Gear Showcase: Spring

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Whether you are on the hunt for an offroad trailer, need a tent for your four-legged companion, are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s electrical system, or are just here to browse our picks for Spring, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a little something for everyone this month. It’s time to get outfitted and get out there.

23 Zero — Woof-Den

Your best mate’s comfort should be as important as yours when you go camping. The 23 Zero WOOF-DEN provides a camping kennel designed specifically for dogs, offering a comfortable and secure outdoor sleeping solution. It is easy to set up and lightweight, making it perfect for camping trips with your canine companion.

Constructed with 320GSM proofed plain weave poly/cotton (65/35) canvas and a 0.748″ black coated peaked frame with easy action trigger lock ridge pole, the design of the WOOF-DEN allows for easy setup and storage as well as being strong and lightweight. It has a large arched entry with a canopy above, super-fine insect mesh screened windows, and a rear zip-down climate-controlling window for optimum airflow throughout. A fully welded PVC tub-style floor will ensure your dog’s bed is kept dry and clean. It comes with its own storage bag, so the WOOF-DEN provides easy stowing and transport.

MSRP: $139.00

Adventure Trail Outfitters — The Overland Shower and Water System

Say goodbye to sweaty, dirty, restless nights of sleep and cold-water clean-ups with the new “go-to” portable hot water system, the Overland Shower and Water System. The Overland Shower and Water System gives you the comfort of a home shower when there’s no home in sight by delivering hot water in seconds with the same water pressure that you are used to at home. Their unique design makes the hot water system easy to set up and even easier to use, bringing you unlimited hot water comfort.

The Overland Shower and Water System is the world’s first high-performance portable “plug and play” hot water system that comes complete inside one rugged compact case. No bigger than a typical suitcase, the Peak model measures 18” wide and 25” tall; even smaller, the Summit model is only 17” wide and 21.5” tall, and both models come in under 32 pounds. With their systems, there is no longer a need to heat water on a camp stove. Once the unit is set up and the water pump is turned on, just flip the ignitor switch on and have instant pressurized hot water to shower with and clean up dishes. Alternately, leave the ignitor switch off and wash up your gear with cold water without having to use up your liquid propane gas. 

Off-grid or on, you power the Overland Shower 45 PSI Eccoflow water pump using the 12V/24V DC outlet from your adventure vehicle or any other portable 12-volt power system. Highly efficient, the Eccotemp EL5 water heater uses the same type of Liquid Propane you bring along for your cook stove. Even a one-pound LP canister can produce up to 40 minutes of hot water.  The unit can increase your water temperature by up to 96 degrees with a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. Once set up, use the water flow and gas flow controls on the front of the EL5 to optimize the water temperature to your desired needs.

The Overland Shower and Water System comes in two models that can be operated standing upright on any flat, stable surface or suspended by the case bracket. The Summit has a fabricated Aluminum case and can be mounted to the exterior of a truck camper, teardrop, or gear trailer. The Peak has an injection-molded polypropylene case designed for a more portable “carry and use” function. Each case is ruggedly designed for its specific use and comes with a lifetime warranty.

On your adventures, don’t deny yourself real comfort. Go Out, Get Dirty, and Get Clean with the Overland Shower and Water System.

MSRP: $897.00 (peak model)

iKamper — Raconteur Roof and Bed Rack Systems

2024 brings the introduction of the iKamper Raconteu rack systems, cementing their growing reputation as a one-stop resource for all things camping on your overlanding adventures. Initial offerings fit two of the most popular trucks on the market: the Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner, featuring easy, drill-free mounting with both roof and bed rack options and, of course, universal compatibility with all iKamper RTT’s. Each is unapologetically built to last a lifetime of adventure with a streamlined design that does everything you need it to.

Raconteur Roof Rack Systems fit Toyota Tacoma trucks (2005- 2023) and 4Runners (2010-Current), expanding the possibilities of what you can take with you. Sleek, low-profile frames are forged from steel, with stainless steel hardware throughout for ultimate strength and long-term reliability. Six extruded aluminum cross bars have multiple mount points to support custom configurations, while t-slots on all sides ensure you can create a system that works for you. A wind deflector is standard issue. Currently available accessories include a Light Bar Wind Deflector for easier mounting of forward lighting options, 90-degree Awning Brackets, Traction Board Mounts, and left and right Rear Window Accessory Panels (4Runner only) for easily adding RotoPax cans and more.

All Raconteur racks are finished with a matte-black, textured powder coat, adding life and great looks to every rack. Both roof and bed racks are rated to handle half-ton static loads (450kg), with dynamic ratings at an impressive 400 lbs (180 kg) that won’t hold you back off-road. And of course, iKamper offers all the hardware you need for easily mounting any iKamper RTT. Be sure to check out iKamper’s new racks, along with their huge assortment of innovative kitchen systems, sleep systems, and RTTs that make the most of your time after the drive.

MSRP: Starting at $850.00

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Embarking on an overlanding journey demands a steadfast power supply for your accessories, especially when traversing uncharted terrain. The JeepCables Big 7 Battery Cable Upgrade Kit emerges as the ideal solution, ensuring the right voltage for power-hungry accessories like high-powered lights, winches, or portable fridges. This kit facilitates a higher current flow, guaranteeing that your accessories receive the optimal power needed for peak performance.

As time takes its toll, battery cables can succumb to the elements, corrosion, vibrations, and harsh conditions. The JeepCables Big 7 Battery Cable Kit stands out with its design featuring superior materials, delivering heightened durability and extended longevity. Crafted in the USA, these kits boast 100% fine strand SAE-rated copper wire, sealed with labeled ends for effortless installation.

Upgrading your battery cables with the JeepCables Big 7 Kit is a proactive stride towards enhancing the reliability and performance of your overlanding setup. The incorporation of quality materials and meticulous design ensures a consistent and stable power supply, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your adventure without the nagging concern of electrical issues.

The JeepCables Big 7 Battery Cable Upgrade Kit is more than a practical enhancement – it’s a reliability booster for your overlanding escapades. Elevate your journey, invest in quality cables, and revel in the freedom of a seamless overlanding experience where every accessory is powered up and prepared for whatever the trail brings.

MSRP: $190.50

Opus Camper — OP4 Off-Road Inflatable Trailer

The OP4 Off-Road Trailer is part of Opus Camper’s range of air-inflatable tent trailers. The OP4 is the most robust off-road package they offer, with an upgraded off-road suspension, a full outdoor kitchen, and a spacious interior.

Opus Camper designed the OP4 to take you off-road and off-grid without sacrificing space or amenities. With a dry weight of only 3100 lbs, the OP4 provides everything you need, including a hot water shower, lithium batteries, solar, a cargo rack, king bed extension, slide-out 4-burner stainless steel kitchen, impressive awning options, and a huge interior.

The OP4 tent uses Opus Camper’s patented AIR Inflation technology with an onboard 12v air compressor, allowing you to inflate your tent effortlessly in under 2 minutes. With nine individually valved air beams, the tent is designed to stand firm through rain and wind. The OP4 offers a ton of headroom with 8-foot high ceilings, multiple sunroofs, and dozens of windows. The tent is made from high-quality poly-cotton, is completely waterproof, and can stand winds up to 55MPH without compromising its stability or structure. 

The OP4 chassis is designed to tackle any terrain and attaches to a Cruisemaster DO35 articulating hitch – one of the best off-road hitch on the market, providing 360° mobility while towing. The OP4 also comes with a beefed-up suspension, heavy-duty coil springs, a dual shock axle, and an impressive rear departure angle.

With 40 gallons of water onboard, lithium batteries, solar charging, 20lb propane tank holder, and DC-DC charging options, you can stay off-grid for days while still living comfortably.

Opus offers two awning options with the OP4 – the AIR Canopy and AIR Annex. Both options connect directly to your onboard compressor and inflate in minutes. The AIR Annex is fully enclosed with a large protective floor & two additional bedroom pods to add four additional sleeping spaces. The AIR Canopy is a lighter option that extends the full width of your camper, providing full kitchen coverage and reaching 10 feet high.

With two reinforced lids and a universal racking system, the OP4 is the perfect load-carrying platform and can handle up to 500 lb on the roof rack. This makes it easy to bring all the toys – carry boats, bikes, kayaks, gear, and more. Even with these features, the GVWR remains incredibly low at 4200 lbs.

MSRP: $31,000

SPACE Trailers — Sport Utility Trailer

In 2009, SPACE Trailers founders made a pact to purchase more fuel-efficient cars. They knew space would be an issue and agreed that leaving gear behind was not an option. So, around a campfire, SPACE Trailers was born. Made and manufactured in Red Wing, Minnesota, the lightweight and versatile SPACE Trailer is here to meet your travel needs.

The affordable trailers provide maximum SPACE during use and require minimum SPACE when in storage. Whether you’re hauling kayaks, bikes, camping gear, or working on DIY projects, SPACE Trailers are up to the challenge. The team is passionate about helping others discover the advantages of SPACE Trailers and is dedicated to expanding our customizable features while building the SPACE Trailer community.

Every base SPACE Trailer model starts with a 4×7 foot box with a tailgate. When you build your trailer online, you have the standard options of either a HighRider or LowRider model and one of their ten colors. The trailer bed is a ½” dual-coated plywood with nonskid flooring. All base trailer models come with a removable canopy that can easily open, even when your gear is mounted on top, and easily removed when you need to haul larger gear and projects (ATV, dirt bike, lumber/ladders). SPACE bumpers allow you to store your trailer vertically in your garage when not in use. Additionally, the tongue is bolted on the trailer frame (not welded), so when you store the trailer vertically in your garage, the tongue will flip down. All base SPACE Trailers come assembled with 13” Mod Black highway-rated radial tires. These durable steel rims are great for four-season commuting, off-pavement travel, and traveling in heavy snow.

The unique tailgate design flips open to 90° and 180° using latches on both sides. Base trailers come with a Standard 4ft Tongue, 2” coupler, and standard gas cylinders. Dependable and noticeably bright LED lights are positioned on the back and sides of the trailer, while the custom-made wiring is tucked away and protected to eliminate common lighting issues. The four-prong lighting receiver easily connects to your vehicle. The custom-made LED lighting harness requires a 4-flat wire connection.

With a base trailer weighing 600 lbs, you can pull the trailer with just about any vehicle-EVs, Subarus, Jeeps, vans, and more. If you are looking for the perfect versatile, multi-use travel trailer, look no further.

MSRP: $4,999

Truck Boss — PackBoxxes

The PackBoxx is a pro-grade accessory designed for the TruckBoss Deck System and can also be used in a variety of truck applications. It provides additional storage space for carrying gear to various locations, whether it’s a local job site or going deep into the backcountry.

PackBoxxes are made from durable black powder-coated 1/8″ aluminum sheeting with stainless steel hinges, providing longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

The doors are equipped with gas-spring shocks that allow for easy loading and unloading. The swing-up doors stay in place until closed, and bulb seals around the hatches create water- and weather-tight barriers to keep contents dry and dust-free.

The PackBoxx features locking anchor-compression latches, ensuring security for your stored items. Available in lengths ranging from 1.5’–8′, they attach to any TruckBoss deck. Each PackBoxx is securely mounted to your deck for safe transport over uncompromising terrain.

Inside, you’ll appreciate motion-activated LED lighting for easy visibility inside the PackBoxx. PackBoxx offers optional Molle-board backing that allows for infinite storage customization and attachment points, and they’re also Milwaukee Packout™ compatible.

On the TruckBoss Expandable Deck, you’re able to have PackBoxxes on both sides while still being able to carry your ride. The unique ability to extend the sides of the deck will give you varying widths between the boxes, from 44″ fully closed to 72″ fully extended.  Overlanders will appreciate the extra space for storage that doesn’t take up a lot of room on your truck. PackBoxxes are designed to be compact and efficient, giving you 270% more storage than a typical service body.

For work truck solutions, PackBoxxes offer an additional place for tools and gear that need to be accessed quickly. Combined with above- and under-deck storage and CargoRaxx, your TruckBoss Deck System is a powerful platform for getting you where you need to be with the tools to get the job done.

Overall, the PackBoxx aims to enhance the storage capabilities of the TruckBoss Deck System, catering to both recreational and professional needs with its durable construction and versatile features.

Starting at $945.00

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Decked — Drawer System

The Decked drawer system has long been popular in overlanding circles, making it easy and affordable to add secure storage to a pickup truck while maintaining a functional bed. With the release of its new second-generation drawer system, Decked has made a number of notable improvements that many truck owners will be excited about.

Perhaps most notably, the system has been completely redesigned for mid-size pickups, the most popular truck segment in the overlanding world by far. The previous generation had essentially been a scaled-down version of their full-size drawers – a system that has worked well but offered an opportunity for a more targeted design refresh, which resulted in a single “super drawer” that offers a 30% increase in capacity. The full-size system also saw a notable increase of 10% in its already efficient storage capacity.

Both the mid-size and full-size gen 2 drawers have an all-new molding technology that improves both impact resistance and durability by 25% over the outgoing generation. Along with these upgrades, the second-generation drawer system also brings new bed tie-downs, improved weather sealing, and the expansion of compatible truck models.

MSRP: Starting at $1499.99

National Luna — 55L Legacy Smart QC Fridge/Freezer

Photo by Chris Bradley

Photo by Chris Bradley

Photo by National Luna

These days, there is no shortage of offroad refrigerators to choose from across a wide range of sizes and prices. One of the storied brands in the overlanding space is National Luna, a company that has been manufacturing refrigerators for off-road use for quite a few decades. They’ve been known to be robust, efficient units that have weathered the worst that our planet has thrown at them on countless overlanding adventures the world over. As technology has advanced and manufacturers have started to offer a more feature-rich set of technologies such as Bluetooth smart apps, National Luna has stuck with its tried and true format that has served them well for all those years…until recently. National Luna has recently come out with their Legacy Smart QC line that plants one foot in its robust past – continuing all the elements that have made the National Luna fridges and freezers great while stepping forward into the future with its new, updated, and smart, control panel. The new incarnation of the legacy line offers the best of both worlds in this regard. For those who already own a National Luna fridge but want to upgrade, NL now also offers a replacement control panel that adds the “smart” to the “legacy” you already have.

MSRP: Starting at $1195.00

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