Community Spotlight: Tiffany Coates-Adv Moto Travels Around the Globe

*This article was originally posted as a Community Spotlight from October 2018; additional details added

Asia. Africa. Australia. The Americas. Outer Mongolia. Even Mt. Everest base camp…

Tiffany Coates’ adventure riding CV is impressive. She’s logged more than 200,000 miles on her 1992 BMW R80 GS, which she affectionately named “Thelma.” (Jonathan wrote a blog post about Thelma here.)

Tiffany and her friend decided they wanted to see India, and they thought a motorbike would be the best way to do that trip economically, more remarkably, she knew nothing about motorcycles before deciding to buy one! They bought the R80 GS sight-unseen over the phone and went to pick it up and spent the next weeks learning to ride and working to pay for their trip.

Their nine-month trip turned into two and a half years on the road throughout Asia and Australia. Once in Australia, Tiffany’s friend decided to stay, and Coates just kept riding. She’s now considered one of the world’s top adventure riders and works as a freelance tour guide in exotic locales. She’s currently touring Colombia.

If you see Tiffany at one of our events stop her and learn a little more about her journey, she is truly incredible!

To learn more about where Tiffany is now and what she is up to check out:

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