Don’t Miss These Educational Opportunities at Overland Expo PNW

Photo By: John Allen

Just like all of our events, Overland Expo PNW is an amazing opportunity to learn from a wide range of travelers from all across the overlanding community. No matter your interest, there’s a really good chance that we will have a session that will pique your curiosity. New to our PNW event, The Overland Expo Creator Area, where attendees will have the opportunity to meet their favorite content creators and check out their rigs. Some of these creators will also be teaching classes in their areas of expertise. 

This area will include:

Amanda Zito — As the Magpie Flies 

Amanda is an experienced two-wheeled adventurer. Her fleet includes a 1980 Suzuki 850 GL, a 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, a 1972 Honda CB175, a 2016 Honda CB500x, and a Batavus Moped. Amanda produces a new video every Friday that covers everything from road trip travel logs to how-tos. Amanda is a Montana native, but she’s been using Portland, OR as a hub for her adventurers for the last ten years. 

Amanda will be teaching a host of classes at Overland Expo PNW, including; Motorcycle Camping Basics101, Motorcycle Camping Basics102, Motorcycle Camp Cooking 101, and Making Money as a Content Creator.

YouTube – @blindthistle

Mike Shultz — Going Farther 

Full-time traveler Mike Shultz has spent countless nights in the backcountry living out of his rig while simultaneously holding down a 9 to 5 as a software engineer. He’s obviously a master of efficiency, using relatively small rigs as his base of operation for weeks on end. 

When you take a look at his social media, it’s obvious that Mike is also incredibly talented behind the camera. Fortunately for us, he’s teaching “Capturing the Moment: Photo/Video Tricks and Tips” so we can learn how he documents the magic of his journey. 


Josiah Roe — Journal of Lost Time

Josiah Roe has been all in of van life for a number of years. He’s taken his van on countless awesome journeys, and how he’s sharing hard-earned knowledge with attendees at Overland Expo.

Don’t miss Josiah’s sessions, “Overlanding by Van” and “Baja Like Nowhere Else.”


Ria — Roaming Reckless 

Ria and her canine companion Blue are currently traveling full-time as they make their way through a 50-state road trip. They’re taking plenty of time to explore the backcountry and hunt down the best coffee along the way. 

Be sure to stop by to give Blue some pets and talk about what it’s like to travel full-time out of a relatively small, albeit classic, rig. 

YouTube & @roamingreckless

Robert & Clary Van Den Hoven — RTW Travelers: Outbush

Robert and Clary will be joining us in the Showcase & DIY Area with their rig. After relocating from the Netherlands to Australia, they’ve thoroughly explored their new home logging over 300,000 kilometers between 1982 and 2009. Then when they retired, they decided to expand their explorations, and they’ve since covered a good portion of Africa, South America, and more. Throughout the weekend, they’ll be giving presentations on a variety of topics and sitting in on roundtables. 

More Educational Highlights at Overland Expo PNW

Photo by the Mali Mish Family

We’re thrilled to welcome The Mali Mish family to Overland Expo PNW. We’re especially excited that the Mali Mish kids will be sharing their perspective during their session, “Overlanding the World: A Kid’s Perspective.”

Image by Rusty RIce

Once again, the Overland Expo Kids Programming will be led by the crowd favorite, Captain Rusty. Sessions will include “Fun Knots for Camp,” “Fixing Boo Boos and Ouchies,” and “Game Time with Captain Rusty.”

Photo by Chef Corso

Chef Corso will be sharing tips and cooking up tasty dishes in the Backcountry & Culinary Skills Pavilion. Just follow your nose, or you can consult the Overland Expo Mobile App to find your way to these awesome sessions. 

If you’re looking to venture down under, then you don’t want to miss Dan Grecc’s session, “Wild Australia.”

This is just a tiny sample of the educational opportunities that are happening at Overland Expo PNW. Be on the lookout for the full schedule so that you can plan your weekend and not miss a single session!

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