Gear Showcase: Sleeping on the Trail

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After a long day on the trail, there are few better things than a great night’s sleep at camp. Thankfully, there are a number of exceptional sleeping options available to vehicle-based travelers. Here are some great options that will fit any budget and sleeping style.

23 Zero — Armadillo A3 Hard-shell Roof-Top-Tent

The 23 Zero Armadillo A3 is a rugged, 14 GA, fully welded, aluminum, 4-season, hard-shell roof-top-tent. It’s uniquely and aerodynamic styled with a semi-textured, high-gloss, black, trail-hardened finish, ready to deflect low hanging branches or high-speed roadways in all conditions.

The robust shell includes dual T-slot mounting rails ready for you to mount solar panels, gearboxes, bikes, etc., so you can travel with all the additional gear that might otherwise be left at home. It also includes their new, sustainable ECO13B fabric, which is 100% certified as recycled 900D Polyester Oxford. It looks and feels the same, but it is produced using recycled PET bottles. This fabric results in huge energy savings as well as significantly less petroleum and chemical use during fiber production to bring sustainability to our industry – it’s good for the environment while getting you out in the environment!

There is no change to their revolutionary LST (light suppression technology) feature with the introduction of ECO13B fabric. In fact, they have found it to have improved LST to better adhere to the fabric and even further reduce light penetration so your RTT will maintain up to 15% cooler temperatures inside the tent. There is almost zero light penetration until any windows are opened. You can sleep better than ever before in 23 Zero roof-top tents.

The Armadillo A3 may look rugged, but inside, it feels spacious and plush. It’s ideal for individuals, couples, or families. Extra space is created inside the tent when the shell is opened, allowing for more gear to be stored inside, and the internal quilted headliner feels cozy. The 2-inch Rebound Foam mattress is newly engineered with a higher latex content to resume its original shape much faster than traditional high-density foam and it comes with a breathable, removable quilted topper.

Enjoy quick and effortless setups and takedowns with its smooth, user-friendly opening and closing mechanism. Its large windows are equipped with superfine insect mesh, and the expansive doors offer generous airflow and views, all shielded by weather canopies.

Additionally, the Armadillo includes anti-rattle zipper heads, a 24” USB LED light with dimmer, two internal power supply pouches, and two external hanging boot bags. You can also store your bedding within the tent itself, and for those wanting more space, an optional annex is available, enclosing the ladder from the ground up and providing added room for storage or privacy.

The Armadillo A3 can be purchased with a right or left-side deployment option, which allows for optimized placement on your vehicle.  It comes in two sizes, the A2, which is a 2-person tent, and the A3, which is a 3-person tent – see their website for all the dimensions and tech specs.

MSRP: $3,499.00 $2,999 until the end of May 2024

BunduTec USA — BunduTop

The BunduTec BunduTop is not just another roof-top tent; it’s a testament to the spirit of adventure and innovation. First introduced in South Africa, its lightweight aluminum construction and clever design quickly won over the hearts of overlanding enthusiasts. In 2014, the partnership between BundutecUSA and Bundutec South Africa brought this exceptional product to the United States, expanding its availability to a new group of adventure seekers.

The BunduTop is not just a tent; it’s a portable home that’s easy to set up and pack away. Its all-electric operation makes camping a breeze, with just two simple steps: releasing or securing the latches and pressing the tent power button in the right direction. This effortless process is perfect for solo travelers or those who prefer to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time setting up camp.

Power your tent effortlessly from your house battery, a secondary battery, or any other 8 AH compatible power source. Its All-electric functionality gives you a complete 12v power system inside your tent, Including standard features such as an interior LED light, a roof-mounted air circulation fan, dual USB outlets, and a 12v socket.  The BunduTops 4″ high-density mattress is designed to cradle your body, ensuring a restful night’s sleep after a long day on the trail. Every tent is also pre-wired for a roof-mounted solar panel, which allows you to stay off the grid and extend your camping trip.

The BunduTop is not just a fair-weather friend; it’s a reliable companion that has been tested in some of the harshest conditions. It has proven its resilience in remote locations across seven continents, from monsoons to snow. With its no-see-um screens and self-deploying rainfly, you can enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine, knowing that your BunduTop is built to last.

The BunduTop is not just a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s available in three different sizes, making it versatile and able to fit various vehicle types. Whether driving a 4-door Jeep, a full-size truck with a ladder rack, or something in between, the BunduTop is ready to accompany you on your overlanding adventures.

MSRP: $4,510 – $5,650

Bushwakka — “The Penthouse” Roof Top Tent

Experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort with The Penthouse, Bushwakka’s newest rooftop tent! This exceptional abode redefines your camping experience, offering a fusion of innovation and luxury. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, The Penthouse is the perfect choice for adventurers who demand both style and convenience.

The sleek and aerodynamic profile of The Penthouse effortlessly complements your vehicle’s aesthetics while cutting-edge materials ensure durability against the elements. Thoughtfully engineered to guarantee hassle-free installation, The Penthouse allows you to spend more time enjoying the beauty of nature.

Packed full of high-end features and quality materials, you’ll find 420gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas, a 3inch Memory Foam Mattress with an Anti-Condensation Mat, 2x North to South roof rails suitable for cross bars to be fitted using T-bolts/Channel Nuts, Interior Roof-Ring Lighting with White & Amber colors, Bushwakka’s own magnetic roof mount rechargeable fan, USB-A & USB-C interior sockets, two hidden storage compartments in the bulkhead, ample storage, and interior ventilation at the top of the RTT, The Penthouse is your perfect outdoor overlanding partner.

The 7.5ft Telescoping Ladder with hook attachment and optional brackets to mount your Bushwakka awning directly to the tent make The Penthouse the ultimate rooftop tent.

Elevate your camping experience and invest in The Penthouse, the ultimate rooftop tent from Bushwakka!

MSRP: $4,495.00

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DeepsleepOverland ‘Solo Mats’

Deepsleep Overland ‘Solo Mats’ are hands down the best sleep you’ll be getting on the trails. They promise comfort that feels like home- right inside your rig.  Solo Mats are 5 inches thick and self-inflating, so no pump or power source is required. The advantage of this quality mattress investment is the highly insulated air + foam construction coupled with Deepsleep’s unique patented designs to get the magic mix of perfect fitment for your vehicle and body contouring comfort for truly restorative sleep.

These boast an ASTM R-value rating of 18, which makes this bed suitable for all-weather camping, but will keep you toasty warm even in negative temperatures. Deepsleep Solo Mats also come with an adjustable comfort valve so the firmness can be set to your liking. These are perfectly fitted for solo campers who want to store gear beside them, or you can pair two as a set for door-to-door comfort to fit two adults and a child or pup. In addition to the size options for most offroad vehicles, in 2023 new modular sizes were released for rooftop tents and truck beds as well.

If you’re an avid adventurer and seeking the best combination of durability, adjustable comfort, packability and performance for year-round camping, the Solo Mat system checks all the boxes. Deepsleep has been known for highly specialized offroad camping comfort solutions since 2016 and continues to expand a product line that always brings an unrivaled camping comfort experience for any outdoor escape.

MSRP: Varies by vehicle; averages $174.99

Four Wheel Campers — Truck Camper



Four Wheel Campers has announced several significant enhancements to their camper lineup, marking their most substantial update in decades. These updates include the introduction of two electric roof lifts, the addition of roof-mounted air conditioning units, standard lithium batteries, increased solar, Truma furnaces, and water heaters, a new three-layer quilted thermal pack, under-bed storage options in the Hawk and Grandby models, bamboo countertops and various other improvements.

This announcement represents a major shift for FWC, with these updates representing the largest model-year overhaul in the company’s extensive history. The decision to incorporate electric roof lifts addresses the need for easier operation, particularly as camper roofs become heavier due to added features like solar panels, a/c units, and roof racks. FWC now offers two electric lift options: an external system with linear actuators and a more affordable interior system powered by a 12-volt outlet. Furthermore, FWC is now offering roof-mounted air conditioners, a feature previously not entertained due to technical limitations.

The introduction of Truma furnaces and water heaters aims to enhance reliability and temperature control, while the inclusion of standard lithium batteries provides improved power storage capabilities. The addition of under-bed storage and extended cabovers in select models further maximizes usable space within the campers. Other upgrades include flush-mount sinks and stoves, bamboo countertops, new fabric choices, increased solar capacity, and the availability of screens and privacy curtains for outdoor use.

These enhancements have been driven by customer feedback, with FWC aiming to provide added value without significantly impacting pricing. Overall, these updates represent a significant leap forward in the functionality, comfort, and usability of Four Wheel Campers.

MSRP: Starting at $11,495

Inspired Overland — Standard Lightweight Rooftop Tent

Step into a new era of outdoor exploration with the Standard Lightweight Rooftop Tent by Inspired Overland. Weighing just 76lbs, this tent isn’t just breaking records – it’s redefining what’s possible in lightweight outdoor gear.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Standard Lightweight Rooftop Tent is an award-winning marvel, honored with the prestigious Global Media Award at SEMA 2022. Inspired Overland’s commitment to innovation shines through in every aspect of its design, from its lightweight construction to its unbeatable affordability.

As a direct manufacturer, Inspired Overland bypasses the middlemen, ensuring that every adventurer can experience the thrill of premium quality gear without the hefty price tag. With the Standard Lightweight Rooftop Tent, you’re not just purchasing a product – you’re investing in a lifestyle.

But it’s not just about affordability – it’s about convenience and functionality, too. The Standard Lightweight Rooftop Tent comes fully equipped with everything you need for your next outdoor excursion. From the telescoping ladder to the 1.5-inch foam mattress, every detail has been meticulously crafted to enhance your experience.

Setting up camp has never been easier. With its compact design and straightforward installation, the IO Lightweight RTT is designed to get you out of the garage and onto the trail in record time. No fuss, no hassle – just pure, unadulterated adventure.

And let’s not forget about durability. Constructed from premium materials, including waterproof 2000D Polyester Oxford Fabric with UV protection, the IO Lightweight RTT is built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Rain or shine, you can count on this tent to keep you comfortable.

With the IO Lightweight RTT as your trusted companion, the world is yours to explore. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country expedition, this tent empowers you to chase your wildest dreams without being weighed down by heavy gear or hefty price tags. Join the Inspired Overland family today and experience the thrill of adventure like never before. With the Standard Lightweight Rooftop Tent by your side, there’s no limit to where your journey can take you.

MSRP: $999.00 Local Pickup / $1,349.00 Shipped

Pacific Adventure Works — Hideaway Sleeping Platform

Are you curious about sleeping in your rig on your next adventure but wondering where to stash your gear?

After some research, did you realize the only bed platform options on the market are permanently installed and super pricey?

The team at Pacific Adventure Works did, too.

Their new Hideaway Sleeping Platform is the easiest way to upgrade your daily driver to an adventure rig perfect for sleeping on the road or trail. It fits almost any SUV, crossover, or truck and sets up in minutes to create an elevated, level sleeping surface in the back of your vehicle. It telescopes up to 72” long for a custom fit and adjusts in height so you can stash all your gear underneath your bed while you enjoy a safe, dry, and quiet night’s sleep. After a weekend in the outdoors, breakdown is just as simple as setup. Simply collapse the frame to fit in your trunk and leave it there as a gear shelf, or quickly disassemble the frame with the push buttons, wrap everything up like a burrito, and keep it in your trunk or garage for when you need it. Plus, your car goes back to the way it was – no permanent installation or vehicle modifications required.

The Hideaway comes in three sizes. The Hideaway Single is the perfect choice for solo missions. At 30″ wide it fits standard 1-person camping mattresses perfectly while leaving room alongside for easy bed access or big pieces of gear like tall coolers.

The Hideaway Double is ideal for couples and small to mid-size SUVs. At 40″ wide, it fits standard 2-person camping mattresses perfectly.

The Hideaway XL is their largest platform. At 48″ wide, it fits standard 2+ person camping mattresses and inflatable queen mattresses (depending on the vehicle). It provides a wall-to-wall surface and is ideal for large SUVs and trucks.

All sizes support up to 400 lbs and weigh less than 30 lbs. Built with proven outdoor gear materials- 6063 anodized aluminum, rugged 500D Cordura fabric, stainless hardware, and injection molded nylon, Pacific Adventure Works stands by their 2-year warranty.

The Hideaway was dreamed about, designed, and made in USA. This ain’t something sourced in a factory overseas with a logo slapped on it!

Pacific Adventure Works is a small company with big dreams – to responsibly make high quality gear that lasts year after year while minimizing any negative impact on our community and planet. They are lifetime outdoor enthusiasts and have worked for a lot of the “big guys” in the outdoor gear industry. They know that the best products come from designers and engineers who actually use and need the products they develop.

MSRP: Starting at $599.00

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The PACK Rack revolutionizes the concept of vehicle-based camping and storage, providing unmatched versatility and convenience for those who cherish spontaneity and practicality in their outdoor adventures. Compatible with a broad spectrum of trucks and SUVs, this innovative system seamlessly transforms your vehicle into a multi-functional base camp and efficient storage solution, ensuring you don’t have to choose between everyday utility and readiness for the wild.

From the moment it comes out of the box, the PACK Rack is ready to enhance your outdoor experience. Its hallmark feature is the ability to set up in just seconds, offering an unparalleled level of convenience for adventurers eager to explore. This quick transformation capability allows users to effortlessly alternate between maintaining a full truck bed or SUV space for daily activities and deploying a robust storage and camping platform at a moment’s notice. Addressing a common issue faced by outdoor enthusiasts, the PACK Rack eliminates the need to sacrifice vehicle functionality for adventure preparedness.

Central to the PACK Rack’s design are the foldable and adjustable legs, which ensure stability across diverse terrains and adaptability to different vehicle types. This innovative feature not only enhances the product’s portability but also underscores its versatility, catering to the varied demands of modern explorers.

Ease of use is paramount, with the rack’s design facilitating effortless single-person setup and breakdown thanks to its foldable structure and integrated handles. This simplicity empowers adventurers to launch into their journeys without delay and store the rack with equal ease, preserving both space and the condition of their gear. The PACK Rack excels in storage capacity, offering numerous mounting points for secure and organized cargo management. This system maximizes space efficiency and ensures easy access to equipment, from camping essentials to sports gear, making your vehicle a highly organized and mobile command center for all your adventures.

Additionally, the PACK Rack transforms the camping experience by accommodating a mattress on top, creating an instantly comfortable and elevated sleeping area. This feature showcases the PACK Rack’s commitment to delivering a seamless and enjoyable outdoor experience, allowing adventurers to enjoy a restful night under the stars with ease and comfort. Designed for those unwilling to compromise between the everyday utility of their vehicle and their passion for adventure, the PACK Rack represents a new level of freedom and convenience in outdoor exploration. With its instant out-of-the-box readiness, quick setup, flexible usage, and superior storage capacity, the PACK Rack is an indispensable companion for anyone looking to enrich their outdoor adventures. It ensures that your vehicle remains versatile, ready for both the demands of daily life and the call of the wild.

Discounted MSRP when reserving: $225.00-$399.00

Red River Rigs — American Safari JXL Extended Jeep Camper Conversion

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had the excellent off-road capability of a Jeep Wrangler, the full cargo room of a mid-sized SUV, a built-in camper, plus all the accessories and options to make your vehicle your own personal, self-contained, interior camping system? Now, you can with the America Safari JXL Extended Jeep Camper Conversion. The “JXL” adds 50% more cargo room to a stock Jeep with the addition of an ingenious body extension system that easily installs by bolting onto factory locations. The longer top, which contains the integrated pop-up tent, bed bunk, wash, and cook platform, along with the extended bumper system nestling a self-contained entrance ladder, completes the perfect solution for your overlanding adventures.

The American Safari JXL, from Amarillo, Texas-based Red River Rigs, is a unique, self-contained Jeep camper accommodating room for the whole family with dual-level sleeping options suited for four people. Different interior camping configurations add to your off-grid enjoyment. The Open Concept option offers adventurers the most interior cargo room available in a Jeep Wrangler with the flexibility to accommodate custom cargo, camping, or overland gear arrangements.

Explore in the most off-road capable camper in the overlanding community without losing comfort or convenience. The Camper I design features two convenient padded storage benches and a removable table for an interior cooking and seated dining arrangement. The Camper II layout includes two rows of lightweight cabinetry and longer flooring into the backseat row, as well as an interior dining set up with seating and table. All JXL Systems come with an interior cooking and wash platform with an integrated sink as standard gear. Optional water, shower, and cassette toilet systems are easily fit within the spacious rear cargo area.

For the serious Overlander who needs even more gear, Red River Rigs offers optional patent-pending accessories such as the two-tiered Expedition Roof, allowing for a plush four-inch mattress and increased headroom, the unique Swing-Out Cargo Rack for easy gear access, and the innovative Ring Rack for mounting awnings and lights while still permitting the roof and tent to raise without interference. And for the rugged off-roader, the steel Expedition Bumper includes extended side armor to protect the JXL body extension, integrated Aussie-style side storage in the bumper itself, as well as rear lights, a spare tire swing out, and an interior access ladder.

Red River Rigs offers the JXL System in three ways. Turnkey American Safari JXL Jeeps are available with off-road builds and the JXL System already installed. JXL System installation for your overland Jeep is available at corporate headquarters in Texas. And the JXL System can be shipped for local installation.

Best of all, the JXL is now manufactured fully in the USA!

Starting at $19,499.99

RoamRest — Scout Sleeping Pad

Adventure calls for gear that’s as tough as you are and comfort that’ll let you make the most of every day. Enter the RoamRest Scout Sleeping Pad: your new best friend under the stars. Scientifically designed through pressure mapping technology, this low-profile yet comfortable dual-layer foam pad delivers a sleep experience like never before.

The 3-inch thick sleeping pad combines a 1-inch top layer of conforming foam with a 2-inch supportive firm base, providing optimal comfort that supports your body and relieves pressure points. Plus, the compact design enables easy storage in almost any overland sleep system!

Featuring a rugged water-resistant Nymed Nylon Top that is built to withstand Mother Nature’s challenges, you can stay clean and hygienic with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and latex-free properties. Plus, the low-slip polyurethane coated nylon bottom keeps your pad in place, so you stay comfortable and secure as you move throughout the night. The covers are also removable for easy cleaning, keeping your focus on adventure, not maintenance.

RoamRest also made ordering easy with effortless customization! Simply provide the length and width of your sleeping area, specify if it needs to fold, and leave the rest to them.

You no longer need to sacrifice a good night’s sleep for the sake of adventure. With the RoamRest Scout Sleeping Pad, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to explore the great outdoors. Shop Now for the ultimate addition to your overland gear. Prepare to be impressed – comfort and durability are just a click away.

Starting at $445.00

Sasquatch Expedition CampersHighland 60

The Highland 60, crafted by Sasquatch Expedition Campers, revolutionizes the world of off-road campers. With its robust design, impeccable craftsmanship, and unparalleled functionality, this lightweight aluminum trailer is the perfect companion for adventure enthusiasts.

Built with a lightweight aluminum frame and an in-house designed independent coil over suspension system, the Highland 60 conquers rugged terrain with ease. It boasts a fully integrated kitchen, on-demand hot water, and ample counter space, making it the ultimate companion for outdoor exploration.

The Highland 60 offers spacious sleeping quarters with a queen mattress, LP forced heat and optional AC, interior and exterior cabinet storage, and multiple power sources. Its heavy-duty aluminum roof racks accommodate accessories like a rooftop tent, awning, shower, and an optional custom-made box for solar panels and an additional camp table.

Sasquatch Expedition Campers has created an exceptional off-road camper for adventurers who seek luxury and ruggedness in equal measure. The Highland 60’s lightweight durability, comfort, and functionality make it the ideal choice for unforgettable outdoor experiences. Whether navigating remote trails or camping in the backcountry, this camper promises reliability and elevates every adventure.

MSRP: $49,500.00

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