38 days and counting!

We’re counting down to OX12, so let’s count the ways you can spend your time (not to mention cash) May 18, 19, and 20 outside Flagstaff, Arizona, next to Mormon Lake:

Start with the 70-plus vendors who will be offering everything from pocket knives and water bottles to camp furniture to adventure motorcycles to fully self-contained four-wheel-drive homes on wheels ready to leave on a round-the-world trip. A dozen additional exhibitors can send you or take you on the road. Book a self-drive exploration of the Serengeti—just schedule your flight to Tanzania, then pick up a set of keys to a fully outfitted safari vehicle. Sign up for a guided tour by Land Rover to remote jungles in Central America, just a few airline hours away from the U.S., or a catered excursion to secluded beaches in Puerto Rico. Or take a Jeep tour right here in Arizona. [List of Exhibitors, click here]

If you wonder what it’s like to embark on a lengthy overland expedition, or even a global circumnavigation, stop by and chat with one of the many veteranswho will have their vehicles on display, and who love nothing more than to encourage others to get going too. Want to see what a fully loaded adventure motorcycle can accomplish on an obstacle course? Check the schedule and stop by the rodeo arena to watch the crew from RawHyde Adventures show how it’s done. [Schedule of activities & programs, click here, including link to downloadable Day Pass Programs.]

How about some vicarious exploration? Check out motorcycle adventurer Austin Vince’s Adventure Travel Film Festival, which will air an even dozen films over the weekend, starting each day at 1 pm and running into the evenings. The series begins with the stunning 1924 silent film Grass, and includes more recent features documenting canoe trips down the Congo and Amazon rivers, motorcycle adventures in Afghanistan and the Sahara, a 5,000-mile paraglide across Canada, an all-woman trek to the South Pole, and an all-Aussie assault on the Darien Gap using boats powered by motorcycles. Grab a snack and drink at the Overland Theater, and enjoy.

Finally, find out how overlanders give back to the world they explore, by talking with the groups that facilitate hands-on conservation and community projects around the globe. Travel is exciting, but helping to build a school or protect lion habitat adds a layer of fulfillment only those who participate can experience. 

Come for a day—you might stay for three. We guarantee you’ll be inspired to get going. The world is waiting.

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