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Calling all adventure dogs! Did you know that Overland Expo is dog friendly? You can bring your four-legged friends to the event and, with a bit of preparation, you and your furry co-pilots will have a doggone good time!

People and their dogs at Overland Expo
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Between their boundless enthusiasm and love of romping by your side, dogs do so much to enhance our adventures. At Overland Expo Mountain West, we have classes tailored to adventuring with your furry friends. Well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome at these classes, of course!

“4-Paw Drive: Keep Them Running” will be taught by Dr. Scott Dove, DVM, a small animal practitioner. His class will give you the knowledge you need to keep your pal healthy and comfortable while traveling. Dr. Dove is a Wilderness First Responder and knows firsthand that overland trips with dogs require careful preparation; he’ll give you plenty of tips for basic first aid and canine wilderness medicine, should something go astray while in the field.

“Overlanding with Doggo: Make Your Trip Safe, Fun and Easy” will prepare you for overlanding with your pooch. From keeping your dog safe while riding on the trails and highway, to hanging out at camp, you’ll get some great ideas for activities and locations you can enjoy together. Taught by Daniel of Your Best Dog Life, you’ll also get the inside scoop on the gear that will make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

What to Pack for Your Pup

There’s so much to see and do at Overland Expo, plan on full days and prepare your pup for the adventure. Bringing along a few extra supplies will make the event weekend better for everyone.

  • Leash – All dogs must be leashed at Overland Expo. Save the zoomies for the dog park! 
  • Bowl and extra water – Hydrate your hounds! A collapsible bowl and extra water bottle is essential.
  • Plenty of food and treats – Everybody deserves treats, especially when they’re being an extra good pupper at the show!
Husky dog sleeping in back of an SUV
Photo: Overland Expo

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Know Before You (and Fido!) Go

If you’re planning to bring your pup to Overland Expo, there are a few things you need to know. Like all things overlanding, a little preparation goes a long way and here are a few tips to ensure that everyone has a great day at the show. 

  • Leashes are a must, but retractable leashes are a no-go. Lunging at kids and other dogs is a fido faux pas and pups should be at your side and under control while you’re at the event.
  • We need everyone to be on their best behavior and aggression will result in dogs being banned from the event. 
  • Bring along the baggies! Just like anywhere you go, cleaning up after fido is your responsibility.
Jack Russel dog staring at man to get food
Photos: Dogs of Overland Expo – Facebook

Please remember that this is a big outdoor event with lots of people, activities, and things going on. If your furry friends aren’t comfortable in crowds or with other dogs, they will be happier at home or, if you’re traveling from out of town, at one of the boarding facilities in the Loveland area.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry adventure buddies at Overland Expo!

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