NEW Seminars at Overland Expo 2019 EAST from ARB 4X4 Accessories

As we count the days before Overland Expo 2019 EAST at a NEW venue and during NEW October dates, we are highlighting some of the NEW seminar offerings in the Exhibitor Area at EAST! We have partnered with fantastic companies to provide high-quality educational seminars for all attendees.

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ARB 4X4 Accessories is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories and you have likely seen their products taking a beating on the trail — without skipping a beat. ARB is hosting several NEW seminars on a variety of subjects at Overland Expo EAST.

Choosing Quality Camping Equipment

The ARB name is synonymous with quality and the same can be said of their camping equipment. Whether you are embarking on a multi-year expedition or simply taking to the mountains for the weekend, ARB likely has camping equipment to make your trip more enjoyable.

When: Friday October 11th//11:00AM

Where: Featured Exhibitor Area SP14

Difference Between a Suspension System and a Lift Kit

Although popular off-road truck manufacturers show their vehicles splashing through rivers and climbing up mountains, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were built to travel that way for long periods of time. Stock vehicle suspensions are rarely tuned for extended off-road driving and once you add the weight of gear, performance and reliability may suffer. Learn why your first off-road upgrade should be suspensions and how to select the correct product for your application.

When: Friday October 11th//2:00PM

Where: Featured Exhibitor Area SP14

Recovery Equipment: Why Quality is Important

There are certain aspects of overland travel where quality can be a secondary consideration-recovery is not the place to skimp! When exploring far from help you should never have to wonder if the quality of your recovery gear is up to the task. Sticky situations happen, learn how to properly prepare your vehicle for when they do.

When: Saturday October 12th//10:00AM

Where: Featured Exhibitor Area SP14

Air Systems: Selection and Vehicle Integration

Whether inflating tires or camping accessories, running air tools, activating Air Lockers®, or even reseating a tire onto a wheel, there’s an air-system setup to fit your needs. Learn what’s needed for your ideal setup, and how to integrate it into your vehicle.

When: Saturday October 12th//2:00PM

Where: Featured Exhibitor Area SP14

Picking the Right Protection Equipment

Vehicle protection provides security and safety for the adventurers. Front and rear bumpers, side rails or sliders, skid plates, and differential covers all come together to form a fully-integrated solution to protect your investment and occupants. Learn about the importance behind vehicle protection, and how to select the right products for your application.

When: Sunday October 13//10:00AM

Where: Featured Exhibitor Area SP14

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Stop by Exhibitor Booth SP14 and check out all of the offerings from ARB 4X4 Accessories! To learn more about ARB 4X4 Accessories, visit

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