Chinese Body Kit Manufacturer GBT Will Help You Turn Your 200 Series Landcruiser into a 300 Series Lookalike

Photo By: GBT

For those that haven’t quite gotten past the fact that the 300 Series Landcruiser won’t be offered in North America, Jiangu-based manufacturer GBT has a solution – their 300 series body kit for the Land Cruiser 200 Series that will get you as close to owning an LC 300 as you are going to get without moving to another continent.

GBT has an extensive line of body kits designed to modify the look of a host of vehicles including the Mercedes G-Wagon, the Land Rover Sport, the Nissan Patrol, and even the Toyota Sienna – go figure. Their latest offering provides a a body kit for your LC 200 that replaces the front and rear bumper, grille, and front and rear taillights that convincingly mimics the look of a brand new LC 300, at least across the parking lot. GBT claims that the installation is fully reversible through it’s non-destructive design.

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Pricing starts at about $4,500 US, with steep discounts if you order 50 or more. If you are ready to plunk down your hard-earned cash, you have two equally questionable options: you can contract the manufacturer on WeChat and arrange payment or you can order the body kit from one of several vendors on Alibaba that may or may not be related to GBT. Good luck.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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