Biltmore Parking & Road Map

Overland Expo at the Biltmore Map. NOTE: Allow 25-30 minutes to get from the entrance to the Overland Expo site.

Your first stop will be at the Biltmore Group Sales office circled in red. Unless you have a Biltmore Annual Pass, then proceed straight through to the checkpoint. Camping Guests proceed to the Overland Expo Event Site after stopping at the Group Sales Office.  If you are only visiting one day or driving in and out each day, please proceed to the Day Pass Parking (in the Antler Hill Village; see detailed map HERE) where a shuttle (which runs 7 am-7pm during the show) will bring you to the Overland Expo along the French Broad River. If you would like a tour of the Biltmore House, one may be scheduled at the on arrival for no additional cost (avoid 11 – 2 on the weekend). All tickets for Overland Expo and our specially discounted Biltmore entrance tickets must be purchased in advance.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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