EarthCruiser’s EC Terranova Camper Is a Perfect Fit for Your One-Ton Truck

Vehicles built out for overland travel come in many shapes and sizes. For those looking for camper options for full-size vehicles like the 2020 Ford F350, RAM 3500, or Silverado 3500, you’ll be happy to know that Bend, Oregon-based EarthCruiser has a product for you, the new EC Terranova Expedition Camper.

Exterior Construction

This lightweight shell built with fiberglass and high-density plastic can be fixed to the vehicle chassis with EarthCruiser’s proprietary kinetic mount system, allowing for enough flex to handle the toughest backroads. The foam insulated roof raises the same way as it does on EarthCruiser’s EXD and EXP models, which makes the overall rolling height much smaller than similar campers.

The triple-layer curtain includes eight windows which provide a 360-degree panoramic view, and include insect, privacy screens and clear vinyl protective layers. The shell’s foam core composite construction, and triple-layer curtain provide protection against the elements, keeping the heat in — or out — all four-seasons.


Interior Construction

EarthCruiser designed the EC Terranova to maximize space, comfort, and usability was able to fit all required systems and a generous living space into the sleek, aerodynamic design of the EC Terranova.  This avoids the bulky, boxy look of most other expedition truck bed campers on the market. 

The camper comfortably transports and houses four guests and utilizes many of the same systems as the popular EarthCruiser EXP and FX. These systems (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) are designed to work together seamlessly, and have been stress-tested and repeatedly proven during years of world travel and ranges of environments and temperatures far below sub-zero.

Living-quarter features include:

  • Easy clean, durable fiberglass surfaces throughout interior.

  • A fan system integrated into the roof that efficiently moves over 200 cfm of air keeping the house fresh and practically eliminating any condensation from occurring; DC Air Conditioner (optional).

  • Dinette bench seats with leather cushions and integrated storage provide ample room for working remote, entertaining, dining, or hanging out with a board game.

  • Premium one-piece countertop with stainless steel sink, induction cooktop and Isotherm stainless steel refrigerator and freezer (12v / 4.24 cu ft.).

  • Shurflo freshwater pump and water system with freshwater tank.

  • Purified water drinking tap and kitchen faucet with hot/cold mixer.

  • Bathroom features a stainless steel sink basin, full height shower with retractable shower curtain, and shower-head-sink faucet combo; 6.7 liters at 1.77 gallons per minute.

  • Thetford cassette toilet is recessed from view when not in use and has a 4.49 gallon waste capacity limit for the 17 liter; 3.96 gallon top flush with 15 liter.


Additional Specifications and Features:

  • Exterior hot and cold water shower; exterior purified drinking water faucet

  • Grey water closed circuit water recycling system uses 3 different types of carbon filters, a UV filter, and dedicated electric hot water tank.This system significantly reduces the power required to take a hot shower, by cycling the already heated water through the filtration system, and back out the shower head (available 2021).

  • Solar controller and monitoring system with 108 Watt Sunflare solar panels/

  • Lithium house battery, 12 volt, 400Ah.

  • Extensive inside and outside storage, including cooktop and sink-top storage, under bed storage cubbies, and kitchen pantry.

Obviously EarthCruiser’s EC Terranova Expedition Camper is still in the design and rendering stages, but EarthCruiser says that the first campers will roll out of the factory in early 2021. You can learn more or reserve your camper now.

Header image: EarthCruiser

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