Babes Ride Out: Dual Sport Summer

Header image by credit: Babes in the Dirt by Heidi Zumbrun (P.S. Her photos are amazing, check them out!)

Babes Ride Out came onto the scene way back in 2013 with their “Ladies Only Motorcycle Ride and Campout” and a fresh crop of women riders at the helm. This year, in addition to their pavement-centric events in September and October, they’re rolling out a whole slew of dirt-oriented offerings.

In 2014 Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violet, Babes Ride Out founders, debuted Babes in the Dirt, and this year, October 22-24, it returns to Lebec, California at the Hungry Valley OHV area. “Babes in the Dirt is focused on enhancing each rider’s skill set while connecting with other off-road enthusiasts who share the same passion,” the website says, and the calendar is stocked with fun stuff for riders of all ability levels.

Babes in the Dirt is teaming up with MOTOVENTURES and Rich Oliver’s Mystery School to offer training programs specifically for dirt-curious women wanting to gain skills and build off-road confidence. The training events are ladies-only and tailored to ability level.

Of particular interest to ADV gals is the first annual Babes in the Dirt Dual Sport Summer weekend. Based on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake, this ladies-only weekend is dedicated to plated dirt bikes. With four days and three nights of fun, Dual Sport Summer is an all-inclusive weekend of guided trail rides and hanging out lakeside. All of the guided group rides are 30-60 miles and tailored to experience level. The goal: have a great time, ride epic trails, and challenge yourself just enough to make it awesome. 

Beyond all the riding, building community is one of the things that Babes in the Dirt does best. So whether you want to dial your dirt skills, cruise the California twisties, or add to your awesome network of moto sisters, I’m sure there’s a perfect Babes event out there for you!

Side note… the first time I went to Babes Ride Out was in 2015, and I still keep in touch with some of the awesome, two-wheelin’ women that I met hanging around the campfire at that event (you know who you are!). I’d be remiss not to share this groovy photo by Stephanie Pacheco from one excellent evening that sums up the post-ride scene at Babes Ride Out.



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Photo by Brett Willhelm


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