Gear Showcase: Overland Trailers

Photo By: XGRiD

The popularity and variety of off-road and overland-focused trailers have skyrocketed in recent years. Now, more than ever, overlanders and adventure seekers have a host of options for hauling cargo and adding living space to their backcountry set-up. With a properly outfitted and capable trailer, you can add some food to the fridge and hit the road since it can remain packed and ready to go between trips. 

Boreas Campers — EOS-12

Photo by Boreas Campers

Photo by Boreas Campers

Photo by Boreas Campers

Built in Colorado, the Boreas Campers EOS-12 is an offroad, off-grid, four-season camper trailer that is large enough to have a wet bath and stand inside but, at 20 feet long and 3,750 lbs dry, is small enough to truly access the backcountry. All components of the EOS-12 are top quality, American-made whenever available, and overbuilt to match the build ethos of Boreas Campers. The EOS-12 starts with a heavy-duty chassis that utilizes a fully welded, powder-coated tube steel frame ready for any offroad challenge.  

The Cruisemaster XT independent trailing arm suspension utilizes airbags and shocks for an exceptionally smooth towing experience. The airbags are connected to the Garmin ONE system that comes standard with the EOS-12 and allows one to auto-level, raise, and lower the suspension at the touch of a button. The air suspension creates up to 20 inches of ground clearance and is kept topped off with the Viair 485C onboard air compressor. The air chuck allows one to air up tires, stand-up paddleboards, or other toys. Besides the suspension, the Garmin ONE tablet connects and controls everything, including the solar panel output, battery charge levels, Truma Combi furnace & hot water heater, water pump, porch and rock lights, speakers, and A/C.  

The cabin of the EOS-12 features a permanent Queen bed at the front and two cushioned bench seats that can be assembled into a twin-sized bed. Underneath the bench seats and the bed is ample storage. The wet bath in the rear of the cabin features a shower and a choice of cassette or dry flush toilet. The shower can also be accessed from outside. 

The kitchen’s sink provides hot and cold water from the 50-gallon freshwater tank. Next to the sink is the three-burner Furrion cooktop stove, which puts out 7500 BTUs per burner. The Truma cooler slides out of the next bay, and next to it is 13 cubic feet of storage space, accessible from outside or in. 

Traveling off the grid means relying on your own power sources, and high-quality components hold up when you need them most. Four hundred watts of solar panels come standard with the option of up to 1000 watts. The Victron solar charge controller sends the power to the Battle Born Gamechanger batteries, where 540 ah comes standard with the ability to upgrade up to 1080 ah. The 3000-watt Victron MultiPlus inverter comes standard as well. If you are at a campground or want to power up the batteries before leaving, use the 30 amp, marine-grade, locking shore power outlet for all your power needs. 

MSRP: $84,990

Hiker Trailers — Off-Road Trailers

Photo by Hiker Trailer

Photo by Hiker Trailer

Photo by Hiker Trailer

Nestled in the heart of America’s great outdoors, Hiker Trailers emerges as a beacon of innovation for camping enthusiasts. With a commitment to affordability and quality, Hiker Trailers has revolutionized the market with its robust, easily maneuverable camping trailers designed to suit everyone’s adventurous spirit. These compact marvels are engineered to fit snugly into most standard garages, ensuring protection and convenience. 

Every Hiker Trailer boasts an off-road capability that invites both seasoned explorers and casual weekend warriors to venture into the wild. Yet, their accessibility does not demand extreme off-roading experience. The beauty of a Hiker Trailer lies in its adaptability — rugged enough to withstand the untamed elements yet friendly for those who simply seek a tranquil escape into nature.

Hiker Trailers’ national presence is unmatched, with seven strategic locations providing unparalleled convenience for customers to witness and interact with these handcrafted gems. This widespread accessibility is a testament to the company’s customer-centric philosophy, ensuring that an encounter with a Hiker Trailer is never too far away. 

In an industry where waiting times can dampen the spontaneous spirit of adventure, Hiker Trailers sets itself apart with an industry-leading lead time of three months or less. This rapid turnaround is a game-changer, enabling eager adventurers to hit the road without the lengthy wait. For those seeking immediate gratification, Hiker Trailers offers stock units available for on-the-spot upgrades and purchases, embodying the very essence of spontaneity that defines the camping culture. 

Hiker Trailers’ approach to acquisition is as refreshing as the mountain air, with a simple, no-hassle policy that speaks volumes of its customer-first approach. A modest $500 down payment secures a new unit, eliminating the financial strain often associated with large upfront costs. The remaining balance is conveniently due at pick-up, providing a seamless and stress-free purchasing experience. 

The company’s customer care extends beyond the showroom, as they collaborate with financial institutions to facilitate accessible financing options. This thoughtful service ensures that the dream of owning a Hiker Trailer is within reach for a diverse range of customers, democratizing the joys of camping and adventure. 

Hiker Trailers stands as a testament to American craftsmanship and a companion for the open road. It represents not just a product but a doorway to exploring the vastness of nature without the burden of inaccessibility or excessive cost. For the explorers at heart, Hiker Trailers is more than a brand; it’s a trusted ally in the quest for adventure. 

MSRP: Starting at $5,999

Mammoth Overland — HV Trailer

Photo my Mammoth Overland

Photo my Mammoth Overland

Photo my Mammoth Overland

Designed and manufactured by the team that changed the Light-Sport Aircraft market with their Vashon R7 Ranger, the team at Mammoth Overland has done it again. The Mammoth HV is the largest truly off-road capable Overland Trailer available today. Yet its aircraft heritage shines through in the trailer’s weight. With standard options, the trailer tips the scale at just 1,650 lbs. Maximum gross trailer weight is 3,500 lbs. leaving plenty of capacity to haul your gear. Jeeps, Toyotas, and even Subarus can easily tow the lightweight yet rugged HV to its off-grid campsite.  

Starting the design by building around a king-size mattress, Mammoth Overland wanted to make the trailer comfortable for the entire family, including four-legged companions, while exploring off-grid. No other overland trailer is this spacious on the interior. 

Utilizing the same aircraft engineering standards, materials, and assembly practices that made the Vashon R7 Ranger so successful over the past decade, Mammoth Overland has produced another product that they are proud of. While not being used at shows, their demo trailer is kept busy by employees getting out and exploring on the weekends. While proud of the Mammoth HV trailer, they are humble in their price, keeping adventure affordable. 

Customers with Mammoth HVs travel across the nation exploring National Parks, National and State Forests, BLM lands, and iconic overland trails, including the Mojave Road, creating incredible memories.  

Mammoth Overland’s unique kitchen swing-out drastically increases the kitchen storage and prep space. There is no other kitchen like the Mammoth HV’s. The backside of the kitchen swing-out features the on-demand water heater and shower that come standard with the trailer. 

Standard features include Timbren 3500HD independent suspension, electric brakes, unique swing-out kitchen with stainless steel sink and two burner propane stove, electric cooler/fridge, 100 aH AGM battery combined with a1 Kw true sine wave inverter/battery charger, solar ready, LED lighting, rugged rock sliders, 21-gallon water tank, on-demand hot water, shower/toilet/privacy shelter, modular roof rack, large front storage box, rear hitch receiver, awning, mattress, 7-pin trailer harness and more! 

MSRP: $29,500

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Off Grid Trailers — Sprocket

Photo by Off Grid Trailers

Photo by Off Grid Trailers

Photo by Off Grid Trailers

The Sprocket is a versatile trailer that offers the ultimate in customization, allowing you to adapt it to your unique needs. This trailer features an all-metal construction on a sturdy 4-inch c-channel frame with an aluminum body. What sets the Sprocket apart is its modular design, enabling you to start with a basic configuration and add options and accessories either at the factory or after purchase, creating a personalized camping experience like no other. 

Measuring 166 inches in length and 82 inches wide, the Sprocket strikes a balance between agility and durability with a dry weight of 1,600 lbs. It boasts an impressive 21 inches of ground clearance and a 50-degree departure angle, making it well-equipped to tackle challenging terrains. 

For those seeking an even more off-road-ready experience, an upgraded OGT Evolution series suspension is available. With 25 inches of ground clearance and 8 inches of wheel travel, this suspension system ensures a smooth and controlled ride.  

Inside the Sprocket, a full queen-sized bed offers a comfortable retreat for a restful night’s sleep, with the option to include a mattress. Four over-foot pass-through cabinets made from durable aluminum provide ample storage space. The cabin features R10 insulation and a roof-mounted MaxxFan to maintain a comfortable cabin. 

Storage versatility is a priority, with a rear storage cabinet offering a convenient pass-through to the interior. Optional half-length or full-length roof racks with cross bars can carry up to 1000 lbs, accommodating larger items and gear. 

For outdoor cooking enthusiasts, an optional exterior-mounted drop-down side galley kitchen features a dual burner stove and a stainless steel sink basin with a folding faucet, making meal preparation in the great outdoors a breeze. 

The Sprocket is designed for off-road excursions, featuring high ground clearance, independent suspension, a Max Coupler articulating hitch, and robust all-metal construction, ensuring durability, reliability, and top-notch performance. Its exceptional 50-degree departure angle allows you to conquer steep inclines and declines, expanding your exploration horizons. 

With its modular design, the Sprocket offers unrivaled versatility, empowering you to create a trailer that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. This trailer invites you to embark on unforgettable journeys tailored to your desires. 

With the Sprocket, adventure is not just a distant dream—it’s within reach. Create a personalized camping experience, unlock endless possibilities for exploration, and discover the true meaning of freedom with the Sprocket by your side. 

MSRP: $23,500

TCTeardrops — Adventure Edition

Photo by TCTeardrops

Photo by TCTeardrops

Photo by TCTeardrops

TCTeardrops Trailers are built to take it anywhere! TCTeardrop has been building teardrop campers since 2008, and new this year is their Adventure Edition (AE) model. The AE model is TC’s first special edition, geared toward Overlanders who like to bring their bikes and boats along for the ride. There is no need to stop where the two-track ends; take it as far as you can tow it, then keep the adventure going on the single track or the water trail. The AE model comes standard with some of TC’s most popular options while still allowing customers to accessorize as they see fit. Built on the same rugged framework offered with the ISO and ORE models, the AE model includes a Lock n Roll articulating receiver hitch (both trailer and vehicle sides). The 3,500 lb derated torsion axle with 6×5.5 hubs comes standard with 15-inch wheels, Falken AT Trails, and 10-inch electric brakes. You can upgrade to 16-inch wheels or customize the wheels and tires to match your tow vehicle up to 35s, which until now was only possible with TCTeardrop’s ORE model. 

The optional extended front platform on the AE model makes room for easily loading mountain or road bikes or a small motorcycle for scouting or trail riding. The dry weight of the AE model comes in under 1,400 lbs, with the tongue weight sitting approximately 190 lbs. empty, so you don’t need a 4×4 truck to tow it with. TC tows their show model with a Subaru Forester Wilderness. As an extra bonus, an under-carriage skid plate or Space-age synthetic flooring is included as standard! 

The roomy interior measures 6 feet 7 inches in the sleeping cabin, and you get a full front cabinet (standard) for lots of gear storage. A double bunk can easily be added to sleep two children under five feet tall, or you can use the optional, removable shelf for additional storage. The galley is the depth of the standard 5×9 model (25 inches) with plenty of room for your camp stove, food, and gear, as well as a 75Q Grizzly or a Dometic CFX55 IM, either of which you can purchase right from TCTeardrops when you place your order. Rhino Roof Racks and awnings, OVS or Frontrunner Awnings, and side tents, along with extra water storage and propane storage, are all available options to add more comfort to your outdoor living space. 

MSRP: $13,500

Timberleaf Trailers — Pika

Photo by Timberleaf Trailers

Photo by Timberleaf Trailers

Photo by Timberleaf Trailers

The Timberleaf Trailers Pika teardrop trailer borrows many of the features and design inspiration from its big brother, the Classic, such as the over-built fully welded and powder coated 2-inch by 3-inch 11 gauge steel frame, enamel baked aluminum sides, and our signature skylight. 

Starting out at 1,025lbs with a 54-inch by 96-inch frame, and is well suited for travelers who are seeking a lighter, nimbler trailer or don’t feel the need for the bells and whistles of the Classic but do want the ultimate in comfort as they camp. 

Available with three suspension options, their most compact teardrop trailer can be equipped with a Standard highway package, All-Road package, or Off-Road package to make a trailer well-suited for all types of travel behind nearly any vehicle. The Pika is the ultimate in small camping trailers. 

Timberleaf offers an array of retro-inspired laminate options to make up a spacious main countertop, a pair of sliding doors, four USB ports, a 12-volt accessory port, and a 110-volt GCFI outlet. Dimmable two-color LED dome lights on the inside of the hatch are activated by a switch on the power panel adjacent to the USB ports. 

The standard Pika galley features two drawers in the center below the countertop and a cabinet with a door on either side. This layout has proven to be very popular and allows for a well-organized camp kitchen. 

As an option, the galley can accommodate a Dometic CFX3-35 12-volt refrigerator; with 35 liters of capacity, the fridge allows you to keep your food cold and fresh for days on end with no concern of ice ever again.  

Compact and spacious, rarely do such words work so well together. The Pika’s cabin is built around a double-size mattress, slightly more compact than their Classic; at 54 inches wide, the Pika comfortably sleeps two in its cozy cabin, making it one of the most comfortable small camping trailers. 

To maintain the spacious feel inside, they strayed from tradition and introduced a series of compact cargo storage locations – one on either side of the mattress by the doors and a larger one above the foot of the bed. They have also included a pair of USB ports and a 110v outlet at the foot of the bed. 

The cabin is illuminated by three LED lamps, all of which are warm white, which adds to the warm, inviting feeling of our trailer. Every Timberleaf Trailers Pika comes standard with our large skylight, skylight shade, 4-speed electric fan, two doors, two windows, and mattress. Add pillows and a destination, and you’re ready to camp the day you pick it up. 

MSRP: $14,750

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TO-Extreme Off-Road & Overland — High Country Rugged & Ready Trailer

Photo by TO Extreme

Photo by TO Extreme

Photo by TO Extreme

As the official trailer of Jeep Jamboree, Rugged and Ready Trailers are designed to follow wherever adventure takes you, no matter what terrain you traverse.  

Named in multiple magazines and websites as one of the Best New Off-Road Products, they are affordable, functional, reliable, and customizable. 

Standard base unit features will exceed any off-roader’s expectations and include UL Lined fenders and frame, durable powder-coated body panels, LED brake and marker lights, a Timbren Axle-less®️ suspension package, premium off-road tires, an adjustable cargo management system, a forward cargo rack, a lockable tailgate, an automotive grade wire harness, and a 2-inch rear receiver. 

The 60-inch Rugged ‘N Ready High Country Trailer™️ has 35 cubic feet of storage space, 20 inches of ground clearance, and a base weight of approximately 860 lbs., making this a trailer that can be towed behind almost any vehicle.  

For individuals looking for a larger trailer option, they offer the 72-inch Rugged ‘N Ready Backwoods™️ trailer. It is loaded with the same standard features and has over 50 cubic feet of storage, 20 inches of ground clearance, a 3,500 lb. Timbren Axle-less®️ suspension, and surge hydraulic brakes. The Backwoods™️ trailer has a base weight of 1,160 lbs. 

TO-Extreme offers optional upgrades, including a heavy-duty rack option. Matching lug pattern to your tow vehicle. Fabricated steel UL-lined hinged lid or Retrax®️ retractable lid, powder coated in Black or White. 

TO-Extreme Off Road Trailers feature National Association of Trailer Manufacturer’s compliance decals. They meet industry-established standards and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and contain vehicle identification numbers. These trailers have even been tested on the Rubicon Trail! 

MSRP: $8,000

XGRiD Campers — Track Trailer Tvan

Photo by XGRiD

Photo by XGRiD

Photo by XGRiD

The Australian-based Tvan Camper Trailer, launched in 2000, has become well-known for its distinct rugged design, strength, and industry-leading off-road capabilities. Widely acclaimed by owners and the media, the Track Trailer Tvan has earned accolades for their continual design improvements and option development, evolving to meet and exceed expectations,  

Key features of the Track Trailer Tvan include a proprietary, military-grade, MC2 Asymmetric Link suspension. This proprietary suspension has not only been tested in the toughest conditions the outback has to offer but it is designed for self-steer geometry, allowing the Tvan to track directly behind the tow vehicle at both high speeds and on rugged terrain. 

The living space on the Tvan is unlike anything on the market, with a rear annex room that sits on an elevated deck, providing massive interior space for sleeping, protection from inclement weather, and an enclosed ensuite that can be used as either a private changing room, restroom or outfitted with a separate kids room.   

The custom Quick Cover awning fully engulfs the premium kitchen, which provides a large prep area for the outdoor chef.   

Built for the adventure, The Tvan includes a fully integrated power system with the RedArc Redvision, including a 30 Amp charging system for shore power, solar, and DC-DC, all monitored by the mounted display or via Bluetooth on the mobile app. Standard components also include a diesel furnace, lithium batteries, and roof-mounted solar that enables you to get off the grid and stay out longer. Available in 2024 is Track Trailers’ newest model, the Tvan Lightning, which boasts 360W solar, 500Ah Lithium, and induction cooking. 

Track Trailer is exclusively imported from Australia to the United States by XGRiD Campers. 

XGRiD Campers is dedicated to helping customers experience the off-grid lifestyle. Through partnerships with the world’s leading overland camper manufacturers and an in-house team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, they help the wanderlust adventurer find and configure the right rig for their journey. XGRiD Campers serve customers across the United States, with locations in Las Vegas, NV, and Knoxville, TN. 

MSRP: $63,900

XGRiD Campers — AOR Odyssey Series 3

Photo by XGRiD

Photo by XGRiD

Photo by XGRiD

The 100% Australian-built AOR Odyssey Series 3 is the ultimate hybrid camping experience. Built to be the perfect escape for couples, small families, and solo travelers, the Odyssey is an 11′ pop top hybrid camper that is small enough to tackle the toughest trails and off-grid excursions while still offering interior living space and the comfort of luxurious Australian caravans. 

The interior of this hybrid camper offers a queen-size bed, internal kitchen, stovetop, 130L fridge/freezer, and sink. The bed sits atop hydraulic struts, revealing a 4-person dinette with a swing-out table. The amenities don’t stop there; you have plenty of storage space both internally and externally, with a slide-out 3-burner cooktop and expansive stainless steel prep space suitable for the outdoor chef in the family. 

The Odyssey is powered by the RedArc Redvision, featuring up to 525W Solar, 300Ah lithium batteries, and a 2000W inverter. A Webasto diesel furnace and hot water heater with up to 74 gal of fresh water and an optional grey water tank are available. For your outdoor living, the SupaPeg 180 Freestanding Awning extends to 22 feet, covering the entire kitchen and living area, and allows for coverage to the rear-mounted enclosed ensuite and privacy tent. 

The Odyssey can even be converted to be a ‘toy hauler’ with a drawbar extension, dirt bike mount, and GVWR upgrades to make it the ultimate, go-anywhere trailer. The Odyssey has a genuine 30-degree departure angle and weighs in at 3,100 lbs dry, which makes it perfect for a medium size 4WD vehicle.  

AOR models are exclusively imported from Australia to the United States by XGRiD Campers.  

XGRiD Campers is dedicated to helping customers experience the off-grid lifestyle. Through partnerships with the world’s leading overland camper manufacturers and an in-house team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, they help the wanderlust adventurer find and configure the right rig for their journey. XGRiD Campers serve customers across the United States, with locations in Las Vegas, NV and Knoxville, TN.

MSRP: $68,700

XVENTURE Trailers — XV-3 

Photo by XVenture

Photo by XVenture

Photo by XVenture

Xventure trailers (built by Schutt Industries) have a Military pedigree and a long history of providing the most substantial build quality in the industry. Starting with their military-inspired chassis that carries a 10-year warranty, aluminum extrusion frame, and huck bolt fasteners, Xventure gives you quality found nowhere else in the Overlanding market. Our XV-3 has been developed from customer feedback as the follow-up to our incredibly robust initial Overland offering, the XV-2, which was developed as the commercial version of the J8 military trailer and has seen extensive adaptations to become a perfect fit for the Overlanding community. 

Available with a 25-gallon water tank, on-demand water heater, propane system with a 20 lb. tank, full slide-out galley system and a stainless steel tailgate table, tonneau cover, Rhino Rack Pioneer tray rack, full lighting system, and numerous other options. Our electrical system is as robust as the rest of the trailer, with dual battery capabilities, a shore power charger, and a solar controller as standard equipment. The chassis comes pre-wired for all accessories that you may want to add later. The XV-3 gives you the capability to carry all the gear you need for an extended trip to your favorite destination. 

The XV-3 is constructed completely out of aluminum, meaning a rusty trailer is a thing of the past and is built to be around for your next generation of adventurers. Our 25+ years of manufacturing the toughest trailers made give us the confidence to say we will be “BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY.” Outfit your Xventure the way you want, with or without a rooftop tent, awning, or fridge; remember it’s “YOUR LIFE…YOUR TRAILER”. 

MSRP: Starting at $17,925

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