Don’t Miss These Educational Opportunities at Overland Expo Mountain West

Photo By: John Allen

At Overland Expo Mountain West, you can expect to find training and educational sessions on nearly every facet of overland travel. From Recovery Basics to Security While Traveling Abroad, there’s a session, or dozens, for just about every attendee. To get a headstart on planning your weekend or just to see what is available, check out this preview of what you can expect at Overland Expo Mountain West 2023.

The Business of Overlanding

Photo by John Allen

It’s not unusual to speak with fellow overlanders that would like to travel full-time, but covering expenses while exploring isn’t always straightforward. No matter if you’re looking to become a content creator, making your overland-focused side hustle your main gig, or you’re just curious about the possibilities, then you should check out the business track of educational classes that will be available over the weekend. Dan Kattman will be hosting Law Affecting Influencers, Vloggers, and Content Creators, as well as Content Licensing, Sponsorship, and Endorsement Deals. Rick Graves will be covering the legal business structure, taxes, and accounting as it pertains to the Business of Overlanding.

Lady Overland Radio

Photo by John Allen

Lady Overland Radio will be hosting female-specific programming at our Bivvy locations. Courses will include; Find Your Tribe: Building an Overland Community of Women at the Ladies’ Overland Lounge, Beginning Overlanding, Ladies Trail Wrenching Session: On Trail Essential Mechanics with Tara McGovern of @roveandreverie, Safety Hacks for Female Travelers, and Hygiene While Overlanding.

Patty Upton

Photo courtesy of Patty Upton

We’re also thrilled to have Patty Upton with us at the Loveland event. A bridge builder and a secretary, respectively, Loren and Patty Upton have lived their dream. Loren was a seeker of romantic high adventure, and his goal was to take one American-made vehicle around the world on a north/south course from one Arctic Ocean to the other. Sadly, Loren passed away in August 2022, and Patty is attempting to fulfill their goal to showcase their Guinness Book of Record Jeep. Patty was traveling before she was born, which may have influenced her lifelong pursuit of adventure. She has always been fascinated by maps, exotic places, and different cultures. After meeting Loren, she stepped through the Looking Glass and into the world of overland expeditions and a lifetime of adventure. 

You can learn more about Loren and Patty here

Amanda Zito

Photo by Amanda Zito

Amanda is an experienced two-wheeled adventurer. Her fleet includes a 1980 Suzuki 850 GL, a 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, a 1972 Honda CB175, a 2016 Honda CB500x, and a Batavus Moped. Amanda produces a new video every Friday that covers everything from road trip travel logs to how-tos. Amanda is a Montana native, but she’s been using Portland OR as a hub for her adventurers for the last ten years. 

Amanda will be teaching a host of classes at Overland Expo PNW, including; Motorcycle Camping Basics 101, Motorcycle Camping Basics 102, Motorcycle Camp Cooking 101, and Making Money as a Content Creator.

YouTube – @blindthistle

Mylo Fowler

Photo by Mylo Fowler

Once again, Overland Expo is honored to have National Geographic photographer Mylo Fowler among our instructors. Mylo was born and raised on Navajoland and is a fervent advocate for preserving the land and language by sharing cultural stories for today’s generation. Working between his large, medium, and digital format cameras, Mylo’s powerful, world-renowned imagery portrays everything from beautiful, peaceful landscapes to adrenaline-inducing action to photos that are so gripping they make the viewer feel as though they are actually present in that space and time. 

Mylo will be leading two sessions, The Power of Photography and Electric Adventures: 50k Miles of Fun & Frustrations.


For the Family that Overlands Together 

Photo by the Hart Family

For those that love to travel as a family, the Hart family will be sharing what they’ve learned over countless miles of adventuring together. The Harts are keen to join us again at Overland Expo Mountain West, where they’ll share how they stay up top of education on the road in their session, World Schooling: Step Into the World as Your Classroom. Two of the younger members of the family, Elsie, and Sylvia, will be teaching Art Journaling for Kids and Art& Crafts to GO in the Kid’s Adventure Area.  

Photo by Rusty Rice

Speaking of the Kid’s Adventure Area, don’t miss out on Captain Rusty’s sessions, Kids Emergency First Aid & Response, Fun Knots for Camp, and more! Plus, Stay the Trail is bringing their custom remote control challenge course to the Kid’s Adventure Area so our younger attendees can test their RC rig prowess.

The Creator Area

Photo by John Allen

Of course, some of your favorite content creators will be on hand so that you can grab a selfie, pick their brains, and check out their rigs. Here’s a preview of who you can expect to run into!

Brian King/Vox United – @theherschx 

Chad DeRosa – @livingthevanlife 

Connor Heckert – @conheck_offroad 

Harrison Schoen – @harry.schoen

Jason Specht – @msoverland 

Kevin & Sarah McCuiston – @lifestyleoverland

Tara McGovern – @roveandreverie

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