Auction alert! Bid on items and help the Change Your World Fund

Here is your chance to bid on high-quality overland equipment and help us raise funds for our Change Your World Fund, our project to inspire young people to get out and explore their world and make a difference while doing so. There is some great gear, at great starting prices!

From July 8 to July 18 the auction is live on eBay (you can also view them all one one page with live links, on this page at, or click on the “starting bid” items in the titles below):


Dometic Portable Fridge Freezer #CFX-50US 50 liter with Insulated Cover and Fridge Slide — $1000 value — starting bid $490

Bring the party to remote landscapes with this portable electric refrigerator and freezer which can hold up to seventy-two 12oz cans! Slide out storage platform supports up to 220lbs and tucks away easily when not in use. Runs on 120-volt AC, 12-volt DC or 24-volt DC power. Insulated cover helps keep food and beverages cool with minimal power use. Strong latches, handles and hinges are built to last. Adjusts from -8 degrees to +50 degrees from a soft-touch digital control panel. See more information on manufacturer’s website here:


Barlow Adventures Gift Certificate —  $500 value — starting bid $250
Up for auction to support our Change Your World Fund is a $500 gift certificate to Barlow Adventures.  With locations in Sedona AZ,  Moab UT and California’s Rubicon Trail, Barlow’s Adventures provides training, rentals and trips that you will never forget. Barlow’s stocks a fleet of custom built Jeep Wranglers for rent and their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you to get out and back safely while having a great time and learning new skills.  Great for a family outing, 4wd training or a guided vacation adventure!


Nemo Wagon Top 4P Camping Tent — $500 value — starting bid $275

This spacious tent sleeps up to 4 adults comfortably, with a truly homey 6.5 foot standing room height! Nemo tents are designed to set up quickly and easily with innovative clip-to-pole design. Superior materials withstand strong winds and keep you warm and dry in wet weather.  See more information on manufacturer’s website here:


MaxTrax Traction Devices — $300 value — starting bid $110

MaxTrax have built themselves a reputation as a must-have piece of kit for overlanders around the globe. Their patented design has been real world tested in sand, slush, mud and snow. Most recoveries are so easy, a single person can perform them. No extra vehicle or anchor point required, simply slide MaxTrax under your tires and drive out! Superior materials have been engineered to flex to accommodate a fully laden 4×4 in soft terrain. Their unique pattern grips the ground and tires so you can crawl out of the stickiest situations! See more information on manufacturer’s website here:


Scala Rider PackTalk from Cardo Systems $330 value — starting bid $120

Scala Rider’s new Packtalk communication system utilizes their patented Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) to enable clear communication of up to 15 riders over a 5 mile range! DMC allows any rider to easily join and leave the conversation without any interruption in the signal. You may also set your PackTalk to Bluetooth mode, which can connect to other brands, for up to 9 riders within a 1 mile range.  Advanced battery technology allows up to 13 hours of talk time and can last up to 1 week in stand by mode. Scala Packtalk also utilizes advanced voice recognition for true hands free operation. It’s waterproof and dust proof construction is build to last on or off the road! See more information on manufacturer’s website here:


Triple Aught Design Meridian Cube Duffle — $425 value — starting bid $190

Everyone is talking about Triple Aught Design’s perfectly engineered Transport Cube packing system and this durable duffel ties it all together. Space efficient enough to sit under an airline seat, while providing organized access for everything you could need. This duffel was designed to protect delicate electronics, yet comfortable to carry for long periods of time. See more information on manufacturer’s website here:


Alpinestars Equinox X-Trafit Gloves (this will be a gift certificate) — value $150 — starting bid $70

Carrying multiple pairs of gloves is impractical, but finding everything you need in one pair seems impossible. You want waterproof for wet days, breathable for hot days, lightweight construction for sensitivity of the controls and durable armor if you lose control. Well look no further! Aplinestars X-TRAFIT gloves are crafted with their innovative new material and GORE-TEX membrane to provide all of the comfort and protection you need, whatever comes your way! See more information on manufacturer’s website here:


COBB Grill (certificate to redeem) — $150 value — starting bid $70

Cook anything, anywhere! The easy to carry COBB Grill roasts, grills, bakes, smokes and fries fantastic food on the fly! Originally created for use in rural Africa, where electricity and gas are scarce, the COBB used dry corn cobs as fuel, hence the name. Now, utilizing some lightweight charcoal briquettes, you can create restaurant quality cuisine wherever you go. Stainless Steel construction with food grade Teflon is long lasting and easy to clean. The design keeps the base cool and prevents flare-ups for safe and healthy cooking.  There is nothing like a great meal in a beautiful landscape!      


Sam Manicom — Into Africa  — $20 value — starting bid $10 (two available, signed)

Sam Manicom’s beautifully written books take you along with him on his eight year motorcycle journey which spanned 55 countries. Sam often wanders off the beaten path, meeting unusual characters and finding strange and exciting experiences along the way. His colorful writing style immerses you in the experience and you truly feel you are along for the ride! This book Into Africa: Africa by Motorcycle – Every Day an Adventure covers his journey from the Channel Islands to Cape Town. See more information on the author’s website here:

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