Electrogenic Will Transform Your Land Rover Defender into an EV

Photo By: Electrogenic

Do fuel prices have you on edge? Fear not, Oxfordshire, UK-based Electrogenic just announced the availability of an electric vehicle conversion kit for the Land Rover Defender in both manual and automatic gearbox versions.

According to the company, they tested the EV conversion Defender against a standard diesel-powered Land Rover Defender and they say that the EV can save around £6,000 in fuel costs over the course of a year. If Electrogenic’s findings are correct, with a kit MSRP of £24,000, the conversion can technically pay for itself within a four-year period.

The quintessential work truck, the Land Rover Defender is going EV thanks to Electrogenic.
The quintessential work truck is going EV thanks to Electrogenic. Photo by Electrogenic

Electrogenic’s 200,000-mile kit is designed to be installed by a certified mechanic and is touted as “maintenance free.”

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Electrogenic Land Rover Defender EV Conversion Kit

A Land Rover Defender 90 with Electrogenic's new EV conversion.
Electrogenic’s first Land Rover Defender EV Conversion. Photo by Electrogenic

One of Electrogenic’s first Land Rover Defender EV Conversion was the D90 shown above. The customer wanted a Defender that was refined on the road and perfect for off-road tracks.  The crew at Electrogenic installed a TorqX-310x 350V motor on the Defender’s original gearbox with a 2.7:1 fixed reduction drive, giving the Defender an 85mph top speed.

The amazing part of an EV system is the torque-on-demand, and this Land Rover Defender will get you out of some sticky situations with 310Nm of torque available at the pressing of the “gas” pedal. This Defender also has electric “engine braking” for controlled descent off-road.

The electronics can be fully submerged, and the battery packs are located under the hood and in the chassis. You have a choice of either a 41kWh or 62kWh battery and can expect about 2.5 miles/kWh on-road, and even more off-road. The CCS rapid charger can recharge to 80% in under an hour. 

Photo of the fuel-filling cap of a Land Rover Defender 90.
The fuel filling cap might be a thing of the past. Photo by Electrogenic

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender Diesel vs. Defender EV Conversion Comparison

Power:62kW @ 4,000rpm150kW @ 4,000rpm
Torque:181Nm @ 2,000rpm310Nm @ 0rpm
0-60:19 seconds7.6 seconds
Top Speed:85mph85mph
Cost Per Mile:21p4.0p
CO2 Per Mile:0.39kg0kg

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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