Ford & Filson’s Bronco Concept Pays Homage to Wildland Firefighters

This is not your grandpa’s second-hand U.S. Forest Service Bronco.

In order to both honor and support wildland firefighters, Ford and apparel brand Filson teamed up to create a concept that pays tribute to the classic U.S. Forest Service Broncos — some of which are skill kicking around here in the Pacific Northwest.

More than just building a one-off vehicle in homage, limited edition outdoor gear has been created. The sale of these items will go to funding forestation and forest preservation. What’s more, Ford will donate two four-door Broncos to the cause as well.

Photo: Ford Motor Company

Photo: Ford Motor Company

Although this rig was designed to mimic the classic Forest Service 4x4s, this one has a modern flare. That starts with a new, more stylish take on the Forest Service green exterior paint. Up front is the Ford Performance steel bumper backed by a WARN ZEON 10-S winch. There’s a Rigid Industries light bar on the roof, which is accompanied by a handful of tools, including a Pulaski, shovel, and axe. That’s no standard soft-top underneath those tools, however, that’s a fireproof ripstop nylon similar to that on Filson backpacks and briefcases.


In the back of the rig is a 50-gallon high-pressure water tank, two hard hats, Hi-Lift Jack, and a drip torch. These are important firefighting tools. However, up in the front passenger area is where the Filson folks really got to shine.

The seats are quilted leather and a tough otter green duck canvas was stitched into the door bolsters, armrests and seat trim. Grab handles on the instrument panel and center console are painted in matching Filson otter green. Leveraging the utility of the Bronco bring-your-own device rack on the instrument panel, a CB radio is neatly mounted and takes advantage of the vehicle’s convenient power connection.

As much as I loved the overland Bronco concept from a few weeks ago, this one might get me more excited. Not only does that Forest Service green feel like a taste of home (again, I see a lot of rigs in this color here in Oregon), the tools onboard this rig are more reflective of the kinds of gear I bring on my overlanding journeys. To be honest, I am pretty envious of a high-pressure 50-gallon water tank. I’d love to see Ford offer that in its parts catalogue. I know it won’t. But a fellow can dream.

Header photo: Ford Motor Company

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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