Community Spotlight: Ernesto & Taisa’s 2019 VD78 Land Cruiser

Photo By: Overland the Americas

The Land Cruiser Troop Carrier configuration has remained relatively unchanged for decades, and its timeless style holds a soft spot for many overlanders. Ernesto and Taisa’s 2019 VD78 is an instant classic, with plenty of functionality packed into the understated build.

In spite of the spartan interior and utilitarian design, Ernesto and Taisa selected the Troopy due to its capability, reliability, and availability of parts around the world.

The interior is outfitted with a dual-zone fridge, an induction cooktop, onboard water, and water purification. Their interior build also features a bench that transforms into a bed when they’re unable to open the pop top. They keep their electronics and battery topped off with ample solar panels controlled by a Redarc system.

Now that their build is nearing completion, they plan to ship the Land Cruiser to Europe, and then spend the next six months to one year exploring.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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