for you this month, from electronics and trail armor to cargo boxes and portable air conditioners. You read that right, portable air conditioning. Read on to find our picks for the best new gear on the overland market.

Gear Showcase: Kurgo

Kurgo wants to make sure that your canine companion is just as prepared for adventure as you are. Their product line includes a host of harnesses, hydration solutions, and everything else a backcountry buddy needs to stay safe, fueled, and ready to go.

Gear Showcase: July, 2022

This month we’re bringing you some great gear to keep those summer adventures coming. This showcase has a little bit of everything that is overland related. Fridges, camp furniture, bumpers, and more await. Who knows? This month’s showcase might hold your new favorite gear.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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