Ride the Harley Davidson Pan America at Overland Expo (and a bunch of other places too)

With the Pan America officially in production, Harley-Davidson recently announced that the Pan America Motorcycle Demo Tour is kicking off in April. With dozens of cities in the queue, you’ll be able to take a new PanAm for a spin and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. 

The Harley-Davidson Pan America Motorcycle Demo Tour will include stops at Outside Adventure Expo and all three Overland Expo events in 2021, in addition to numerous other rallies and H-D-hosted demo experiences at a variety of locations. The Demo Tour starts off in Texas on April 16, 2021 and you can check out the full lineup of tour locations below.


If you’re not hip to the Pan America yet, it is Harley’s first adventure touring bike (well, the first since the early 1900s when every ride was basically an adventure ride, that is). It is a liquid-cooled 1250cc V-Twin packed with premium features and tons of technology. Both versions, the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special, crank out 150 horsepower from the new Revolution Max engine and are engineered to deliver low-end torque and low-speed throttle control, perfect for off-road riding. 


“I’ve had the opportunity to ride a Pan America motorcycle both on and off-road, and can’t wait for riders to experience the innovations and capabilities that our team has built into this fantastic adventure touring bike,” said Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “Now riders can experience for themselves the first motorcycle of its kind to be designed and developed from the ground up in America.”

The Harley-Davidson Pan America Motorcycle Demo Tour will allow for riders to experience the capabilities of the Pan America both on and off-road. Yes, you read that right, off-road. In select locations on the tour, you’ll actually be able to get the PanAm off the tarmac and into the dirt, which is exactly what this bike was designed to do.


Here at Overland Expo, we’re thrilled to partner with Harley on the Pan American Tour at the Mountain West, West, and East shows, as well as our new Outside Adventure Expo in Salt Lake City. As always, we’re committed to producing fun and inspiring events this year; we’re also taking measures to ensure the health and safety of our community. Most importantly, when you’re packing your kit to head to Overland Expo, bring your helmet and get ready for a great ride on a Pan America!


4/16-4/18, H-D-Hosted Demo, Dallas, TX

4/23-4/25, H-D-Hosted Demo, Albuquerque, NM

4/30 – 5/2, H-D-Hosted Demo, Phoenix, AZ

5/7 – 5/9, H-D-Hosted Demo, Las Vegas, NV

5/14 – 5/16, H-D-Hosted Demo, San Jose, CA

5/21 – 5/23, H-D-Hosted Demo, Lake Elsinore, CA

5/28 – 5/30, H-D-Hosted Demo, Sacramento, CA

6/4 – 6/6, Giant Loop Ride, Lawen, OR EVENT LINK

6/12 – 6/20, Laconia Motorcycle Week, NH

6/25 – 6/27, Outside Adventure Expo, Salt Lake City, UT EVENT LINK

7/9 – 7/11, H-D-Hosted Demo, Twin Falls, ID

7/15 – 7/18, Get On! ADV Fest, South Dakota, EVENT LINK

7/30 – 8/1, H-D-Hosted Demo, St. Louis, MO

8/6 – 8/8, H-D-Hosted Demo, Harrisburg, PA

8/13 – 8/15, H-D-Hosted Demo, Pittsfield, MA

8/18 – 8/22, Touratech DirtDaze, North Haverhell, NH EVENT LINK  

8/27 – 8/29, Overland Expo Mountain West, Loveland, CO EVENT LINK

9/3 – 9/5, XLADV: High Sierras, Mammoth Lakes, CA

9/10 – 9/12, H-D-Hosted Demo, Salt Lake City, UT

9/16 – 9/19, Touratech Rally, Plain, WA EVENT LINK

9/24 – 9/26, Overland Expo West, Flagstaff, AZ  EVENT LINK

10/ 8 – 10/10, Overland Expo East, Arrington, VA EVENT LINK

10/22 – 10/24, H-D-Hosted Demo, Stamford, CT

10/29 – 10/31, H-D-Hosted Demo, Loudon, NH

11/6 – 11/7, Howling At The Moon, Prescott, AZ

To sign up for a H-D-Hosted Demo head over to Harley’s Pan America Demo Registration page.

Photo Credit: Harley Davidson

Motorcycle Industry News by Eva Rupert. Follow Eva @augusteva.

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