Announcing the new VDEG 4—with a new co-author

Overland Expo is pleased to share exciting news.

Direct from overlanding legend Tom Sheppard:

“No writers were harmed in the production of this book . . . but, with moderate arm-twisting, author/publisher Tom Sheppard, with over 100,000 miles’ overlanding and expeditioning under his belt, nevertheles persuaded Jonathan Hanson to come on board as contributor and U.S. co-author.

Jonathan, a well respected traveller, expeditioner and author, is the driving force behind the three-day Overland Expo in Arizona and North Carolina and has a wealth of experience, good judgement, and instructional skills. VDEG.3 sold out in half the time expected in 2014. VDEG.4 has been thoroughly revised, updated and expanded with increased North American and Australian content. Copies will be available to customers in North and South America from a U.S. distribution point.”

Overland Expo’s sister company Exploring Overland will be selling the books to North American customers in March. To register your interest and get notification when they books are ready to ship, please click here.

Copies will also be available for sale at Overland Expo WEST in May.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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