Could the US Market Get a 70-series EarthCruiser Someday?

Don’t hold your breath, but it is fun to dream. 

EarthCruiser is well known around the world for building some of the toughest and most capable expedition vehicles on the planet. Last summer, EarthCruiser released the EarthCruiser Extreme XTR built on the 79-series Toyota Land Cruiser chassis. It is a beautiful combination of modern design and off-road function.

In the world of astronomically expensive campers, RV’s and expedition vehicles, let’s take a look at what $250,000 plus gets you in an expedition vehicle — one built by a company with expertise in the expedition vehicle industry. 



The Toyota Land Cruiser 79-series, the base vehicle for this camper, is a capable, reliable and time-tested model that has been in production in international markets since the mid-eighties. Under the hood of the 79 is a 4.5-liter turbo-diesel with 151 kilowatt (202 horsepower) and 430 Newton Meters (315 foot pounds). The standard 79-series comes with a five-speed manual but can be optioned with a six-speed automatic as well. The XTR can be outfitted to the single cab or dual-cab model of Land Cruiser 79. 


Outside of the engine bay, the rest of the vehicle has been modified to accommodate expedition travel. Fuel storage comes standard with 130 liters (34 gallons) of capacity but can be upgraded with an additional 120 liters (31.7 gallons) of capacity.

The house electrical system is robust to say the least with a four hundred amp-hour lithium battery and a 3000 watt inverter, powerful enough to run most any electrical components that you might need. The batteries are powered by the standard 270-Watt solar array with the option for an additional 270 Watts of solar. All of the coach components are controlled by the eighty-function touchscreen panel.

The brakes have been upgraded to ventilated disks on all corners with a 30% stronger brake booster. A Jmacx axle and differential make the drivetrain nearly bulletproof and a portal axle upgrade is available. Bilstein shocks ensure that the beast stays as planted as can be expected on tough tracks and comfortable on long pavement slogs. Additional expedition equipment can be outfitted for an extra charge including a bull bar front bumper, additional lighting, on-board air compressors, and much more. 


The EarthCruiser Extreme XTR is available in Australia now starting around $240,000 AUD ($184,000 USD) and can be equipped up to $300,000 AUD ($230,000 USD). This tough and tested expedition vehicle is currently not available in the United States without some very “creative” import procedures, but this vehicle looks like it would be a sure winner in the states if EarthCruiser wanted to bring it over (wink, wink).                                                               

Header photo by: EarthCruiser

Overlanding Industry News by Zach Elseman. Follow Zach @okienomads.

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