Editors’ Choice: Overlanding Camp Kitchen Accessories

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At the end of a long day on the trail, it’s tough to beat a nice meal in the wilderness. It’s easy to fall into the trap of carrying a ton of kitchen gear, but with some careful planning, you can take care of prep, cooking, and cleaning up with a relatively simple kit. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite overland camp kitchen gear that will help you stay hydrated and fed in the backcountry.

Dometic GO Hydration Water faucet

The Dometic GO Hydration Water returns to our list because it’s one of the most useful and innovative bits we’ve come across. The faucet is a self-contained water pump that can be used with almost any water container. The battery and pump are self-contained in the faucet, and it can dispense a liter per minute and about 150 liters per charge. A magnetic base keeps it in place, and a simple finger tap on the touch-sensitive top turns it on and off. There’s even a small LED light, so you don’t have to power up lights at night to get a quick drink. If you don’t have a gravity-fed water system, the GO is a great solution and is also a great addition to a DIY campervan setup. 

MSRP: $100

GSI — 24-Piece Destination Kitchen Utensil Set

If your tableware consists of the odd knives, forks, and such you bought at a thrift store, consider moving up to this 24-piece kit from GSI. It includes four fork, spoon, and knife cutlery sets, a cutting board, a utility knife, spice shakers, spatulas, and two all-important condiment squeezers. Bigger items fold down to fit in the slick travel case, and the utensils are easy to clean up. A scrub pad is included! When packed up, the whole kit weighs less than two pounds. Great for moto camping as well!

MSRP: $54.95

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Hitchfire — F-20 Barbeque Ultimate Grill Station

Got some serious grilling to do on your next adventure? Go big with Hitchfire’s F-20 Ultimate Grill Station barbeque. As the name says, it mounts to your trailer hitch receiver for stability and a small footprint, but the Ultimate Grill Station includes a third-side burner and a folding table for prep or serving. Fire up the twin 10,000 BTU main burners and load up the 18 x 22-inch cooking area with all your favorites while you boil water or heat up dessert on the third burner, which also folds away if not needed. Works with large or small fuel sources. Swiveling grill mount arm allows for a flexible setup and configuration, and the grill also detaches for tabletop use. Ultimate indeed.

MSRP: $849

Lodge — Cast Iron Cook-It-All

You could pack a half dozen cast iron pots and pans and still not be able to do everything the Lodge Cook-It-All system can do. This innovative four-piece (two of which are handles) cast iron system frees your inner camp chef to create campfire masterpieces from a skillet, wok, griddle, dutch oven, grill, and, most importantly, a pizza oven configuration. Plus, it packs down for easy storage. Comes with a 33-page cookbook filled with campout cuisine ideas.

MSRP: $124.95

Lodge — Chain Mail scrubber

When it’s your turn to do the camp dishes, knock out the tough, stuck-on food quickly with this chain mail scrubber from Lodge. It features a silicon core for a better grip, and the chain mail won’t mess up the seasoning on your cast iron or carbon steel pans. It makes quick work of tough burned-on food scraps using a minimal amount of water and soap. Pop it in the dishwasher when you get home to clean and sterilize it. 

MSRP: $21.95

Mountain Summit — Gear Roll Top Kitchen

Not everyone can afford to have a fancy deployable kitchen setup. Instead, keep it simple (and very portable) with Mountain Summit Gear’s Roll Top Kitchen. In storage and transport mode, it could pass for a folding chair. But pop it open, and it’s ready to use in about a minute. It features four sturdy surfaces, including two swing-up shelves and space for a camp stove, plus a zip-up detachable storage compartment with two shelves and spots to hold large utensils. Adjustable feet keep it stable on uneven surfaces. The aluminum framework keeps it light and tough, and it folds down nearly flat for a minimal footprint. 

MSRP: $149.95

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Nomadica — All in One Gas BBQ Grill

You could cobble together a cooking system, or you could go turn-key with the Nomadica All in One Gas BBQ Grill and call it good. The All in One Gas BBQ Grill features a U-shaped flame head rather than a typical round burner that better distributes heat across the cooking surface. The package comes with three different types of cooking trays plus a fitted carry bag to keep it all organized. There’s a large pot support for stove-top cooking, a BBQ-type grill with skewer supports, and a cast iron pan with a lid for your epic mac-and-cheese recipe. It all packs down into a small carry bag.

MSRP: $259

Nomadica — Magic III Folding BBQ

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just have to grill up some burgers, veggies or a cut of meat. Even if you have a camp stove, it’s not the same as grilling chicken wings and corn on the cob over charcoal with the Nomadica Magic III Folding BBQ. And while most portable barbeques consume a fair amount of space, the Magic III folds up so small it could easily slip into the smallest of rigs. The stand detaches so it can fit into a small travel case. And even if you don’t barbeque with it, it can also work as a small fire pit out in the field. 

MSRP: $72.00

Zempire — 2-Burner Deluxe & Grill

It’s difficult to differentiate many camp stoves, but the Zempire 2-Burner Deluxe & Grill does so with that last word: Grill. Down below the twin main burners, a second cooking area lets you brown up a steak, pork chops, burger, hotdogs or veggies. It will also make toast! Up top, a large cooking area with high-output burners brings water to a boil quickly, and the stove will hook up to a large propane tank with a Type 1 adapter hose. You can also cook and grill at the same time, and the lid works with folding side panels to shield the cooking area from the wind. 

MSRP: $279.99

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