Community Spotlight: Oliver Solaro and his CCM 450 Float Bike

On the list of most unique vehicles at Overland Expo EAST 2019, Oliver Solaro’s CCM 450 float bike is near the top. Oliver, often known as Bwokentoof has a fantastic story which led to the creation of his unique vehicle.

Oliver resides in Ontario, Canada and when a devastating rail-line flood began to effect communities in Northern Manitoba, he sprung into action. Rumors were circulating that dog-teams were having to be put down because the cost of dog food by air was simply to expensive. A weather channel article* quoted a resident in Churchill, Manitoba saying that the cost of a pallet of dog food via air was $3000 compared to the same pallet costing only $500 by train. With the rail line destroyed, Oliver Solaro couldn’t sit by and let innocent animals die while companies argued over who should rebuild the railroad. He converted his snow machine into a float bike and took off to deliver donated dog food to those in need.

Oliver spent a month delivering 1000 pounds of dog food up to the communities in Manitoba and in return was gifted a part wolf, part greyhound sled dog that now travels with him everywhere. Oliver is no stranger to adventure travel in the Great White North- he completed the Wapusk Trail, a 752 KM ice road in Manitoba in 2015.

Oliver epitomizes the spirit of the overland community and we were very fortunate that he and his pup were able to join us at Overland Expo EAST 2019. In partnership with Overland Expo, Overland Bound was able to catch up with Oliver at the event and receive a walk-around of his bikes.

See more from Oliver on his YouTube channel and his website.

This video was produced in a media partnership with Overland Bound.


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Photo by Brett Willhelm


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