Gear Showcase: Summer Overland Kit Must-Haves

Photo By: Eibach

As we all begin planning for our summer adventures, it’s inevitable to think about what improvements we can make to our summer overland kit. For some it may be finally taking the plunge and buying a trailer or roof top tent to make more space for family camping, for others it may be looking for ways to improve campsite meals. Here are eight suggestions for taking your summer travels up a notch.

Bean Trailer — Bean Stock 2.0

Bean Trailer has once again raised the bar with the introduction of the Bean Stock 2.0. This innovative trailer is the only premium one-piece fiberglass shell trailer in the country that starts at $15,999. “This trailer was designed for budget-conscious individuals that need a lightweight trailer without compromising the high-quality materials used in our top-tier trailer models.” – Mark Harling, President

For a decade, fans of Bean have yearned for a trailer within their budget – now it’s a no-brainer. Unlike plywood and aluminum competitors, Bean’s one-piece fiberglass shell ensures longevity, leak-free nights, and a product built to withstand the test of time. Additionally, the Bean Stock 2.0 boasts a larger interior than other models in the Bean lineup, and of course comes with a superior fit and finish unlike anything else on the market.

One of the most exciting features of the Bean Stock 2.0 is its compatibility with midsize and compact SUVs. Tow it with ease using popular models like Subaru Forester, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota RAV, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, and others that have a tow capacity of at least 1,500 lbs. This possibility opens the doors for some soon-to-be trailer owners to simply pull up, hitch up, and drive off into the sunset without the need to upgrade to a vehicle with a more capable engine. The reduction in weight helps with fuel economy and reduces strain on your tow vehicle over time.

Bean Trailer has the lowest warranty claims in the country throughout the off-road trailer space. We are known for top-tier off-road trailers, our top-notch service, and our amazing community of over 1,000 owners. On top of the peace of mind you get when working with a tried-and-true manufacturer like Bean Trailer, Bean Stock 2.0 is specifically designed to reduce maintenance by eliminating the water tank and the back hatch. The newly designed side galley on 2.0 is a very functional way to cook amazing meals with the time-saving benefit of easy clean up.  “The large table, sink, and cutting board provided all the space (and more!) that I needed for prep with the one-pan discada disc cooking setup. The faucet on the Dometic Go gave me instant access to water for the sink.” – Cindy Harling

Bean Trailers are renowned for their off-road capabilities, and the Bean Stock 2.0 is no exception. Unleash your adventurous spirit this year, Bean gives you the flexibility to explore the trail less traveled and truly find a unique campsite off the beaten path. Bean Trailers are crafted to endure the rugged terrains, facilitating lifelong memories in the great outdoors.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to their trailer experts if you have additional questions or would like a tour of their RV Dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah. Give them a call at 844-770-7036 or email them at They are happy to help!

MSRP: $15,999


BUCKOVERLAND started with the mission to create the world’s toughest and most modular adventure rack system available for Overlanding—a rack system that could shapeshift with the adventurers’ lifestyle. The BUCKOVERLAND ALPHA rack was born with this in mind. It is the first of many innovations from BUCK and its launching at Overland Expo West.

Identifying a gap in the market, the founders noticed an abundance of racks that either felt flimsy, resembled an erector set, or encroached on the bed space. They were determined to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, and thus, the BUCKOVERLAND ALPHA rack system was conceived.

The patent pending BUCKOVERLAND ALPHA rack, which will be available initially for early model F150, Tacoma, Gladiator, Tundra, and Ranger, is set to flex against your passions. It’s a simple setup with bed rails that mount to your truck’s bed via bed clamps or for Tacoma and Tundra directly to the native rail system. Four heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy 356 pillars, the front having a 100x50m crossbar and the rear a 50x50m, mount to the bed rails. They act as the structure but are also unique in that they were designed to be mounted in different configurations. You can remove the beefy 50x50m side rails and reconfigure the system. The back pillars can be mounted up against the front pillars to give your truck a sleek look when you’re not on the trail.

Another unique feature is that the rear pillar has a pocket so that the rear crossbar can easily be removed to give full access to the bed. This was specifically designed for motorcycles. The founders paid a lot of attention to interior bed space. They designed the rack not to compromise it. With 13 degrees camber, the rack system puts all the weight and gear directly over the wheel wells. You can maintain the space and visibility of your bed. Also, as avid motorcycle enthusiasts, they needed to be able to put two dirt bikes in the back.

BUCKOVERLAND wanted to ensure that their customers weren’t stuck with proprietary systems and that anything that was worth being mounted to the rack could be. They are working with leading brands to ensure that this system is completely flexible. Their universal mounts work with mainstream gear brands. They are also prototyping something unique: motorcycle pannier mounting options. Easily removable storage with a clean look and can be repurposed from vehicle to motorcycle.

BUCKOVERLAND is located in Montana, but everything it manufactures is made in the USA. It believes this is essential for creating jobs for highly skilled people and high-quality products that will withstand your adventures.

The BUCKOVERLAND ALPHA is available only in the USA and costs $2965 plus shipping. All brackets and mounting solutions are sold separately. 

MSRP: $2965.00

Devos — LightRanger Motion Sensor

As you navigate rugged and remote terrain, safety can often become a lingering concern for every overlander. Devos has your best interest in mind and just gave your LightRanger 800 lumen or 1200 lumen lantern the added intelligence to automatically turn on when it senses motion and turn off when the motion is gone. Whether that’s alerting you to potential hazards during a late night bathroom break, or deterring unwanted visitors, the LightRanger motion sensor enhances your overall security and peace of mind while exploring remote locations or while making a stop from traversing the globe in the more populated ones.

With a 360-degree infrared sensing area and an adjustable sensitivity range from 15 ft to 30 feet, the LightRanger motion sensor utilizes advanced motion detection technology to ensure that as someone or something moves into your campsite, the powerful LED lights activate, providing instant illumination to guide your way, or surprise and deter an unwanted visitor.

The operation is simple. Turn on your LightRanger lantern, adjust it to your desired light output then attach the motion sensor to your LightRanger’s telescoping pole with the quick-connect compression strap and plug in the motion sensor to the lantern’s USB-C port. The LightRanger’s LED panels will blink once designating the motion sensor is activated, and your LightRanger is now standing by to illuminate your surroundings with precision and reliability.

The motion sensor helps preserve the LightRanger’s battery life by utilizing a daylight sensor so the LightRanger lantern will only be activated to turn on at dusk or darker. You can adjust the time the lantern remains on after motion is detected from 5 minutes down to 1 minute to further preserve the battery. If you need to charge your LightRanger lantern while the motion sensor is plugged in, that is an option too, thanks to a splitter USB-C plug now standard with the unit.

MSRP: $59.99

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Eibach — 2024 Ineos Grenadier PRO-LIFT Kit Springs

Eibach PRO-LIFT-KIT Springs are designed to provide a suspension lift for your INEOS Grenadier without the use of coilover systems or spacer lifts. Eibach spring lifts allow full range of suspension travel without additional stress on bushings and ball-joints as seen with spacer lift systems.

They are amnufactured using race winning off-road spring technology, and developed to provide balanced ride quality, control, and off-road capability. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made by Eibach.

For over seven decades, Eibach has been a reputable name in the automotive industry, specializing in the design and production of high-performance suspension systems and components for various vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and motorsports applications.

Their offerings include springs, shock absorbers, sway bars, and coilovers, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the handling and ride comfort of vehicles. Their uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has established them as a preferred choice among performance enthusiasts worldwide.

MSRP: $558.00

Opus Camper — OP17 Hybrid Caravan

Introducing the OP17 Hybrid Caravan from Opus Camper USA. Officially launching this August, the OP17 is the brand’s largest and most robust model to date. Previously called the OP16, this caravan is 17 ft long inside with a huge interior living space. With room to sleep five, the inside is outfitted with a full interior kitchen, optional bunk beds, a king bed, and a full indoor bathroom.

Designed with plenty of outdoor coverage and privacy – the OP17 comes with a large rear tent for additional space, and a full awning over the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen is packed with storage, a 4-burner stove, prep-deck, hot-water sink, and two slideout fridges.

Built with the same off-road independent suspension Opus is known for, this trailer has a dry weight of 5900 lbs and tows smoothly with the Cruisemaster DO35 articulating hitch. In addition, the aerodynamic design allows the air to slip along the trailer’s surface while towing, and come together neatly in the back to create a minimal vacuum zone behind the trailer.

If you’re looking to escape the concrete of urban living to an idyllic space away from neighbors and cellphone towers, the OP17 is the perfect trailer for you. With 4x Lithium Batteries and 600 watts of solar mounted to the roof, the OP17 is a spacious off-grid vacation home on wheels. This model also comes with a huge 63 gallons fresh water capacity and 3 – 5 days of built-in battery life.

Available at select dealerships in August 2024. Visit the Opus Camper website to find the dealership closest to you.

MSRP: $69,000.00

PopRak — PopRak Rooftop Rack/Sleeper

PopRak, LLC. has launched a unique roof top rack/sleeper solution that fits all large vans. The brainchild and founder, Richard Million Burke, Jr., who spent six years working at Mercedes-Benz in their Commercial Vehicle division, says PopRak addresses the number one problem in adventure and camper van design which is space limitations. “Beds take up too much room in a van,” says Burke, “and they’re not needed during the day or as often as the van is used, but they limit all the other possibilities of what else you can do inside a van.”

Limiting priorities has always been what fitting life into a van on the road has been about. While the RV industry has enjoyed slide-outs to make RVs more spacious without becoming longer, the camper van market has had to rely on building beds inside space constrained vans, taking up a significant amount of space and often requiring modifications to widen a van to fit sideways and take up slightly less room front to back. While roof top tents (RTTs) popularized in the overland space have been used before with vans, mostly with outside ladder access, these don’t fit the convenience expectations of van owners who want to access beds from inside their vehicle. Other through the roof solutions have existed, but these are often far more expensive due to their labor intensive installation requirements and limit the utility of the van roof due to their heavy weight.

PopRak was designed to be both functional and affordable. Functional because its lightweight design (approx. 200 lbs) retains the utility of a van roof by enabling vent fans, solar panels, awnings and gear to be added to the top of a PopRak, particularly critical on shorter wheelbase vans. Affordable because the passageway portal that gets cut into the van roof is the size of a sunroof, so it fits between all structural bracing and doesn’t require additional reinforcing. This saves time on the professional PopRak installation, and that savings is passed on to the van owner.

Unlike typical roof top tents, which are more like camping tents used on the ground with some hardware to make them work on a vehicle roof, PopRak is all “Automotive Grade” materials. This includes the fabric sides which are made of the same durable fabric used in convertible tops that are subject to extreme weather exposure and innumerable washings. PopRak also uses internal automotive style safety belt latches to secure the top closed when traveling. These have the added advantage of being able to be tied into the vehicles ignition system so a driver would be alerted if the PopRak wasn’t properly secured when getting ready to head out. PopRak’s proprietary top and bottom perimeter extrusions are designed to conceal the unsightly electrical wiring that often accompanies roof top accessories with all associated wiring traveling through hidden channels.

Burke, who grew up in Detroit where “Sunday communion was often taken next to Lee Iacocca,” knew that if people were going to be cutting holes in their roof to Expand Their Van, as the company tagline says, they would want to put a quality product on it. PopRak is designed to fit all Sprinters, Transits and ProMasters, and is being rolled out this summer through a nationwide network of van builders and upfitters. More details are on their website where, if you hurry, you may still be able to snag one at their Pre-Production Promotion price of up to 30% off its normally, $9,995 professionally installed price.

MSRP: $9,995 including shipping and installation by a nationwide network of licensed installers. Get 30% off, while quantities last!

ReadyWise — Outdoor Pro Meal Pasta ala Vodka

Picture this: You’ve spent a long day conquering trails or exploring remote backcountry. The sun dips low, casting long shadows, and your stomach rumbles with the day’s exertion. It’s time for a hearty meal, but who has the energy to deal with complicated camp cooking?

That’s where the ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meal Pasta ala Vodka comes into its own. This freeze-dried gourmet meal delivers classic Italian comfort with a touch of luxury, designed to fuel your adventures without weighing you down.

Inside the lightweight and sturdy pouch, you’ll discover a tantalizing mix of farfalle pasta, tender chicken, and a creamy, tomato-based vodka sauce. Real, quality ingredients are the cornerstone of ReadyWise’s Pro Meals– no mystery meats or flavorless fillers here.

Preparation is as easy as one, two, three. Boil up some water, pour it directly into the pouch, and wait a few minutes for the magic to happen. As the ingredients rehydrate, an enticing aroma fills the air, a promise of a fulfilling meal to come.

The pasta is perfectly al dente, offering a satisfying bite. The chicken adds a touch of protein, while the tangy tomato sauce, gently infused with vodka, cuts through the richness for a balanced, restaurant-worthy dish. The portion is just right – leaving you satisfied, not overstuffed, and ready to conquer the next adventure.
ReadyWise goes beyond just good taste. With a 5-year shelf life, these meals are ideal for emergency preparedness, long-term storage, or simply ensuring you have a delicious option on hand for any outdoor excursion. And in a thoughtful gesture, ReadyWise partners with One Tree Planted – each pouch of Pasta alla Vodka helps reforestation efforts.

Whether you’re tackling a thru-hike, car camping for the weekend, or need a reliable backup during a power outage, the ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meal Pasta alla Vodka is a delicious and practical solution. It’s the gourmet touch that makes even the most remote backcountry feel a little bit closer to home.

MSRP: $13.99 per pouch

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Supertramp Campers — The Megatron

Supertramp Campers, known for their premier fully composite slide-in truck campers, is excited to announce their new product at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ, the Megatron. They applied everything they love about the Flagship LT, including its single-piece composite shell, open modern layout, beautiful 360 views, and tons of storage, to the luxury expedition vehicle market. They have partnered with the best brands in the market, such as Elevation Off Grid, who builds and manufactures the most capable trucks in the world, to outfit the vehicle with Liquid Spring suspension, providing the smoothest ride in the industry for this size vehicle.

In addition, the vehicle hosts a 66-gallon fuel tank, front and rear Warn winch, and Hutchinson single-piece forged wheels on 81 MPH rated 41″ Goodyear military-grade tires. They are using MasterVolt, the yacht industry’s premium provider of all electronic systems, to power the camper.

The MasterVolt system is intuitive, featuring an iPad to control all of your electronics within the camper with a touch of a button and featuring valuable settings such as automatic winterization, sleep mode, storage mode, and the famous party mode. The camper boasts 800 watts of solar and 12000 watts of lithium batteries running a dual 24-volt and 12-volt system to achieve the most efficient ecosystem to run all the systems within the camper.

The hydronic heating system brings the comforts of the home into the space with heated floors and garage spaces to even keep your ski boots dry. The sleeping area offers 34″ of headroom, allowing individuals to sit up in bed and enjoy the views from each window and skylight. The spacious wet bath has a sliding toilet that can even be tucked away during showers.

The kitchen offers a large 200L fridge freezer from Indel Webasto, a 7 in 1 convection microwave, ample storage, and 2 burner induction top. The camper hosts 70 gallons of fresh water that runs through a triple-stage filtration system. All of this is done while enjoying 360-degree views through double-pane glass windows that bring a ton of light and stunning views into each region of the space.

Overall, the camper stands just 11′ tall and 23′ long, making navigating the ski resort parking lots or remote roads easy. The team at Supertramp picked the Elevation Off Grid F550 truck as it will allow their end users to retain their 20,000lb towing capability and take all the toys with them on their next adventure. If you want to check out the unit, plan to stop by their booth at the Overland Expo event or schedule a tour at their facility in Golden, Colorado.

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