AntiShanty Debuts Dwell Shell Cap and Camper System

Photo By: All photos courtesy of AntiShanty

Rooftop tents tend to follow a common construction theme: A solid protective roof that folds down to encapsulate a canvas or textile tent material and the base bedding area. All fine and good, but AntiShanty thinks they might have a better idea with the Dwell Shell, a solid-walled combination of a bed cap, rack, and an RTT that folds down into a locking top lid.

Photo by AntiShanty

Instead of a canvas or textile accordion approach, the Dwell Shell’s RTT is made up of sheets of insulated aluminum and composite materials that fold up origami-style to fit inside the protective lid. The Dwell Shell system weighs in at 380 pounds on average (different sizes affect weight, of course), and AntiShanty lists the interior tent space as 86 by 53 inches. The tent section features soft foam walls (but hard exteriors), “endless” ventilation options, and roof rails for mounting up more gear. Folded down, it appears the RTT is about a foot tall. AntiShanty did not specify dimensions when folded but did say it sets up or folds down in just minutes on site.

Photo by AntiShanty

The bed cap/rack section features solid wall construction for a gapless enclosure but will also work with MOLLE mounts and other attachment systems. The two large side access doors, the rear door, and three RTT doors and windows are all lockable from the inside. Smaller windows in the RTT section allow for measured ventilation while maintaining security.

Photo by AntiShanty

The hard-sided construction means you lose the lullaby of canvas interacting with the wind, of course. AntiShanty says, “The Dwell Shell has no wood or canvas. Rain, snow, wind, or shine – your off-road haven remains cozy and secure.” Indeed, the Dwell Shell allows for camping in wildlife areas that prohibit soft tents. There are options for interior lighting, power systems integration, and a wide range of interior accessory options, from racks to coat hooks.

Photo by AntiShanty

The bottom of the tent section also opens to allow for full stand-up room in the truck bed. Dual RTT flooring access panels allow one person to exit or enter the RTT while another sleeps undisturbed. More options include an electric top-mounted ventilation fan, solar panels, and more. Prices start at $14,900 and generally top out at $16,000 for the base setup, depending on size and vehicle. Most popular overlanding trucks are supported, including the Jeep Gladiator. AntiShanty is giving a $3,000 discount for early orders for a limited time. Check their site for details.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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